1. wzd

    Automated Autoresponder script

    Hi everyone, I've been searching the forums / net to find the answer to an automated or easy-to-use autoresponder software. As a hosting company with some large clients we try to maintain a personal relationship with the larger clients but you can imagine the frustration it will cause if...
  2. A

    autoresponder for all accounts

    Anyone know of a way to put an autoresponder for all accounts in the office, For example: when an office is closed for a holiday Another question, Any way to set up a cron or schedule the auto response to start at a certain time.
  3. G

    After upgrade to cpanel 11 troubles with autoresponder

    Hello, after we have upgraded to cpanel 11 our customers are not able to update the autoresponder. Can anybody help us? We have installed cpanel 11.17.0-S19434 on trustix os. Many thanks in advance geri
  4. C

    Autoresponder with attatchment

    Hi, I know the forum doesnt like autoresponders, BUT is there a way to send an attachment with an autoresponder based on a rule? eg. email subject is 'join' and an application forum is sent back? thanks
  5. W

    Autoresponder feature is gone

    Hello, I am using CPanel X 11. I have set auto responder long time ago. I want to rephrase response message. But it seems that "autoresponder" button is disappeared from WebMail configuration table. So I could not change the response message. Do you have any idea? Kind Regards, Worstelaar
  6. G

    Autoresponder - good or bad?

    I've got a client asking to use an Out of Office autoresponder onhis account. I've read a lot of posts on this forum about this issue but not really sure where I should come down on this issue. (Especially since many of the threads are older) I understand the danger of getting blacklisted...
  7. E

    Autoresponder in different languages

    I have a multi-language site. If a French person emails me (determined by email address .fr) I need to autorespond in French. Likewise German, English etc. Any ideas how to achieve this? Thanks
  8. B

    Autoresponder Abuse - Got listed in MAPS RBL

    Our main server IP got listed in MAPS RBL. They said it was because of an autoresponder being abused. All autoresponders are cPanel-based. How is this possible? Do we need to completely remove this feature? Quite frustrating.
  9. E

    Autoresponder based on specific name headers and subject

    I wonder if this is possible with cpanel I would like an autoresponder, that will autorespond based on a word in the subject email and will reply with an email msg starting with the name header from the sender, i.e: subject:Re:..word in subject Dear NAME, ... where NAME is the name...
  10. P

    Autoresponder failing..

    hello. I have setup autoresponder at [email protected] however, when i receive mail to that address, i then get the following report: i put the xxxxxx to replace names etc. I have setup pop3 email acc in cPanel and configured autoresponder to this e-mail address. Any help would be...
  11. J

    autoresponder count display wrong in cpanel

    Hi, One of our cpanel users has an autoresponder count of 4 displaying in cpanel (in the left hand side column - x / bluelagoon) yet the ACTUAL number of responders is only 2. In /home/username/.autorespond there are only 2 responders listed, and when viewing the list in cpanel only the 2 are...
  12. T

    Autoresponder not working

    Hello, I recently set up an autoresponder on one of my email accounts, no errors while setting up, but the responder is not sending out any emails when i mail to that address. The autoresponder has been set up and worked ok in the past. This is a new issue. Any ideas? Thanks, Alexei.
  13. J

    Autoresponder Maintenance Problem

    We use asia language. set autorespond email in Big5(Chinese-trd). But it is in wrong character. How can I change it? Thx!
  14. S

    Autoresponder cc

    Is this possible? I had a client today ask me to be cc'd on all autoresponses. If its not possible, what possible workaround should I consider? Thank you. Simon
  15. S

    Autoresponder endless repeats

    THe CPANEL autoresponder sends a message every single time an email is received, even if it has already sent a message to that address. The end result is that clients receive the same autoresponse message over and over again, which is both annoying and unprofessional. There needs to be a...
  16. N


    Hi, one of your client had created a autoreponder on his e-mail ID, after some day he deleted the autoresponder sucessfully, but still the autoresponder working. i was checked all the files related autoresponder ie; .autoresponder in his home folder, but there is not entry of...
  17. T

    Autoresponder tags list: where I can find this list

    I know this tags for the autoresponder in cpanel %email% %from% %subject% Somebody can tell me where I can find the complete tags list for the autoresponder ? or Can you tell me i fyou know other tags for the autoresponder ? Thanks
  18. N

    Autoresponder ghost bounces

    I have a problem where mail with precedence "list" sent to a user with an autoresponder set up is delivered properly, but the sender also gets a "Mail delivery failed" bounce with the error "Mailing List detected". Is there any fix for this?
  19. Solokron

    Autoresponder not functioning for add-on accounts.

    I have an autoresponder set on an account that is an add-on. I see the ruleset listed in valiases and in .autoresponder but when email is sent to this box I do not receive a response. There are no forwarders set. I have cleared out valias, and recreated the autoresponse yet this add-on...
  20. sneader

    Autoresponder problem -- need some help

    When an outside user sends e-mail to an e-mail address that has an Auto Responder, they receive the Auto Response, BUT... they also receive this message: __________________________ Delivery-date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 01:55:44 -0500 From: Mail Delivery System...