1. D

    mailer-daemon + autoresponders

    When a user sets up autoresponders, I get email from mailer-daemon all the time in my account. Can you delete this type of email?
  2. P

    Autoresponder Error

    Hi - I hope this is the right place for this... I set up an autoresponder a few weeks ago - webhost Bluehost [but our account is actually with BT and I use Outlook 2007 for emails]. I was disabling it on a Monday morning, and setting it to come on again on Friday. Last week, when I went to do...
  3. S

    multiple email autoresponders

    Hi. How can I set multiple autoresponders, regarding different senders? I have a multi language website. My users are from different languages. I want to set an autoresponder whenever a user sends an email to me, and I want to set the text of autoresponder according to my user's languages...
  4. D

    Autoresponder and/or Message Send Limits

    I am VERY familiar with cPanel, but this is the first time I have actually ran into this specific event and after hours of searching (my GoogleFu feels very weak and impotent!) I have not been able to get an answer without cracking open /usr/local/cpanel/bin/autorespond which I would really...
  5. K

    Inserting tags into the body of an autoresponder when HTML is checked

    I can't seem to get this to work. If I select the HTML option for the body of an autoresponder, the tag code is sent as plain text. i.e. Hi %from% I just wanted to thank you for visiting our website. How can I get it to insert the value of the tag? Any help appreciated. Thanks...
  6. I

    In autoresponder setting start and end is not showing in my cPanel.

    Hello, In autoresponder setting start and end is not showing in my cPanel. My cPanel version is 11.25.0-S46156 and cPanel account them is x3mail. Please suggest me on the same. Thanks, Imran Khan.
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    Autoresponder not working if body of reply message has reply header in it

    Hi there, Newbie here. I have an issue using a mailing program and have been told to look here for an answer. I have an autoresponder set up to reply to messages that aren't monitored from newsletters we send. We are using acymailing but we have already eliminated any issues with that...
  8. V

    Autoresponder missing Start and End date/time

    I have a peculiar problem and can't find anyone else with on the forums who has encountered this, but the "Add Autoresponder" function from within the "Mail" are in cPanel is missing the "start time" and "stop time" fields. We're running the current version (I just forced an upgrade to the...
  9. N

    cPanel autoresponder Interval feature

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the site, Hoping to get an answer for a question I have, and hopefully be able to help some other people where I can. I would like for my customers to be able to email '[email protected]' And automatically receive an email back with a simple link and direction...
  10. B

    Links in Autoresponder

    Links in Mail Sent by Autoresponder I'm trying to get the autoresponder to work but im having problems since I cant get links to work.. im using utf-8 as my charset how would I get something like "" to link to my site?
  11. J

    End-user forwarder and autoresponder.

    I'm a site admin and my users use a cpanel Webmail interface to access their mail. (They can choose from Squirl and RoundCube). Some time ago, they could manage their own forwarders and autoresponders but recently the option of defining a forwarder has dissapeared (for endusers, for the...
  12. R

    Autoresponder problems after migrating to 11.25

    Hello. I have recently (last week) migrated to cPanel 11.25 on two our servers. Now on both machines I get this message in autoresponder: You are not using a utf-8 language file. You should not save utf-8 data or you will get corrupted results. This message blocks the creation of new...
  13. J

    AutoResponder sequencing

    Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to set up an auto responder sequence that only sends Monday to Friday. This is for a long term (1 year) automated list where subscribers get a regular motivational email. I don't want the mail to go out on weekends. Can the sendmails.php be...
  14. W

    Autoresponder and spam issue

    Hi I have an autoresponder on [email protected] I received ton of spam Email Headers ====================== Subject: Automatic Reply To: "Katlyn Qtewifja" <[email protected]> X-Autorespond: ***SPAM*** User identification X-Loop: "Katlyn Qtewifja" <[email protected]>...
  15. M

    forwarding and autoresponder

    If you set up a option (mail sent to e-mail addressA will be forwarded to e-mail addressB) AS WELL AS an auto-responder on e-mail adressA, then the person receiving the forwarded mails does NOT receive the auto-responder message. Is it normal this behaviour ? Thank you
  16. 4

    Autoresponder wont delete...

    Hi, I've got an unusual problem here... Customer has no autoresponders listed in her cpanel interface - but when I email her I get an auto response back from user@server which is just a blank message. I've deleted the .autorespond directory from her home directory but this is still...
  17. C

    Alternative autoresponder solution?

    I need a better autoresponder solution. The biggest fault with cPanel's is that it will send the response with every email. This really pisses people off. In Plesk, they have an option to only email each recipient once. Is there any way to do this on a cPanel server?
  18. M

    Smart Autoresponder?

    Anyone know of a good autoresponder script? My clients like to use cPanels built in autoresponder for out-of-office replies, but I am looking for something better to avoid responding to spam. Ideally the solution would include these capabilities: 1. Ignore spammy messages to the extent...
  19. T

    Default Character Set in Autoresponder

    Hello, whenever I go to create an autoresponder the character set defaults to: ansi_x3.110-1983. Is there any way to set this to: utf-8 or us-ascii ? I cannot find this setting anywhere. Thanks!
  20. H

    Autoresponder script

    I need to change settings to install a PHP script for an autoresponder DB install. The manual text reads: Once inside the PHP Scripting page, you need to scroll through the default php.ini file until you find the session.save_path= setting. Often, the default here is written "session.save_path =...