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1. cPanel plugin for backup upload to Google Drive:
a) Client will be able to authenticate app via login and authentication on his Google account
- this point will be required for the first time. On subsequent attempts the solution will use the previously generated token
b) Client will have list of already created backups,
c) Client will have button 'Upload to Google Drive',
d) Using checkboxes client will be able mark more than one backup to upload,
e) After clicking 'Upload to Google Drive' cron job will be added which will upload the backup to the Google Drive
2. Notes:
- please note that the solution will only upload the backup files from cPanel to Google Drive account. No other action related to the Google Drive will be implemented, only the Upload Feature
- the project will be based on the following API documentation:
f) Installation on unlimited Cpanel Server

- Fully compatible with the latest version of cPanel.
- Does not depend on cPanel native Backups.
- Backup history available.
- Different backup types and days can be set for different accounts.
- Support Full Server / Reseller / Individual Account Backups.

User : demo
password : 0UQjwpHf

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