1. G

    Autoresponder Help..

    Hey people. OK i am trying to get an autoresponder i created to display information submitted in the form field i created using frontpage. So heres the code <p><font face="Verdana" size="2"><b>Dear <!--webbot bot="ConfirmationField" S-Field="firstname" --> <!--webbot...
  2. E

    Delete autoresponder bounces?

    Hello, How can I delete autoresponder bounce messages going to the "cPaneluser" POP box? The Default email = :fail: and I've tried Filtering or Forwarding both "" or "", but the bounce messages continue going to the cPaneluser box...
  3. F

    Autoresponder "Code"

    It's possible to use %subject% so the autoresponder write the subject of the email. Is it possible to know if they are other code, like user, date... ?
  4. N

    Changing autoresponder messages externally

    I am currently putting together an intranet for a company that I do work for. As part of this intranet, I would like all the staff to be able to add/change/remove autoresponder messages fot their email accounts. Rather than login to cpanel (which the staff won't ever have access to), I would...
  5. R

    I have a problem with autoresponder.

    I have created account an email "[email protected] ", after I have created a autoresponder "[email protected] ". With one script PHP, from a form of the site, I send a email on the account "[email protected] ", but the autoresponder it does not answer. :confused: I where have mistaken?
  6. S

    autoresponder problem

    Hi, It there any problem with autoresponder in CPanel 9.4.1-RELEASE 64 I cant get the autoresponder to work... Thanks.
  7. casey

    Autoresponder and default address

    I have an issue with the autoresponder. I have my default address set to :fail:, and I have an autoresponder [email protected]. tos is not a mailbox, only an autoresponder. The autoresponder works, but I also get a "Mail Delivery Failed" message. Now, obviously, I don't want this failure...
  8. T

    Autoresponder and bounce message

    I setup an auto responder for an address ([email protected]) that is not configured as an email account, forwarder, or anything other than an auto responder. When mail is sent to [email protected], the auto response is sent back, but so is a bounce message. That's not the behavior I...
  9. K

    AutoResponder Rules

    I setup the following forwarding... [email protected] forwards all messages to [email protected] so that he can monitor Jane's messages. :mad: Now if [email protected] setup an autoresponder, his autoresponder will also responds to the message that Jane receives. :eek: Is there a way...
  10. P


    Hi all, Which autoresponder program uses cPanel??? thnks!
  11. S

    Autoresponder bounces to wrong address

    A mail account of a stupid user is set up to autorespond. The problem is that because of a horde of worm traffic and other spam which have false return addresses, these autorespond messages are often bounced back. However, these bounce messages are not going back to the original user. Instead...
  12. G


    I have main email account is [email protected], and want to set default account is [email protected]. Also setup autoresponder for 2 these accounts. My problem is - when users send messages to [email protected], they received one auto reply from this account - but when users...
  13. N

    Autoresponder will not work

    Ok, I have searched the forum like crazy and can not find this. I have tried so many different things and nothing will work. I have an autoresponder set up, and the pop account will recieve the message, but the autoresponder is never sent out. I have tried the following: create pop...
  14. G

    Fix Autoresponder

    The autoresponder is not working for my accounts in CPanel I am able to set the autoresponder for an email id [email protected] it gets saved but when I send a mail to this email id i do not get an auto response.. I have searched the forum without any success. Do let me know the problem as my...
  15. D

    quote in autoresponder message

    Is there a way to automatically include the quote from the original email when using the autoresponder?
  16. J


    How do I setup an autoresponder where the original message does NOT go to a pop box. I need the autoresponder sent, but the original message deleted. It seems I can only do one or the other, but not both.
  17. I

    foriegn language autoresponder - urgent

    HI there With the new cpanel, i appear to be having problems with the auto responders. For the japanese language there are a few character sets - normally we use shift-jis. Under the autorepsonder section, I select this character set, enter the autoresponse message in this character set...
  18. K

    autoresponder charset bug

    I can't select different charset for autoresponder . after I've selected a different charset, I can't keep it selected.It always goes back to us-ascii. Although this problem is supposed to be fix at the latest release , it still exists in my server. I heard that this is a x theme only...
  19. N

    autoresponder issues

    autoresponder issue I have the following: User created e-mail account + autoresponder on a subdomain emailaddress like [email protected] Autoresponder is sent out, but e-mail gets nowhere. What is happening here?
  20. S

    CPanel 7 Autoresponder

    I have a problem with CPanel 7 Autoresponder. Is there a bug? I am using X Skin. When i create a autoresponder with HTML option checked. It doesnt seem to stay checked. I go back to edit the autoresponder, check the box again. Change encoding. Save. It still didnt checked and the...