1. N

    sync caldav calendar to gmail/google calendar

    Hi, Is possible to sync/import the CalDav calendar of a cPanel emaill address to a gmail/google calendar?
  2. Hedloff

    CalDAV entries lost when transferred to another cPanel server

    Hello, We had a customer moving from one server to another with us, but their CalDAV entries is missing. Is there anyway to get them from the old server and import them to the new? Why was these not transferred when the account was moved? And why are there not any CalDAV logs without having to...
  3. imorandin

    Difference between "native" CalDAV vs CCS Plugin

    Hi, I was just wondering what is the difference between the already off-the-shelf CalDAV/CarDAV implementation in cPanel and the "Calendar and Contacts Server" Plugin found in WHM -> Manage Plugins. I couldn't find any useful information. Thanks!, Ignacio
  4. Z

    CalDAV Microsoft Outlook

    Hi, My client facing issue sync calendar with caldav in cpanel. I already put detail in microsoft outlook 2016 (windows 10 pro). But it keep getting error resource is denied. I'm using plugin caldavoutlook. What i need to put the box? (refer attachment). Thanks.
  5. Hedloff

    SOLVED Invites do not send automatically with Calendar and Contact Server (CCS). They will with default calendar.

    What is the status on bug CPANEL-34205? We also had a client with this issue and you said that there was a open ticket about it. But I see cPanel has been created over 6 months ago. And the workaround is not any easy solution for the customer to make each time an invite is create!
  6. G

    Using CalDAV with Outlook / Android

    I know that the docs say that it is only officially supported with Apple products, but most of my clients are using Windows, Outlook, and an Android device. So I'm trying to figure out a way to help them out, too. Has anyone successfully done this? I found "CalDav Synchronizer" for Outlook and...
  7. L

    CalDAV verification fails on iOS only

    Hi all Hoping you can help solve this riddle. I can get CalDAV to work fine on two iMacs, but using the same server details and following cpanel's separate iOS instructions carefully, I can't get it to verify successfully on iOS for the same account. I've tried delete and repeat, restarted the...
  8. R

    SOLVED Caldav error: For auth user “[email protected]”, owner “” does not have the caldavcarddav feature.

    Hello, I'm using WHM v84.0.19. I have this problem with caldav. My clients get this error: "401" ('Unauthorized'). Message: <html>Authorization</html> required. When I look into /usr/local/cpanel/logs/cpdavd_error_log I see a bunch of errors: For auth user “[email protected]”, owner “” does not...
  9. R

    CalDAV not syncing via macOS/iOS

    Hi guys, I've looked across a lot of forums but somehow i'm the only one having this problem or my searching capabilities are really bad (which is a possibility). I'm really fan of the Apple ecosystem; calendar, reminders, mail etc. So I created a CalDAV for my company to use within these...
  10. L

    Customise cPanel CalDav Event Emails

    Hi all, Our organisation is using cPanel CalDav for some meetings etc. Whilst the service functions well, I wondered if it was possible to customise the event invite emails? They are extremely ugly :) Thanks for any help!
  11. E

    CalDAV Invitations & Events in Thunderbird/Lightning

    New thread on the same topic from 2017: Invitations and Events in Thunderbird/Lightning with cPanel CalDAV I am seeing the same issue with: * cPanel 76.0.17 * Thunderbird 60.4 * Lightning 6.24 All with email accounts & CalDAV calendars on our domain - hosted by cPanel. 1, User sends me a...
  12. E

    SOLVED CalDAV Sync Issue in Thunderbird for Windows

    Same behavior in all cases: Thunderbird shows an exclamation point "The calendar [name] is temporarily unavailable" Using cPanel 76.0 Thunderbird client for Windows with Lightning plugin. Versions tried: * 52.9.1 * 60.4.0 Subscribed to network calendar with CalDAV option, linked to cPanel...
  13. A

    CalDAV busy/free availability feature

    Hi, The documentation on CalDAV mentions: "cPanel & WHM's Calendars and Contacts Client Configuration feature (CalDAV) does not support Horde's Free/Busy system for third-party applications. We added support for Free/Busy searches from within Horde Calendar. We added a Free/Busy URL for each...
  14. shanjie

    Invitee is not visible on iOS

    I have configured the CalDAV on my iPhone. However, the Invitee is not available. I can see the Invitee are available under iCloud & Gmail account.
  15. albatroz

    Using cPanel Calendars with Outlook for Windows and Android

    One of my customers asked me if the Calendar feature in CPanel can work along with Outlook for Windows and Android much like Gmail does.
  16. O

    CalDAV and CardDAV does not connect to cPanel/Horde

    I have three different clients, Outlook with an addon software(Caldav synchroniser), Thunderbird and OpenSync for Android. No one gives access to the caldav server which I believe is a Horde server incorporated in the cPanel. I get the same error on the CardDAV where no access is granted. The...
  17. E

    Problem connecting to CalDAV

    I'm using the provided Calendar app on my Mac to sync up to my hosted calendar via CalDAV, but I'm getting an exclamation mark icon next to the calendar name. When clicked, I get a dialog saying "The server responded with an error. The request for account xxxxxx failed. The server responded with...
  18. A

    Overhaul CalDAV event invitation mail

    I am using Mac's Calendar app to create events in my recently added CalDAV calendar and I love the Invitation mail that sends to all attendees, where they have the chance to confirm their presence at the event. But I have 2 problems: There are 2 ways to accept/reject the invitation. One is by...
  19. G

    Invitations and Events in Thunderbird/Lightning with cPanel CalDAV

    We have been using Lightning and CalDAV for some years, mostly trouble-free. When we moved to a new host, we decided to stop using Baikal as the CalDAV server and take advantage of the built-in CalDAV server in cPanel. We have run into two problems related to events/invitations, and I don't...
  20. K

    Issue with caldav sync DoS Protection Activated

    Hi I am encountering an issue when synchronising my calendar with caldav. It's quite a big calendar, synchronising with Outlook using caldav synchroniser. Anyway, the sync causes the following error:- DoS Protection Activated; PROPFIND larger than 100k discarded I have googled and can't find...