1. D

    In Progress ea-php* packages patched by CloudLinux or not?

    Hi, I'm getting mixed responses on this question. cPanel says that CloudLinux doesn't patch ea-php packages - they only patch the alt-php ones. A few years ago, I asked CloudLinux about this. They said that ea-php packages are patched (as long as you get them from the CloudLinux repositories)...
  2. leonep

    alt-php error log location question

    Hi, i want to know if is possible to bind error log location for alt-php using parameters like multiphp in the yaml file of multiphp i can set like this: php_admin_value_error_log: "[% homedir %]/logs/[% scrubbed_domain %].php.error.log" so all errors are always stored in the same location...
  3. USA_Webmaster

    differences between alt-php and ea-php

    May you please help me understand what the differences between alt-php and ea-php in cPanel > MultiPHP Manager > PHP Version Dropdown option? I think this is confusing. Is this possible to customize and remove some options? It would be great a cPanel user just had like 4 or 5 options...
  4. H

    SOLVED ALT-PHP MySQLi typo3 problems

    Hello, Has anyone encountered errors with MySQLi on TYPO3 installations or any other CMS? We are getting 503 errors if we setup TYPO3 to use the MySQLi driver but it runs just fine if we change the driver to pdo_mysql. The first solution is to edit the TYPO3 conf file for this to work...
  5. E

    SOLVED [CloudLinux ALTPHP-524] Alt-php not working after mysql 5.7 upgrade

    Today we upgraded one of our cloudlinux 6.9 servers to mysql 5.7 with the mysql/mariadb upgrade option. We do not use mysql governor. After the upgrade every site with alt-php and mysql stops working. Recompiling easyapache4, yum update, cagefsctl -- reinit and forced cpanel update did not fix...
  6. W

    Upgrading PHP version

    Hi, We'd like to know if it's possible to upgrad PHP version on individual accounts on a shared server? If so, is there a guide that we can follow? Thanks!