1. T

    Almalinux package update failure

    Hi everyone, Has anyone else been having issues with their update upcp scripts on Almalinux? Any advise on best practices when it comes to these? I can skip-broken as suggested but not sure if I'd be missing critical package updates. [2023-05-24 21:15:34 +1000] Processing: Running...
  2. O

    Has anyone successfully migrated from CentOS v7.9 to AlmaLinux 8 using cPanel ELevate Project?

    I am planning to migrate my CentOS server to AlmaLinux 8. I have read "Move All cPanel Accounts from One Server to Another" which require creating a new server w/ AlmaLinux 8 and migrating all accounts to new server. Takes a lot of time and not sure if my old server IP address will be still...
  3. A

    What version of MariaDB on AlmaLinux 8 is recommended to migrate from MySQL 5.7?

    Hello, I need to migrate a shared hosting server (with many accounts on it) with MySQL 5.7 / CentOS 7. From what I read, migrating them to MySQL 8 is not recommended due to significant differences between 5.7 and 8.0 so I believe I will install cPanel with MariaDB. Any recommendation for the...
  4. Q

    AlmaLinux server unreachable after cPanel install and reboot

    I have some kind of notworking problem, I installed AlmaLinux 8, rebooted, OK I installed cPanel, ran Initial Quota Setup, and rebooted - server unreachable, no network I connected via KVM, logged in as root and ran "service network restart", and it's back online I rebooted again and had to do...
  5. A

    Almalinux 8 and base space used

    Hello everyone! I am testing Almalinux 8.7 with cpanel and I noticed that the operating system comes with many drivers that use a lot of space, like directories for nvidia, intel, etc. Is it normal that Almalinux comes by default with drivers that will not be used in WHM/cpanel?
  6. I

    cPanel and hosted websites not working after CentOS 7.8 upgrade to AlmaLinux 8

    Help! I have just upgraded my Server OS from CentOS 7.9 to AlmaLinux 8 following the cPanel ELevate guidance. However, after I rebooted the server, I could not access cPanel and hosted websites again. I still have access to the server via SSH.
  7. K

    AlmaLinux 8, MySQL 5.7 and PHP 7.4 (or earlier)

    Howdy! I understand that cPanel & WHM version 110 will be the last version that supports CentOS 7, and support for version 110 will end June 30, 2024. I am presently running CentOS v7.9.2009 STANDARD virtuozzo . I also understand that as of this time the Elevate to AlmaLinux 8 script does not...
  8. S

    CloudLinux vs. AlmaLinux which one do you choose?

    cPanel & WHM version 110 will be the last version that supports CentOS 7. Support for version 110 will end June 30, 2024 Which Linux Should We Choose? We made it through CentOS a month ago on GCP as well. With the current CentOS service termination notice (2024), I have a number of accounts...
  9. H

    Not Syncing VFS Unable to Mount Error (Almalinux Conversion to Cloudlinux 8)

    Finally, a fix is here. Run the commands below. yum install wget -y wget sh cldeploy -i grub2-set-default 0 grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg reboot Finally!! If you will install the control panel, natively supported by...
  10. H

    can't login in almalinux cpanel

    Hello I try login whm after install user name almalinux and i have password but login invailed
  11. D

    Upgrading from Centos 7 to AlmaLinux with CCS active

    I currently have CCS plug-in and the push notifications plug-in active and I want to upgrade to the new AlmaLinux from CentOS on one of my servers. The security advisor and upgrade script tell me the following Error: You have the cPanel Calendar Server installed. Upgrades with this server in...
  12. H

    AWS cPanel on AlmaLinux

    I'm attempting to spin up a WHM/cPanel instance using the officially provided cPanel/WHM(AWS Marketplace: cPanel&WHM for AlmaLinux) I'm using this guide Launch an AWS™ AMI™ Instance | cPanel & WHM Documentation The guide asks you to login via SSH to set the root password. But I'm unable to...
  13. B

    SOLVED 106.0.9 to 106.0.13 trying to change my server's OS to AlmaLinux 8?!

    I casually just upgraded from 106.0.9 to 106.0.13 and I received an email from my cPanel server stating the following. I would like to know why a minor version update was trying or even considered changing my server's operating system to something I've never even heard of before like it was no...
  14. gfserver

    SOLVED Almalinux 8 process overloading server

    Hello, I moved from a VPS to a dedicated server and it has OS AlmaLinux v8.7.0 STANDARD standard. The VPS Centos 7 has 400 GB SSD and 16 RAM and the server load was always near 1 to 5%. Now the dedicated server has 2 x 500 SSD RAID 1 SSD and 32 GB RAM but the server load is in 8% and have...
  15. S

    In Progress CPANEL-42184 - Can't install ImageMagick Perl module on AlmaLinux 8

    I have a new dedicated server running AlmaLinux 8.7.0. ImageMagick 6.9 is installed. When I try to install the Perl module for Image::Magick, it shows version Image::Magick - latest:7.000011 and can't install it. It gets errors at the end: gcc -c -I/usr/local/include/ImageMagick-7...
  16. N

    Upgrading the system to AlmaLinux 8

    In layman's terms how can I fix the below errors to update to AlmaLinux 8 - I only use PHP 7.4 and PHP 8.1 - I also use LiteSpeed and Immunify360 This is what the report states: The system detected the following issues which would prevent cPanel ELevate from upgrading the system to AlmaLinux...
  17. N

    Restore Cpanel backup in Almalinux

    Hello, I want to update from CentOs7 to Almalinux 8.5. I will clean Almalinux 8.5 & Cpanel install losing all data (*) Is it possible restore a Cpanel server backup in Almalinux withou problems? What is the best option for restore my server data? Many Thanks. (*) Hetzner Install Almalinux...
  18. C

    In Progress CPANEL-42128 - cPanel ELevate from upgrade to AlmaLinux 8

    I got the warning below regarding my YUM repo. I believe I know how to fix this, and turn off a YUM repo on my system that is likely causing this, however, my bigger concern is that I did not realize that having auto updates on would also automatically upgrade my current CentOS v7.9.2009...
  19. D

    Hide the deprecated Horde notice and the Elevate to AlmaLinux 8 notices

    Is there a way to hide or suppress for a period of time these two notices in the WHM. They take up a lot of page real estate, especially on a small device. Why aren't they just appearing in the standard notifications at the top of the page? Or at the very least put the Favorites and...
  20. D

    Leftover .el7 packages after elevate to AlmaLinux

    I recently elevated my server from CentOS 7.9 to AlmaLinux 8, but running dnf list | grep el7 returns approx 692 packages that mostly come from imunify360. I do not use Imunify (the server runs ClamAV) in any shape or form. Is it safe to remove these packages? Specifically the reason why I...