1. R

    SOLVED Dovecot - Move messages from Archive to Inbox

    Hello All, I have a strange problem, by mistake, I have archived all my emails and now I want back them in the Inbox How to do this? I can see all emails in Archives folder, but there is no option to move emails from Archives to Inbox or any other folder I also tried to move emails using...
  2. dzamanakos

    Archive mail folders question

    Hi, i enabled mail archive for some domains. When i setup the mail in thunderbird the folders are not subscribed automatically and the user must subscribe every one. Is there a way to auto-subscribe the folders? If, for example a user adds the _archive email to a client after a month, we must...
  3. A

    Upload Cpnale backup to Glacier Deep Archive

    Hello I have configured WHM to upload cpnale backup to Amazon S3 bucket , however when backups are uploaded in S3 bucket their Storage class is "Standard" which is costly . is this possible that when backups are uploaded on Amazon S3 buckets , they write directly to Glacier Deep Archive...
  4. Q

    Import emails from archive files on server

    I'm migrating an archive of mail from another mail provider into a cPanel imap account. The only formats they provide for exporting the archive is as a zip archive of .eml files or as a .pst. The archive is not accessible as an imap account so imapsync isn't an option. These are large files...
  5. N

    Email Archive per mailbox

    Hello, Is there a way to automatically archive all incoming and outgoing mails per mailbox? If yes, then please let me know. There is an archive option in the cPanel but that is domain based and the requirement is to archive email per mailbox such that Boss/Manager can login to any user...
  6. S

    Email Archive configuration issue on outlook

    Hi, I want to set up my email archive account which is cPanel > Archive (_username@domain-name) to my outlook but I'm wasn't able to configure it on IMAP. But it configured automatically on outlook via POP but there are no emails synched in it except one email. How can I display all my emails?
  7. sneader

    Delete Mailbox - Will that also remove all emails in the Email Archive?

    Question regarding the Email Archiving feature in cPanel: If a customer deletes one mailbox via cPanel > Email Accounts, does that immediately delete all of their archived emails in the Email Archive? Or will it still retain those emails until the number of days has passed, as set in the...
  8. K

    Remote User Account Transfer: Failed to extract the archive

    I'm trying to migrate from WHM to another, both from different providers. I used the Remote User Account Transfer because I was getting a lot of warnings with the Transfer tool method. Here is the error I get through Remote User Account Transfer: Starting “RESTORE” for “Account” “removed”...
  9. S

    Recover archived email, once downloaded?

    Hi, A client has a 30Gb email archive, which he downloaded to his PC some time ago. Now he needs to get an email from that tar.gz file, but the files are not labeled by year / month / date / subject. How does one retreive an email in such a case? There is no option to re-upload the downloaded...
  10. S

    Forwarding outgoing e-mails?

    Hi a year ago the only supported option for forwarding an outgoing e-mail was making copies of outgoing email is through the Archive option in cPanel. Is this still true or has there been any changes? It would be greatly appreciated if the outgoing e-mails would be as easily forwarded as...
  11. Nicholas-MAH

    SOLVED Email Archiving

    Hi everyone, I was just wanting to know if anyone has had much experience with email archiving? I have a customer who has set up email archiving, however now wants to delete the archive file, will this directly impact the email inboxes some of the email accounts use POP3, and some are using...
  12. D

    Cancel File Manager Archive Creation

    When using the Cpanel file manager you are given an option to compress files into an archive. This is pretty handy when you wanna do a quick export or something as user, without using SSH + su. One thing i ran into today: there doesn't seem to be a way to cancel the compression from within the...
  13. J

    Archiving Webmail Emails?

    Hey guys! I have a concern about webmail mails. I don't have a lot of disk space available and hence cannot afford to store a lot mails there. But all these emails are very valuable and can't afford to delete or discard them. We are using a third party email archiving service at our company -...
  14. T

    Mail Archive Question

    Hello, I have configured the mail archive. The mail archive has "already" a size of 2MB, but I do not see any e-mails in the archive. What can i do? Before I discovered the function, I installed Mailarchiva. Can this lead to problems? Thanks.
  15. L

    Copy outgoing email to another server

    Hello, I find the old article: Hidden copies of incoming and outgoing emails The case is match specify domain then deliver to specify mail account. But I hope copy all outgoin emails to a mail account of another server. Any help?
  16. M

    Sender Mail Carbon Copy

    Hi İ need Help for serder mail carbon copy Clearly i want my employes send mail and i want check for example My compan domain is my Worker İsa have mail adres [email protected] and when he send an email from this email i want copy from that mail to. How i can make that Under...
  17. jmginer

    Configure default email archive

    Hello, I want configure the email archive option for all domains, to save, all outgoing emails (on all accounts) during 3 days. And restrict to user to disable it. I want they can increase the value, but not less than 3 days. Thanks.
  18. L

    Is there any way to archive or compile Latest Visitors stats?

    Hey guys, Maybe I am in the wrong (sub)forum to ask this, but is there any way to archive the Latest Visitors stats so that as the old data are bumped off by the new visitors' data the old data is stored on and added to a(n increasing) log? I'm aware of the archiving Raw Access logs monthly...
  19. H

    Warning: Private archive directory is other-executable (o+x)

    Hi, can any one help out please, what is this and how do i solve/hide archive? [20120130.234644] - Processing command `./check_perms -f --noarchives` [20120130.234645] [22678] Warning: Private archive directory is other-executable (o+x). [20120130.234645] [22678]...
  20. upsforum

    enable archive logs in mass

    Hi, I must enable this option in cpanel: Archive logs in your home directory at the end of each stats run but I have 100 websites on my vps is not possible enable this option with unique command/procedure?