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    Xskin + Html Autoresponder = Bug ?

    when i check "html message" box in X skin it dont work but when i do this in iconic skin it works fine anyone know how to fix x skin ? Support Ticket Number:
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    Autoresponder sending duplicates

    Recently if you guys have noticed that autoresponder is sending duplicate messages on new users with fresh autoresponder. Its happening on many of our new users ? Is anyone else having this issue ? Support Ticket Number:
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    Any way to let "Autoresponder" Send as html?

    Hello don't you thing it's a good thing to send HTML Autoresponder messeges ? but what is the file that doing this work in the Cpanel source files? i think if we knew where is that file then we can add the HTML Headers to the code in the file . Regards
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    Autoresponder Logged

    I have a client that set up an auto-responder thinking he would get the mail...he did not have a mailbox or a forwarder set responder works, but he never received the mail. We have that issue resolved, however, he would like to recover the addresses that the autoresponder has gone...
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    Autoresponder suck!

    Allo! Yesterday, I try to figure how the auto-responder work. I can't modify a message, need to erase it, and replace with a new one. Just annoying! Also, I discover, there is a time limit for the auto-responder to be send, mostly for active mailling list. The problem is this feature is...
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    HTML Autoresponder

    How do I create a HTML formatted autoresponder? I am using: CPanel Version: 5.3.0-RELEASE, Build 100 Nathan
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    Autoresponder Variables?

    Anyone knows variables of email autoresponders (such as $subject , $to, $from, $date or something else), If it is available. Autoresponder is not attractive without this.
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    Autoresponder & HotLink

    Autoresponder & HotLink Hi, I have problems using Autoresponder and HotLink. When I use autoresponder on the MAIN mail account. I will get an auto-reply, but then I won't be able to get mails. After I delete autoresponder. Then it go normal again ( can receive email ). As for HotLink, I...
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    Autoresponder Question

    Can somebody point me to the location of the autoresponder script? Also, has anybody modified it, or replaced it, in order to get a copy of the autoresponse sent to the owner? Thanks,