1. P

    Error whilst trying to load cP Domains page

    I am unable to manage my parked Alias and Addon domains by clicking "cPanel > Domains > Domains", I am getting pop-up.. "Error: The API request failed with the following error: 500 - Internal Server Error." My server log "/usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log" shows.. "info [cpaneld] Internal...
  2. V

    Unable to add an 'add-on' domain to the main account/domain.

    When I tried to add an 'add-on' domain via cPanel, I get this error message: (XID 8vhz48) (XID q4qa79) The domain “tx5.<redacted>.net” already exists in the userdata. at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Admin/Modules/Cpanel/ line 176. Checking the WHM DNS Manager, I could see a previous...
  3. speckados

    add domain with API (Not UAPI)

    Hi. I've working with api version 1 On [doc]( I don't see how to create addon domain to account or how to create and parking domain to account. Some endpoints are not documented but search with googling. Any ideas if the're arr a endpoint for this ...
  4. G

    Convert addon domain to account fails

    Hi all, I'm trying to convert an addon domain to a regular account and I get the message "Invalid configuration for the parameter “domain”: The addon domain “****.tld” has an IPv6 address assigned." Regarding the DNS records of this domain, there are no IPv6 records (they were, but I removed...
  5. H

    order of VirtualHost sections in httpd.conf: loading dedicated ip loads instead of

    Restored a few accounts to a new server with no errors reported, but found one small issue. When I visit the dedicated IP for one of the accounts, it loads one of that domain's addon domain's sites instad of the main domain site. I would like visiting the dedicated IP to show the contents of the...
  6. I

    Switch places of primary and addon domains

    What will happen to the old primary domain? Will it turn automatically into an addon domain, or I should add it after that?
  7. B

    hookable event of addon domain creation?

    Dear All .... Is there any Hookable event that trigered when addon domain created ? whosmgr only talk about 'parked domain' Sincerely -bino-
  8. N

    Link to file with addondomain URL?

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to make a public PDF file so that everyone have access to it, already place it within "public_html" folder but the only issues was: -Google docs viewer can't show a preview of that file so I can't embed it anywhere. -Need the URL to be ""...
  9. D

    Downgrading from 10 addon domains to 5 - what about existing domains?

    Hi, What happens when a client has a package that includes 10 addon domains (and uses all 10) and then downgrades to a package with 5 addon domains? We've seen this happen, and it doesn't seem like anything happens. cPanel just reports that the client is using 10/5 addon domains, and the client...
  10. A

    Addon domain displays main domain in URL

    Hello i have a problem. lets say my primary domain is and i add addon domain BUT when i visit it will show as does anyone know how to fix it please?
  11. E

    SOLVED How to suspend Addon Domain?

    Hello, We are web hosting provider and we have users accounts with some packages on cPanel-WHM (version of cPanel-WHM is 72.0.10) . In those packages are dedicated number of add-on domain. If a user have for example 2 permited add-on domains and want to pay just one add-on domain, how we can...
  12. R

    Files and dirs are not removed after deleting addon/subdomain

    When you delete addon/subdomain files and dirs, associated with this domain are not deleted and stay on the file system. Tested on cPanel v72. Is this a feature or bug? Is there a solution for this behavior?
  13. S

    Addon Domain - PHP Error

    I have created an addon domain and pointed the domain to my shared cPanel hosting. The change was a success and I could see my homepage, after uploading to the subdomain directory. However, beyond the homepage I have a 'litecart' installation which uses VQMod in PHP and this is creating an...
  14. A

    Setting up Addon domains and dns

    I have some experience in webhosting, dns servers, domain registrations, but I'am newbie to cpanel and whm. What is the best practice to handle prim. and sec. dns servers in whm, and how to handle addon domains? I think I will do: cpanel/whm server hostname: s1.domain.tld (bind or powerdns...
  15. rinkleton

    SOLVED [CPANEL-20864] Addon domain DNS Zone not removed

    This issue reported on SOLVED - [CPANEL-20535] Adding MX records to subdomains is fixed in 70.0.47. However there are still issues when entering a domain that is a subdomain of the primary domain as an addon in the domain field. Example: Primary Domain: Addon Domain...
  16. K

    Addon Domain issue

    Ok, I have a question and need a fix. I have three domain names to be hosted on one account. All three have nameservers set correctly in google. I use ver 68 build 21 of cpanel through my hosting company. The main domain (ex: is set up and running a site fine. Now, when I add...
  17. M

    Getting error while adding add-on domain

    Hi i am getting error while adding add-on domain in my cpanel, earlier domain added successfully but now this domain is not adding to my CP (XID q5wrjz) Could not determine the nameserver IP addresses for “”. Please make sure that the domain is registered with a valid domain...
  18. M

    SOLVED Trasferred addon domain changed document root

    Hi I have transferred many accounts form one server to a new one , but it has changed all addon domains root starting from public_html which is not a desired behavior , even when I try to change the document root outside of public_html it defaults again to it again. Any help would beg greatly...
  19. S

    SOLVED 403 Forbidden Error With addon Domain

    Hello, I am using cPanel through HostGator's hosting service. My Domain is on Now lets say I have the primary domain as, I have put the name servers on GoDaddy and it works fine. I added another Addodn domain say, and also put the same name servers on GoDaddy, But...
  20. P

    Problem Creating Addon Domain

    I'm having an issue where a customer who has pointed to our nameservers, (confirmed from the CLI using #whois <>), and it does appear to correspond to our and, with matching IPs, but they get this message when trying to create an addon domain...