1. K

    cPanel subdomain not working

    Hi All, I haven't used cpanel in many years so bear with me... I've installed a trial version of cPanel on AWS for testing and setting up, however I'm having some issues. I set up my own account from the root account using my domain. However I'm having issues with subdomains, I have added a...
  2. S

    New Install Can't Connect

    After a few years of using VirtualMin I am considering coming back to cPanel and have a 15 day trial. My servers are in AWS. I have installed Centos 7 and cPanel but now I am unable to connect to the admin on either port 2086 or 2087. My AWS security group is set to all allow all incoming...
  3. D

    Problem with EC2 AWS & cPanel

    Hi All, I have created an instance in EC2 AWS and installed WHM / Cpanel through Linux. Now I am able to access through SSH and Putty, root. As well WHM is working fine. But when I click on Cpanel, its going to blank page. Cpanel is not opening. Can anyone help me here. WHM login is working...
  4. B

    Encrypting Backups & Sending to AWS S3 Bucket

    There's an ongoing feature request to enable encryption of Amazon S3 backups. Amazon has an option to turn on encryption so unsure why cP have not simply done this by default - however something's obviously causing problems so... An option I'm investigating at the moment is to: 1) Configure cP...
  5. M

    AWS cPanel

    I just launched an AWS instance with cPanel. I can get to the cPanel login screen, but I have no idea what the username and password are. It did not ask me when setting up the cPanel instance. Is there a default username/password?
  6. U

    WHM is not starting after update

    Hello i am running aws instance (Centos 7). After clicking on (Version “64.0.15” is available. Update Now) in whm ...... Server was processsing updates & After restart Now it is not starting. i have lost access to my instance now. aws instance log here... [ 0.000000] Initializing cgroup...
  7. J

    EA4 on AWS

    Stacy, How do I use EasyApache 4 with AWS? Thanks, Jim
  8. A

    Amazon AWS Cloudfront buckets choking on autossl sites

    We were using AWS Cloudfront CDN buckets for a while no problem then we moved to a new server. They worked at first then the autossl cert thing kicked in and now sites are doing ssl often. So we changed the main sites to look for ssl in wordpress where you set site setting Now it appears the...
  9. andrreashp

    Problem DNS in AWS

    I made a Cpanel installation in an instance of ec2 from amazon, for that I used the package offered in marckedplace AWS Marketplace: cPanel & WHM: The Hosting Platform of Choice I am having problems with DNS, I can not access the site with the domain, but I can access it using...
  10. P

    SOLVED Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo error

    Hello, I have a new Cpanel VPS build on AmazonLinux instance, all recomeneded ports are open but I get the error message below, also when I visit in my web browser I still get a 404, pls help. AMAZON Enterprise 2016.09 x86_64 xenhvm –...
  11. X

    SOLVED Update failure in upcp script

    Hello, I installed cPanel for the first time on an ec2 instance a few months ago and everything was going perfectly. A few days now I get this error " cPanel & WHM update failure in upcp script " and cPanel can't update. I give you the log below, I am pretty new to this so I would appreciate it...
  12. K

    Change Hostname Questions

    Currently I facing a problem, I just migrate my server to another server but I unable to access my website ( and I able to access, I found out that my Virtual Host and the Hostname is different. I would like to know how can I change the hostname...
  13. J

    Fatal Error During cPanel Install - AWS

    So I keep getting this error when I try to run the cPanel installer. I have does a few good hours of troubleshooting and research on the internet and since I still have not come up with anything I have decided to make a post on the cPanel forums. I appreciate any help with this problem. (The...
  14. S

    Why use a VPC on AWS?

    Hi all, Just wondering on this one - have been looking at various articles/guides on running WHM and a couple of DNSONLY EC2s on Amazon AWS. All of them include using a VPC but none of them say why. Could any one enlighten me please?
  15. albatroz

    cPanel server in Amazon Cloud

    Hello, I wondering if anybody is running CPanel in the Amazon cloud environment using EC2 and EBS services. I have checked links like the following but the comments are mixed AWS Marketplace: CloudLinux with cPanel (PV) AWS Marketplace: cPanel & WHM: The Hosting Platform of Choice
  16. O

    SOLVED Amazon Linux 2016.03 / cPanel DNSONLY / Bind Defaults

    Hello, Installing cPanel DNSONLY on Amazon Linux 2016.03 is pretty straight forward, however there is an issue with BIND's default /etc/named.conf vanilla setup. Bind on Amazon Linux is installed as a caching only nameserver. This is an issue when creating your own public ns1. and ns2...
  17. K

    cPanel and Amazon AWS

    Hi guys, I want to setup cPanel and Amazon AWS but i'm not sure what Instance Type i need to choose. I've wordpress site with around 200-1000 concurrent users normally and sometimes peaks upto 2000k when i have a good entry. So, i need to know what instance i should be take? the idea is not...
  18. S

    aws server with cPanel running

    Hi guys, I have followed Rob Scott guide to set up cpanel & whm on AWS: How To: Set Up cPanel & WHM on Amazon Web Services Please see the steps I have followed, I have come to dead end and not sure how to get my sites running on the...
  19. pandalion98

    AWS EC2: hostname reverts to xxxxxx.ec2.internal on boot. Is it a problem?

    I've tried different methods to make the hostname permanent including but not limited to changing /etc/sysconfig/network, using the hostname command, and using the "change hostname" feature within WHM. It reverts back to EC2's default format "ip-123-123-123-123.ec2.internal". It doesn't seem to...
  20. T

    cPanel on AWS

    We're creating a dealer backend for - Removed - Prefer to use AWS with cPanel. Any advice how to setup?