1. T

    Do JetBackup incremental backups succesfully back up MySQL databases?

    I'm looking to change my backing-up process, mostly because the default cPanel system creates compressed files that are getting too big for my server's disk. If I understand correctly, incremental backups don't cause this issue because they don't compress everything into one file during the...

    Adding /var/cpanel/cpanel.config to be backedup as part of system_files.tar

    I am looking to backup the /var/cpanel/cpanel.config and we few other files outside the /etc/ directory, in the system_files.tar archive, created when cPanel's backup routine runs. Looking for pointers if anyone knows how to do this or has attempted to do this?
  3. B

    Additional Destination backups are not being transported

    I am having an issue where backups are not being transferred to S3. The S3 destination is validated and enabled. The backup log shows that it is being set into TaskQueue for transfer, but the TaskQueue Monitor is empty. Why are the backups not moving to S3? I have validation files in the bucket...
  4. behinam

    Access denied for user in backup

    Hello I was using a script for database backup when I used Centos + cPanel, but this script in Ubuntu + cPanel Runs with an error: mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed error: 'Access denied for user '-p'@'localhost' (using password: YES)' download script code URL...
  5. K

    Ftp backups fails on latest ver 12

    Hi, I have migrated some boxes to almalinux 8 and configured the whm backup system as per normal to FTP in to another Box. This fails validation but places a text file in the ftp space of [email protected] ie "validate.tmp-111111.txt" xx. iswebserver, yy is backup server. Errors...
  6. K

    restore jetbackup 5

    Hello, I need urgent assistance. I deleted an account and I need to restore its backup. I'm using Jetbackup 5. I recreated the account with the same username and domain, but the backup doesn't appear in Jetbackup 5. When I connect via FTP to the server where the backups are stored, I see (snap)...
  7. M

    Is it easy / possible to store separate backups for SQL?

    We use the standard CPanel Backup mechanism which stores backups as .tar.gz files on the server and then a separate script takes them off the server and places them on a remote repository. Would it be possible , and if so how, to set the backup for each account to make two files: 1 file for the...
  8. B

    Where's my backup files?

    I can download them using this interface. https://ipaddress:port/cpsess1157231040/frontend/jupiter/backup/index.html But I can't find the files where the docs say to look. home/var/cpanel/backups/ I have a hard drive that's running out of space and is crashing. Many Many Thanks!
  9. P

    Cannot stat() file: No such file or directory at bin/

    I encountered this error during a daily backup: "WARN: Warning(s) encountered in tar during archiving: /home/acc1/folder1/storage/framework/sessions/521c98f86690bc555493e12c314fb86884c97c09: Cannot stat() file: No such file or directory at bin/ line 1446." I am uncertain what this...
  10. C

    Help with API and backups

    Hi, We think that there may have been some changes made to the cPanel API that are causing this problem. Our code's objective is to collect the latest backup of the database, download it, and import it. We are unsure of the changes required in the section of the code that pertains to the...
  11. M

    Where are INBOX based emails stored? Is this system flexible to having new files added?

    In relation to my Backup question here: New Thread - How to restore email backup without overwriting more recent emails? We're using maildir storage mechanism: 1) Is emails sitting in the INBOX folder found in the /cur folder of the email address? e.g...
  12. T

    In Progress CPANEL-42332 - Backups of a Suspended Domain

    I am having an issue with cPanel Backups. The system is not pruning the folders following the retention settings. When reviewing the logs I am able to see the following during the backup: rsync: opendir "/home/*DOMAIN*/public_ftp" failed: Permission denied (13) Then when the system is...
  13. A

    Backup Additional Destination For Specific Account

    I have set up a Google Drive additional destination for backups. Setup went fine and everything worked. However, I only really need to backup one specific account/domain from my WHM to Google Drive. For all the other accounts, the built-in backups are fine. Is there a way to do this?
  14. S

    Is it possible to backup /etc from within cPanel?

    Like the title says, on a CentOS 7 server I would like to back up the /etc directory to a remote location, like it is the case with cPanel itself. Is it possible to set that up from within cPanel, or do I have to look elsewhere? (e.g. rsync or otherwise) As far as I know rsync won't work with...
  15. M

    Manual backup command is not triggering addional local backups?

    Hi, I've incremental backups configured in my server for different days and weekly with 1 backup retrain. Last night i've mounted a USB Drive for additional local backup destionation, configured and validated so far so good. After that i run manual backup command "/usr/local/cpanel/bin/backup...
  16. A

    Is is possible to have one recent backup in local storage and multiple backups in remote?

    Hi, Is is possible to have one recent backup in local storage and multiple backups as per configuration in remote locations? Or at least is it possible to show remote backups in cpanel interface. Currently it shows only if they are stored in local.
  17. J

    Weekly/Monthly Backups stored locally when remote destination selected

    I have my backup configuration set to remote storage on Backblaze. My backups are being stored there. I have Retain Backups in the Default Backup Directory unchecked so that all backups are sent to remote storage. WHM still stores weekly and monthly backups in the /backup directory. I'm sure...
  18. tbutler

    Incremental Backups and S3

    If I use incremental backups, the documentation says that those backups are only supported with rsync destinations. Does that mean I cannot use S3 as an additional destination, or does it simply mean the backups that arrive at S3 will not be incremental? I don't mind if the S3 backups are just...
  19. J

    Backing up WHM & Directory Question

    I have backups enabled to run nightly and sent offsite to Backblaze so my customer accounts are safe and stored elsewhere. If something happens to my server, can I: backup the whm through WHM Backups? what kind of file(s) does it create lastly, how is it restored? I'm asking because my current...
  20. M

    Is it possible to throttle the upload speed of backups?

    My daily WHM account backups run at 2am each morning and save to Amazon S3. I run an ecommerce site and I have a couple of order issues around this time where the server has not been able to complete the required processes. I suspect that the backups are sucking the available bandwidth away...