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Turbo Boost Your cPanel server , increase speed , reduce server load.

The cPnginx is a cPanel nginx integration plugin. This plugin will increase your server performance and decrease server loads cased by apache web server.

Nginx+cPanel+Apache= Performance boosted secured hosting server

How Nginx will help your cPanel server to increase the performance ?

Nginx is known for its high performance, stability, rich feature set, simple configuration, and low resource consumption.

Unlike traditional servers, Nginx doesn’t rely on threads to handle requests. Instead it uses a much more scalable event-driven (asynchronous) architecture. This architecture uses small, but more importantly, predictable amounts of memory under load.

Even if you don’t expect to handle thousands of simultaneous requests, you can still benefit from Nginx’s high-performance and small memory footprint. Nginx scales in all directions: from the smallest VPS all the way up to clusters of servers.

User Reviews (3)

  • Poor support and buggy

    Added by: multitrack About 2 months ago

    Overall rating

    Extremely poor support, ignoring even security issues, and extremely buggy software.

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  • Scam

    Added by: aldhynet About 8 months ago

    Overall rating

    I buy lifetime license from cpnginx.com, their sales say that the license have lifetime support & updates. But after 1 year. they increase the price 2x. and I must pay it again. And they charge the support for 1 year. They charge me when I want to change my license IP. I can't use a new version. Actually I don't want use the new version because many error. Now the license is not use because they always charge me if want to do anything.

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  • SCAM

    Added by: hostingfuze About 1 year ago

    Overall rating

    - multiple 403 error - incompatible cloudlinux - not refund - ipv6 not work !!!

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