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WHMSUPERB WP Tools (Wordpress Tools)

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Empower your cPanel users with Wordpress administrative power!
Easily install a new Wordpress website!
Easily reset your Wordpress website admin password!
Fix your migrated Wordpress website (white screen of death) using the Fix WP Domain feature!
Scan for WP Malware and other viruses!
Backup your Wordpress website files and/or database!
Restore your Wordpress website files and/or database!
Download your Wordpress backup archives to your computer!
Upload your Wordpress backup archives back to the server and restore them!


User Reviews (1)

  • Worked for a short time

    Added by: pedroverdi About 3 years ago

    Overall rating

    This product and the creator are exactly the same, they don't work. I have contacted the author several times but I have received no answer and this has been going on for months. Yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app several times to no avail. Zero stars from this user but you have to pick at least one. I wouldn't bother installing until you see an answer to this review. Then you will know if they give a toss or not.

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