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OpsShield is a young and reverberant venture focused on developing new software’s and plugins to support Linux Webhosting Servers. We have a small but talented and experienced team of professionals who had been working under many of the major hosting/support/development companies. 

cPGuard is an essential security addon for web hosting servers to help administrators to fight against malware threats and injections. As it exclusively works based on File System changes ( no more mod_security or FTP hooks ), we can detect and scan any real-time changes on the server.In addition to malware/virus scanning, cPGuard helps to reduce spamming by checking IP address reputation, domain reputation and scanning email sending scripts using CSF integration. We are also including DDoS mitigation module for Apache servers to eliminate bots and brute-force attacks against your websites. Though we are primarily targeting cPanel integration of the product, we are writing the core to make it working with any control panels or without a control panel with ease.We started developing cPGuard with the aim to provide a cost efficient yet useful security suite for cPanel/Linux Servers. We have carefully crafted each of its components to make sure that the system will be useful and affordable for server owners/admins.


1. Automatic Symbolic Link Detection & Intelligent processing of detected links
2. Signature based scanning and Intelligent code processing
3. IP reputation check against 69 RBLs. 
4. WordPress & Joomla Brute Force Protection
5. Graphical representation of the attacks and virus found
6. Options to Disable file(chmod 000), quarantine or take No Action ( Email only ) for suspicious/virus files
7. Smart e-mail alert system to avoid email flooding while under attack.
8. Option to enable auto escalation of brute-force source IP address to CSF
9. xmlrpc.php attack protection
10. Option to blacklist files manually on your server
11. Integrated WAF with Malware Expert commercial mod_security rules sets
12. Regularly updated signatures
13. Option to start manual scan and schedule manual scanning
14. cPanel interface to let the end-users to scan their directories
15. Daily reports
much more…….

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  • Super App

    Added by: giannis78 About 3 years ago

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    I have been using cpguard for a month now and i have decided to install it to all our hosting servers. Application is top, no load at all and their support rocks.

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