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    In Progress CPANEL-43571 - Keep DNS zone not available as option when pressing terminate domain from cPanel

    We are experiencing a consistent replicable graphical issue with message overlap when trying to terminate a domain from cPanel main dashboard. When terminating a domain the checkbox to keep the DNS zone is below the notification for termination it only shows the description part. When using the...
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    user level PHP ini file How to set base ini file for whole account

    PHP FPM / PHP 8.1 Many years ago in an older CPanel we needed to have the custom user php ini file (user.ini or similar) appear in every single folder in a web domain for the PHP files in the folder to follow these rules. At some point more recently, this system changed (still at least a...
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    SOLVED CPANEL-40481 - Issue using whmapi1 CLI to reset password

    When using WHM API1 via CLI , if the user's password begins with @ , your system throws up the following error. [root@server ~]# whmapi1 --output=jsonpretty passwd user='user' password="@samudra123" Cpanel::Exception::IO::FileNotFound/(XID zjsfdw) The system cannot find a file named...
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    /webmaillogout.cgi does not log me in

    Hello. When i go to webmail and then i log out, it redirects me to a page located at /webmaillogout.cgi That page looks exactly like the login page, but it is not possible to log in from that url. It throws me out immediately after trying to login using that url and redirects to a proper login...
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    Toolkit restore points are hidden

    Apologies for another Toolkit post... When you clone a website you have the option to create a restore point when you copy data back to the live site. The help text explains that this can be used to roll back the changes if anything goes wrong. That's great, but the restore point is not showing...
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    WordPress Toolkit hotlink protection doesn't work

    This is a follow-up on this post: https://forums.cpanel.net/threads/how-does-wordpress-toolkit-keep-track-of-debug-settings.695165/#post-2888001 The issue is that the hotlink protection in Toolkit doesn't work for me at all. I have been able to reproduce this issue on multiple servers. This...
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    Reporting bugs

    For the last couple of weeks I've been testing Toolkit (I write documentation for a hosting company). I found a few smallish bugs which I would like to report, but as far as I can tell cPanel doesn't have a bug tracker. If there is a bug tracker, can someone point me to it? And if there isn't a...
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    SOLVED [CPANEL-39236] Login bug can cause services to restart

    I discovered an odd glitch that probably should be reported as a bug. If you login to WHM, go to a service that can be restarted, such as "SQL Server (MySQL) " and then select "YES" to restart the service. The service restarts displaying the startup info and that the service has been restarted...
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    bugreport: manage databases doesn't show every database on system

    Hello, When you click on manage databases from the list on the left (main cpanel home interface) .. it doesn't show all databases on the system. I'm guessing it only shows databases activity tied to an account. However, if you use the transfer tool and transfer a site, and it messes up in...
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    Reset a DNS Zone creates unwanted records

    Hello, Using Reset a DNS Zone will always create records for 'cpanel, webdisk, cpcalendars, cpcontacts, whm, webmail'... I do not wish to have these records created for my dns zones upon reset. How to I disable this?
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    Add service to service manager and manage with api

    I have add supervisord service to service manager. It is working normally. But when i want to manage the supervisord service with whm api that explained link belove WHM API 0 Functions - restartservice - Software Development Kit - cPanel Documentation i take error message "No such service"...
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    Change open files limit mysql

    Hi i am not able to change mysql open_files_limit anything other than 65536 ( sql stops responding if it hits the limit ) i edited /etc/my.cnf tried several different values beneath and above the 65536 but there is no change running CLOUDLINUX 7.2 x86_64 standard – WHM 56.0 (build 14)...