1. I

    SOLVED How to remove addon/subdomain from Awstats

    Hello, I deleted an addon/subdomain from my account but I found that it still exists in the Awstats. How can I remove it from Awsats?
  2. D

    What is "feed" in AWStats?

    I'm trying to help a customer determine what is consuming excessive bandwidth, and AWStats seems to show the problem is something called "feed" -- but it doesn't seem to match anything I can find in the raw log files or other stats reports. What is it? Thanks.
  3. M

    Bot traffic reported in Awstats

    Does Awstats report the Bot traffic (e.g., Bytespider and PetalBot) reaching the site after filters or before filters? Is there any way Awstats can help to figure out the type and magnitude of Bot traffic that was cut by the filters?
  4. nisamudeen97

    Awstats not showing any results for SSL version of website

    Hi, All of a sudden we have noticed that, awstats stops logging for SSL version and start logging for non-ssl for accounts. One of our customers has reported the issue and when I checked all our servers have the same problem. The awstat SSL host's configuration is using...
  5. C

    cpanel awstats hourly stats

    Hi How do I add hourly/or build hourly stats for cpanel awstats for cpanel? when trying to go there, it just says: Last Update: Never updated (See 'Build/Update' on awstats_setup.html page) I don't know if there a cpanel, and I'm not too familar with awstats. I also don't want to break...
  6. sajithgsm

    cPanel Awstats Bulk Search for all accounts

    Hi, As you know we can simply find all hits in cpanel by cpanel using Awstats. Is there any way to find the most hitted accounts using the terminal of all cpanel list during the past several hours?
  7. C

    New Site, awstats stopped updating

    I recently opened a new web site with Godaddy and for the first 15 days the 'awstats' would update every day correctly, then suddenly it just stopped on 30March2020 ! is there any info on why this has occured.
  8. J

    Reports of website visits are fake, metrics, webalizer, visitors, awstats, all reports show false results.

    Reports of website visits are fake, metrics, webalizer, visitors, awstats, all reports show false results. In my hosting of my website, in cpanel, I have the metrics that show the visit reports on my website, but I left the website with the hosting suspended, off the internet, for 30 days, the...
  9. A

    Awstats - is the Pages Number Shown Wrong?

    Hello, I'm new to cpanel and to hosts in general. I found today this metrics application on cpanel and found out that it reports that 749 pages were visited on my website. While I have only two pages. Am I understanding it wrong, or is something wrong with my website or panel? Please help me...
  10. Spirogg

    When creating a feature list and only select awstats the server info link still shows ?

    Server Status Viewer Service Information information in cPanel's Server Informationinterface. I cannot get this feature to turn off. When creating a new feature list. I created one for having awstats only as a test... and the server information link still shows when clicked on in user cpanel...
  11. E

    Adding validHTTPcodes to AWStats for a domain

    Hello, I have a redirection domain who redirect a lot of stuff like would redirect to with HTTP code 302. I want to log those in AWStats, but they appear as "HTTP Code" in the bottom. I've searched around and enabled the "awstats.conf.include"...
  12. W

    AWstats showing wrong number of unique visitors

    When I open AWStats in CPanel it shows 2 unique users and 120 visits for the time span of Jan 1st to Jan 27th for the year 2019 but I am sure there are more than 200 unique visitors for my website for the mentioned period because in one of the pages I am logging user IPs for reporting purpose...
  13. A

    Problemas con Awstats no se actualiza hace 1 mes

    Hola buenos días, tengo un problema con Awstats en cPanel, no se actualizan los datos de estadísticas desde hace 1 mes, solamente este problema lo tengo localizado en un solo dominio de un cliente, en todos los demás dominios funciona bien. He configurado desde whm para que los clientes...
  14. Z

    AWStats not showing any stats for october

    Hi Guys, I have one account on a server thats running fine @ AWStats and i have stats from all the months but it is stop working in october. I see only 0 in the AWStats and there are no stats for that month. for Sept is just fine. When i run: /scripts/runweblogs I see: root@eadtu [~]#...
  15. B

    Webalizer and Awstats are not Recording Stats

    Hi! :) Webalizer, and Awstats didn't log anything in September except for a couple, seemingly random, days. They recorded on the 8th, 9th, 13th, 14th, 18th, and the 30th. Webalizer, and Awstats also started recording again on the same days. This is my server setup, and I'm the root...
  16. R

    SOLVED There are no domains which have * to display. AWStats, Webalizer, Visitors, etc

    Hello! Sorry if this is in the wrong location, but it seems to be where similar threads are located that I've found on Google. I've created my 34th account on my server with cPanel, which is only important as this is the only account that encounters this error. Visitors, Webalizer Stats, and...
  17. P

    Awstats robots reports

    In my robots.txt file I have denied Yandexbot Under robots spider visitors, hits, I see for example Yandexbot 0/2 Does this mean that the bot tried twice but was blocked. If so I know my Yandexbot deny has worked Patrick
  18. H

    Webalizer and AWstats Stopped Functioning

    AW Stats and Webalizer worked for my domain up until the middle of the day on May 8th, at which point everything dropped to zero as if the site vanished from the server. in WHM: Home »Server Configuration »Statistics Software Configuration, The error message below shows up in red: "The...
  19. C

    Restoring AWstats data from log backup question

    Hi @cPanelLauren, This is a follow up from the conversation here: I have the backup files coped over to the server, but I am not sure where the step 1 comes into place. (for cd /home/CPUser/tmp/awstats) and the second is just copy the domainname logs. Does that mean, just copy it anywhere...
  20. C

    Move directory to its own partition?

    Hello, I know this is more a centos question than a cpanel question, however, our server is getting low on space on our partition format. I've traced it down to the mysql databases and backups that are happening for the sites. Since this machine is a vm, I was able to add a new partition easy...