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The Zoho Mail plugin for WHM allows you to configure a new cPanel domain in Zoho Mail.




  • You must be a Zoho Workplace reseller.

  • You must be a WHM admin with account creation permissions.


The WHM admin can add a cPanel user account in WHM and manage all the domains from one interface. In addition to account creation, the cPanel domain verification can also be completed by using the zbcode that will be displayed in the WHM interface. 


Features offered by the Zoho Mail Plugin:


- Easy Domain verification process

- Getting zbcode from WHM UI

- Adding a Client account

- View Client Control Panel

- Access Admin Control Panel

- Manage clients from WHM


Learn more about the Zoho Mail plugin for WHM here. To signup for Zoho Workplace, click here.


To sign up as a Zoho Partner, click here.

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