1. J

    AWstats does not show any results!

    Hello friends, I have recently move two websites to fresh cpanel account but i can not see any statistics with AWstats! What could be wrong? Thanks!
  2. H

    Ouput Awstats

    When I run AWSTATS, where does it put the output?? I want to get the output and save it in a local PC for future use. Thanx Hanz
  3. P

    cPanel's "awstats" wrong?

    :confused: I got bored saturday night sunday morning and I wanted to check my stats for a popular advertising for adult sites(I own a dating site) well, their stats say I had about 300 something hits for saturday. That didn't look right to me so I checked out cPanel stats and that says I have...
  4. B

    Awstats issue

    Hi, im having a awstats issue when you go to it in cpanel, i am seeing the error i have attached had to take a screen shot due to the error redirecting in the browser to SSL received a record with an incorrect Message Authentication Code. (Error code: ssl_error_bad_mac_read) Please see...
  5. I

    awstats error

    Hello, I found this error when accessing awstats as user: Not Found The server was not able to find the document (./ you requested. Please check the url and try again. You might also want to report this error to your web hosting provider. cpaneld/11.25 Server at...
  6. F

    No Awstats updating since server move

    We switched servers a month or so ago and all seemed to go ok, but now all the accounts aren't automatically updating awstats :( all the historic data is there from the last few years but nothing for any day last month I could initially click on the manual update link within awstats but...
  7. C

    WHM and Awstats - Problem

    I've had Awstats disabled for along time. Went into WHM and enabled it. Then immediately went into Cpanel Control Panel (accelerated 2) and tried to open it and got this error (see attached screenshot (I hope it's here)). The screenshot was on the screen for just a second and then this...
  8. johnburk

    Awstats stopped working from 11.28.48

    Since the update of cpanel to 11.28.48 awstats stopped working correctly. It does update but all new stats are 0. It seems like it does not get the data to update. I have seen this on several accounts. I noticed that /usr/local/apache/domlogs files are not updating. Anyone else have the...
  9. J

    Perplexing AwStats numbers...

    Hi everyone :) For a long time, stats were normal. There were no anomalies, erratic behavior, weirdness, etc. Then, about 6 months ago, I began to notice that on every fourth day the number of daily visitors, bandwidth usage, etc would go down drastically. Then, just a few months ago, this...
  10. S

    awstats log rotation and limit

    Hi, I got accounts where awstats are around 100MB in size and 2-3 years old. Anyone know where and how I can configure this? Regards
  11. M

    http bandwidth and awstats discrepancies

    I've just noticed that the amount of http bandwidth reported by the cPanel Bandwidth tool, doesn't match the amount of http bandwidth reported by AWStats. And I don't mean slight differences. According to the Bandwidth tool one particular domain used 53.82 Gb of http bandwidth last month, but...
  12. P

    AWSTATS not updating....??

    Hi, I have linux shared hosting server with WHM,from last couple of days our AWSTATS not updating/not working,i have tried with all the option,whenever i just update AWSTATS from user Cpanel it throws error :- ==============================================================================...
  13. carock

    Discrepancy between AWStats and Webalizer

    I have a customer that has been using AWStats for monitoring the web traffic. They were complaining that since we moved their site to a new cPanel server, the stats are extremely low like traffic has dropped off. In researching this, I found that there is a very big difference between what...
  14. K

    AWstats 6.95 independant install log question

    I've installed awstats 6.95 on an account on a cpanel server and it works well, however my concern is that currently i have the option set to delete logs after each stats run in WHM. It is my understanding that this will cause sync problems with a manually updated copy of awstats. Therefore i'm...
  15. R

    tweak the awstats logrunner command? add databasebreak=day?

    Hey, I want to edit the command cpanel uses to launch the awstats daily log processing so I can get a day by day breakdown. I need to add something like perl -update -databasebreak=day But I am not sure it is possible to get the cpanel stats job...
  16. D

    Awstats not working

    Hey all, I am the tech guy for our company and a guy I work had me look into Awstats not working today. So I troubleshooted everything, restarted the cpanel log daemon, restarted apache, ran the web logs etc... and I still couldnt update our Awstats on our server. They are all configured...
  17. N

    awstats not visible in cpanel

    awstats not visible in user's cpanel. I have a VPS and I enabled awstats for my server. One particular account does not have awstats in cpanel. The other users can access awstats without a problem. I tried enabling awstats and setting it to default active, but not luck. I have also tried...
  18. E

    how does awstats execution get scheduled?

    I need some help understanding how cpanel schedules awstats to run? I have not been able to locate a cron job that executes the /scripts/runweblogs accountname. The user doesn't have shell access and no crontab for task to be scheduled. The problem we are experiencing is that a clients...
  19. W

    Awstats not update

    hello Awstats not update All settings under WHM is ok but all users statistic is old I try under WHM to force update but nothing happen Also try under ssh: /usr/bin/perl /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/ -LogFile=/usr/local/apache/domlogs/
  20. E

    Site stats cron (analog, awstats etc) resulting in high load

    I've noticed at a certain time of the day, each day that the site load goes up greatly and so do disk writes (via iostat). Looking at top it seems like and analog are causing the high load. So question is: How do I determine at what time the webstats are scheduled to run How...