1. N

    Best Practice for Migration

    Hi We have a physical server running CentOS 5 32bit and cPanel. We want to migrate it to a VM running CentOS 7 64 bit cPanel. What is the best way to approach this? Thanks
  2. unarea

    Centos 5 EOL and cPanel

    Hi, just a doubt. I have a server that is still running Cpanel 11.56 over centos 5.11. My question is about the Centos 5 EOL at October 31, 2017. I know that no support or updates will be avaible after that date, but what will happen with the server itself? Cpanel will stop working on this...
  3. M

    cPanel upgrade CentOS 5 to CentOS 6

    I know I'm going with some delay but I want to upgrade to CentoOS 6. I have read some guides but mostly are addressed to migrate to a new server. In my case the server it's the same one. I have enough space in an external FTP server to store the customer accounts. My plain is to make a new...
  4. M

    Reinstall cPanel in Centos 5

    Hi, One of our shell scripts delete accidentally "/usr/local/cpanel" folder content is there any way to reinstall cpanel over centos 5 (unsuported OS). Best Regards
  5. W

    CentOS 5.11 with repo Vault

    Hello I try to set server for use CentOS Vault but not work My CentOS-Base.repo: # CentOS-Base.repo # # The mirror system uses the connecting IP address of the client and the # update status of each mirror to pick mirrors that are updated to and # geographically close to the client. You...
  6. R

    SOLVED yum not working and php upgrade

    A friend of mine rented a cpanel server a long time ago somewhere, but that is still running Centos 5.11 final. Centos went end of life march 31st, but I thought end of support would be a bit later. However we got 2 questions now. 1.) If trying to do anything with yum, the following error...
  7. cPanelJCNewton

    CentOS, CloudLinux RHEL 5 - End of Life Notice

    CentOS, Red Hat and CloudLinux have all discontinued support for version 5 of their respective operating systems as of March 31, 2017. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Life Cycle - Red Hat Customer Portal FAQ/General - CentOS Wiki CloudLinux Documentation In order to ensure compatibility with the...
  8. L

    SOLVED Dovecot Upgrade, Broken Setup

    Hi all, Here's my configuration basics: /etc/redhat-release:CentOS release 5.11 (Final) /usr/local/cpanel/version: /var/cpanel/envtype:standard CPANEL=release Server version: Apache/2.2.23 (Unix) Server built: Oct 18 2012 14:54:19 Cpanel::Easy::Apache v3.14.13 rev9999 PHP 5.3.17...
  9. L

    CentOS 5 to 7 upgrade/migration best practices, ideas

    Hi! I'm in a situation where our company has a CentOS 5 32 bit system with cPanel, on a co-located HP server of our own, and due to missing SNI, plus the EOL of CentOS 5 support, we are forced to somehow migrate this system to CentOS 7 64 bit. I know that an in-place upgrade is impossible, but...
  10. O

    Upgrading cPanel 11.25 to 11.56 CentOS 5

    Hi all, I've discovered one of our clients is running cPanel in a VPS and that it hasn't been updated since around 2010! It's currently running cPanel 11.25 on CentOS 5. We will likely end up installing a new VPS with CentOS 7 and the latest version of cPanel, but in the mean time I thought I...
  11. A

    Email counts in WHM

    Hello, I am going to use Gmail SMTP relay services in coming week. However I dont have the exact count of how many emails I will be sending per day. So I can not decide how many accounts I should purchase from Gmail and also Gmail is not giving me any dashboard of sending emails limit per day...
  12. M

    Issue in Disk Space Usage

    Hello all cPanel Users I have issue in cPanel "WHM 11.50.0 (build 29)" I tried on the themes "X3 , paper_lantern" and the same issue oi65.tinypic.com/2079aud.jpg This page loaded without any results. This issue on this account only and working fine on other accounts on the same serve. the...
  13. A

    Allow specific emails address in Cpanel

    Hello Everyon, One of my customer got blacklisted in RBL and my server rejecting his email due to this. However he is my regular customer and I really need his emails. Please suggest how can I whitelist him untill he get his email whitelisted. I am using . Please suggest. CENTOS 5.11 x86_64...
  14. S

    DNS Only system requirements

    We have a couple of very old DNS-only VPSs that are running CentOS 5. These need to be upgraded, probably to CentOS 7 to futureproof themselves. They only run BIND. They only have 512MB of RAM, but continue to hum along just fine. Can DNS-ONLY be installed on a CentOS 7 VPS with just 512MB...
  15. E

    chkservd is not adequately restarting apache

    httpd went down for nearly 30 minutes today, need advice: /var/log/chkservd.log ...httpd [Timeout while trying to connect to service: Died][check command:N/A][socket connect:-][socket failure threshold:6/2][fail count:5]Restarting httpd.... [notify:failed service:httpd]]... This message just...
  16. A

    issue with modesecurity not enabling some owasp rules

    I have cpanel/whm 56 build 25, centos 5.11. I have mode security enabled. There are 5 rules (OWASP) not enabled. I try to enable them but they won't enable. It says: Warning: You have successfully enabled some of the configuration files. The files that the system failed to enable are marked...
  17. A

    Cpanel upgrade and RBL's filter

    Hello All, I have been facing spam issues regularly. I have below details of my OS and WHM, CENTOS 5.11 x86_64 standard – sf5cc194 WHM 11.34.2 (build 8) 1. I believe there are new updates for Cpanel and WHM and would like to know is this the last update for CentOS 5.7 . 2. Please suggest me...
  18. P

    transfer to new server - database connection failure - shell access required

    Hi - I have a centos5 server (running whm) and am upgrading to centos7 server Initially I transferred packages to new server, now trying to transfer accounts. After transfer of site, I get database connection failure. No remotely obvious reason or errors. I stumbled across fact that if I...
  19. J

    Cpanel email filtering OR rules not working

    CENTOS 5.11 x86_64 virtuozzo – WHM 56.0 (build 22) on private VPS Using an "or" rule on "does not contain" on "from" of account level email filtering does not work in Cpanel/WHM. For example, if I have From "does not contain" [email protected] then forward to...
  20. M

    Centos 5.11 upgrade PHP

    Running a server with Centos 5.11 - Is it safe to upgrade PHP to latest? Any links to a how to?