1. Crimpshrine

    CageFS on CloudLinux

    Recently, I received security advisor message saying "LiteSpeed vhosts are not segmented or chroot()ed. Consider a more robust solution by using "CageFS on CloudLinux." I tried looking into this and searching for answer, but I'm stuck. Per CloudLinux Documentation, I tried to installing CageFS...
  2. H

    cagefs-skeleton usage in cpanel

    hi my server disk is running out , so i try to find what is the problem in my server . it's not normal for me to my disk Usage is 100% and i found : [root@fra pakanpre_s1]# du -sh /usr/share/cagefs-skeleton/var/lib/mysql/ 506G /usr/share/cagefs-skeleton/var/lib/mysql/ [root@fra pakanpre_s1]#...
  3. jmginer

    CageFS for Ubuntu

    Hi, now that cPanel is going to be installable on Ubuntu, are there any plans to integrate CageFS functionality? I'm aware that it is a CloudLinux functionality, but I don't really need all that CloudLinux includes like PHP selector (cPanel already includes one), Site Analizer, x-Ray, etc...
  4. M

    CloudLinux 8 + CageFS + Munin Plugin issues

    I just set up a CloudLinux 8 box with the latest WHM and CageFS, LVE Manager, alt-PHP,etc. I installed the Munin plugin, and munin itself is functioning, but apparently it does not have access to certain items in /proc that it it needs in order to show Firewall Throughput, Processes, VMstat...
  5. G

    Kernel Care and Cagefs.

    Is it bad to run both or should I save money by just running cagefs?
  6. A

    CageFS Issues

    Hello i have an dedicated server where CloudLinux OS , cPanel , LiteSpeed and Imunify360 is Installed. I'm facing very annoying issue every time. Everytime my users face an error on their wordpress site that MySQL Extension isn't enabled. But in cPanel -> Select PHP Version it is enabled. and...
  7. 3

    Users can go above their accounts in FTP with cagefs active

    I had to redo the server and install everything over. I installed all accounts and when a user is ftp in they can go above their account name into directories above it / ... bin dev etc home lib lib64 opt proc sbin tmp usr var -----/home --------------useraccountname...
  8. Z

    Cagefs not installed

    [root@cpanel1 ~]# uname -a Linux cpanel1.removed.tld 3.10.0-714.10.2.lve1.5.19.3.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Tue Aug 7 21:33:29 EDT 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux [root@cpanel1 ~]# yum -y upgrade Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, universal-hooks Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * EA4...
  9. A

    SOLVED [CPANEL-22800] Wrong path to uapi used in auto-deployment Git hook

    I have created a repo in cpanel and cloned it in my local machine. When I tried to git push after making the changes then the below error comes. But the changes are taking effect in the server. The user is in cagefs and it work if I disable the cagefs. Counting objects: 3, done. Delta...
  10. H

    SOLVED [CPANEL-20490] cPanel terminal feature and CageFS

    Hello, I am writing about this to try to find the best configuration for a cPanel v72 that has the Terminal feature enabled. For this to be enabled, you have to enable it in WHM -> Feature Manager -> SSH Access & Terminal and also enable shell or jailed shell for the user in WHM -> Manage Shell...
  11. P

    Select a PHP version without CageFS?

    Hi all, for a thesis I try to run an audio web test which was coded in php. It surely works with Php 5.1 and lower versions. But the interface doesn't appear properly. So I think the problem si coming from the php version used or the fact that is "inherit" version, but I don't understand...
  12. R

    Cagefs error

    Hi, I am facing mentioned below error every time i go to cagefs via whm. [A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive.] [A warning occurred while processing this directive.] Thanks.
  13. W

    autodiscover.cgi running and hogging memory

    Hi, I've started getting notification emails recently from that autodiscover.cgi is running and killing memory (see below) - it only seems to happen for accounts where mail is on a remote server. Is this normal? I know I can suppress the messages but that...
  14. R

    Big phpXXXXXX files in /home/USER/.cagefs/tmp

    Hi all. I have some users with huge tmp files (between 500MB and 2GB): /home/$USER/.cagefs/tmp/phpXXXXXX I have other servers with the same issue. I do not know if this is the root of the issue but users bith bigger "phpXXXXXX" files are using Wordpress+plugins with php7. Any Ideas? Sistem...
  15. C

    Detecting other user names inside cagefs

    Hello I've just installed Cloudlinux with cagefs for the first time. According to cagefs docs an user inside cagefs should not be able to detect the presence of other users, but just with "ls /usr/local/apache/domlogs" inside cagefs I'm able to get all the cpanel usernames in the server. Do I...
  16. T

    /var/lib/mysql mounted in cagefs

    I was quite surprised to see that by default, /var/lib/mysql and its database data is included in the CageFS skeleton. Per Mysql issues there appears to be a good reason for this (access to the MySQL socket required) but it still seems counter intuitive somehow, given the treatment of home, tmp...
  17. G

    Softaculous Installation impossible when software requires a PHP extension

    Hi, I've got a problem to install some softwares via Softaculous, Especially when the software requires a PHP extension. For example, Prestashop requires the FileInfo extension. This one is present in the phpinfo : - Removed - The option is checked in the cPanel PHP configuration : -...
  18. R

    Cloudlinux and custom virtualhost

    We have server with Centos 6.8 + cPanel v62 + Cloudlinux + Cagefs. We have added custom vhost to the system in /etc/apache2/conf.d/includes/post_virtualhost_global.conf with the following content: <VirtualHost IP_ADDRESS:80> ServerName DocumentRoot /var/www/test...
  19. R

    SOLVED EA3 FileProtect & CageFS

    Hello Everyone, I have a server running CloudLinux/cPanel, and I'm already using CageFS to jail users in their own accounts. Considering that CageFS already prevents users from accessing other users' files, do you think using FileProtect in Apache (built from EA3) worth it at all and does it...
  20. J

    php ldap_bind Can't contact LDAP server

    I have an odd issue where my root user can connect to an external LDAP server, but a normal cPanel user cannot. I used EasyApache 4 to install the php ldap extension, and a function_exists check for ldap_bind returns true. So the extension is definitely installed and working. (Not to mention...