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    Elevate blocked by OpenLogic in Azure VM

    Following the advice from this page and this thread cleared errors reported by /scripts/elevate-cpanel --check in an Azure VM. A related error remains: [ERROR] 2 package(s) installed from unsupported YUM repo 'openlogic' from /etc/yum.repos.d/OpenLogic.repo The contents of...
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    Microsoft Azure Secondary DNS

    I am in the process of moving our cPanel server (which is also a primary DNS server) to a Microsoft Azure VM. Our existing hosting provider uses DNS Made Easy to provide a Secondary DNS service, which works great with cPanel. However, I was wondering if there was a way to use Microsoft Azure...
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    Looking to stop microsoft azure bots

    Trying to stop the onslaught of microsoft azure bots. I have a script that stops the amazon ones in csf but can't find one for the microsoft flavor. Also wondering if there is a third party provider that does this for the microsoft bots integrated into mod_security. Any advise appreciated.
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    What cloud, what price and migration services?

    Hello all .. yes I'm thinking about WebHostingTalk also but I like this community. Short of the long is I have a server in the UK .. and it serves my needs very well and I'm very happy but I'm getting to a place where I believe it's going to be better if it's in the cloud so I don't need to...
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    Azure server recommend

    If there is a thread that answers this already, you can point me there... thanks. I've got my own server at a co-lo and it's a Xeon based server that's about 4 years old and due for an update soon. I've been thinking of moving to Azure instead so I don't have to maintain the hardware. I've...
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    cPanel with Microsoft Azure

    I am in the process of moving a charity website from a hosted platform onto Microsoft Azure, using Binami wordpress. The current platform allows access via cPanel, do I need to install CentOS 7 onto Azure or can I manage everything from within Azure? Thanks in advance.
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    Help me Azure cpanel install

    hello I want to install cpanel on azure but as centos 7 i could not understand which one to install, can you help me
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    SOLVED New installation login invalid?

    Hi guys, Great to be here. Am new in the community so am still trying to get a hand of the community rules and regulations and all. I have a major challenge and i would be glad if i can get the needed help because i have a time lapse to deliver at work. I did a fresh installation of my cpanel...
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    Azure WAF and cPanel?

    Hi there I wonder if exist any experience using azure WAF working with a cpanel using internal IPs. I guess this is more an Azure WAF thread, but im really curious if some guy here is working with something like that.
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    Choosing a cPanel License Question

    Hello, I am evaulate cPanel now and consider to purchase license. I have installed at VM which located at Azure platform. It require to support multi user and multi domains inside. Question: - Which type of license I should purchase? - If the VM owned multi IP. Should I need to purchase...
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    SOLVED WHM Login on Azure

    Sorry, but I could not find this anywhere. I actually did, but it just said "resovled" with no explanation. I loaded a VM on Azure with CentOS7 and installed cPanel on it. I can access the WHM login screen, but my credentials don't work. There is no actual root login credentials in azure. I...
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    How to Setup Custom NameServer in Azure?

    I've been using Cpanel for almost 3 years now as part of the VPS server package by Namecheap or Godaddy, but now I'm trying to setup my own VPS server from scratch in Azure. I've got a VM in Azure where I installed CENTOS 07 WHM/Cpanel, now say my domain is '', To point it to Azure its...
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    SOLVED Problemas ao acessar o cpanel após a instalação

    Estou com problema para acessar o whm após instalação, usuário e senha inválidos, pois fiz a instalação em uma vm centos na azure, e lá não é disponibilizado o usuário root.
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    add Microsoft Azure support

    I would like to suggest cPanel adding support for Microsoft Azure visualization platform. Thanks.
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    Using cPanel with Microsoft Azure

    I`m migrating my PHP web app from my current servers to Microsoft Azure. Can I use cPanel with Azure as well? Does anyone have experience with this?
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    Cannot install cPanel on Microsoft Azure Linux

    Hi everybody. Recent days, I've got these errors when i install cPanel "" I checked this package on above address, but i can found it. :confused: Does Anybody help me?