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cpXstack – The complete nginX + PHP-FPM stack on Cpanel

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nDeploy is a cpanel nginx plugin that lets you deploy PHP/Ruby/Python/NodeJS/ColdFusion and more!


nDeploy enables a cpanel webhost to do application hosting on a shared web hosting server . It is powered by a custom compiled nginX web server . The application lets cpanel users to choose multiple script backends and for each backends the user has the power to choose a number of nginx configurations (profiles).

Following features are currently supported

Multiple backends which includes PHP-FPM, RUBY(rack/rails) ,PYTHON (wsgi) , NODEJS(version > 0.10), ColdFusion( Railo deployed on Tomcat/Resin)

nginX terminates SSL as well as non-ssl connections .The SSL certificates configured in cPanel is automatically used .SSL configured for maximum security by default.

IPv6 support .IPv6 address configured in cPanel is automatically used.

nginX compiled with mod_pagespeed , ngx_cache_purge and Phusion Passenger


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