1. N

    SOLVED File Filters on the WHM scheduled backups (for *error.log, */backup*.tar.gz…)

    Hello all, We are several people here getting this kind of cPanel Alerts the nights when cPanel scheduled backups are running simultaneously compress and transport the archives on Amazon S3 : For my part, I get it on a weekly basis, because I've chosen Acronis for daily backup and WHM/S3 for...
  2. R

    Restore backup from 'Custom S3-compatible backup locations'

    I believe it's not possible to restore the backup from "Custom S3-compatible backup locations" so what's the point to make a backup, I do not see the option to restore it, other than FTP, is there is a better option to restore the backup from "Custom S3-compatible backup locations"
  3. P

    In Progress [CPANEL-32760] Amazon S3 backup transport failure (Amazon responded with 403 Forbidden)

    I am facing an intermittent issue with backup transport to Amazon S3. The majority of accounts copy across just fine, however one or two accounts fail with the error message: Upload attempt failed: Amazon::S3: Amazon responded with 403 Forbidden at...
  4. A

    Amazon S3 backup file is not transferred

    Hi, My WHM Backup to Amazon S3 is showing success status but the backup file is not transferred all other files including system files is getting transferred but not the backup file. Below given are the configurations: cat /var/cpanel/backups/config --- BACKUPACCTS: 'yes' BACKUPBWDATA...
  5. DigitalEssence

    SOLVED Backups don't contains all of the data in the homedir

    Hi, I've noticed that the backups for some of my accounts don't contain all of the data in the homedir. I'm using the new backup (not legacy) and backing up all accounts to S3. I've just checked two tar files and there are chunks of data missing. For example: \homedir\public_html\wp-content\...
  6. N

    SOLVED Account backups do not exist on Amazon S3 destination

    Hi, I've set up backup configuration in whm to amazon s3. Does this backup everything? I'm asking because when I login to S3 the only files in my bucket are: date/system/system_files.tar date/.master.meta (371.0 B size) My plan is to backup everything to amazon's s3 there is only one account...
  7. G

    SOLVED [CPANEL-25926] Amazon S3 backups fail if the destination's folder name has spaces

    I've had a backup to s3 setup for over a year now and its ran smooth as! Recently I've started to notice 403 errors in the logs stating that the backup transport has failed! When checking the destination in WHM i noticed that I'm getting the following error when re-validating the destination...
  8. K

    [CPANEL-26887] Amazon S3 backup destination validation times out upon initial setup

    Hi all, I have an issue backing up to S3 - I've read the threads about bucket names not containing dots and V4 bucket support - but I'm still seeing the following in the transport log: [2018-12-14 11:49:18 +0000] info [cpbackup_transporter] Validating destination path...
  9. M

    Amazon S3 Put Requests Problem

    Hi, What is "Put Requests of Amazon S3" ? i have now 2,138 Requests. why so many? o have only 7 websites. 7 zip files uploaded? all time cpanel uploading one zip file. I don't understand what it means Put Requests. Is there a way to guesstimate the size (and/or compressed size) of the...
  10. DeepXP

    AWS S3 Backup: backup_destination_validate error

    Hello, I have been trying to configure the Amazon S3 backup but keep getting "backup_destination_validate" errors. I have verified the login credentials and they work as expected. Here is the bucket policy: { "Version": "2012-10-17", "Statement": [ { "Sid"...
  11. N

    Backup Transport can not validate with AWS S3

    Hey there! I'm new here and I apologize if this isn't the correct forum to place this question in, if so let me know where I should post it and I will move it there. I'm having an issue with the cp backup transport not connecting to amazon to store the backups of my server. Up until yesterday...
  12. S

    Unable to send backup to Amazon S3 destination

    This problem still exists in v72.0.7 Any ideas why it regressed? Unable to send “/backup2/2018-07-17/backup_incomplete” to destination “Amazon S3”
  13. G

    SOLVED [CPANEL-18897] Potential Amazon s3 Bug

    Hi - not sure if this has been mentioned before (i googled it and found nothing) So - I was setting up an Amazon S3 bucket to store my backups on and this was the naming convention i chose and I would always receive this in the cPanel error log: Validation for transport...
  14. E

    S3 - Change Storage Type

    Hey, As you may know, AWS just added support for choosing storage type for S3 objects a while ago. Just wondering how can I set the WHM to store backups with a specific storage type. Currently it stores them in default storage type. Is there any way to access the script which uploads to S3 or...
  15. squadx

    What is PUT Request During Backup to Amazon S3?

    Can someone clarify what a "PUT" request actually is with regards to this specific example (using WHM backup to a Amazon S3). Parameters in WHM: *Compressed *Daily Backup *Only backing up Accounts (no suspended, no access logs, no bandwidth data, and not backing up system files to amazon) *SQL...
  16. jimlongo

    SOLVED Amazon S3 validation fails in backup

    Following the instructions here How to configure Amazon S3 backups in WHM This all seems so simple, in WHM > Backups, select S3 as the destination type. Give it a name, fill in Bucket name, Access Key, Secret Key. Click the Save and Validate button fails every time. Tried creating buckets in...
  17. D

    Amazon S3 Region

    I've done all of this and still get: Error: Validation for transport “WHM Backups” failed: Could not upload test file: InvalidRequest: The authorization mechanism you have provided is not supported. Please use AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 I created a new bucket, new keys, and set region to EU (Frankfurt)...
  18. H

    Backup to Amazon S3 Doesn't Obey Retention Rules

    It seems that since the update to cPanel/WHM a few weeks ago [possibly since build 30 of ver 64] (current version I have is cPanel & WHM 64.0 (build 36)) that the backup to S3 has stopped obeying the retention rules like maybe the s3 sync command isn't quite right? The local folder that I'm...
  19. D

    Amazon S3 Pruning Error

    I been having this error since my VPS was upgraded to Centos v7 cPanel v64. Backups ARE transferred to S3 without any apparent problem, but I get an emailed error message after: "Backup transport errors" // The system encountered errors during transport of the backup files. Below is a preview...
  20. D

    Minimum permissions to backup accounts into Amazon S3

    As we know we can use Cpanel for copying backup files into Amazon S3 using "Additional Destinations" in Backup configuration. There may articles talking about how to do that and today I'am just discussing the S3 permissions only. As many articles described we can use "Security Credentials" to...