1. Rachel S

    What differentiates AlmaLinux from CloudLinux?

    What differentiates AlmaLinux from CloudLinux?
  2. M

    CloudLinux Speed Limit

    I've been doing some testing with CloudLinux and the LVE limits and I'm not getting the results/protection I was expecting. I'm testing on a 2 vCPU machine with 4GB memory. I've got Grafana hooked up so I can see the load over time. The 1m server load is typically sitting around 0.8 at idle...
  3. JIKOmetrix

    cloudlinux vs cloudlinux for cpanel

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade a CentOS 7.9 server with cPanel already installed to CloudLinux. Looking to avoid CentOS 7.9 EOL in 2024 and did not want to provision a new server yet in Ubuntu or Almalinux. What is the difference cloudlinux vs cloudlinux for cpanel when adding CloudLinux to the...
  4. charliecres

    No such alternative version (7.4) (cloudlinux Selector)

    i have re-installed cloudlinux trial. it was working before. now i am facing this error in the selector section. "No such alternative version (7.4)"
  5. T

    How to restore MYSQL 10 days ago using CloudLinux?

    How to restore MYSQL 10 days ago using CloudLinux?
  6. S

    SOLVED ImmunifyAV Cloudlinux 6

    Hi - attempting to install ImmunifyAV to replace ClamAV, and receiving the following dependency error - is CL6 Extended not compatible with ImmunifyAV? [2022-07-05 12:03:14] Error: Package: imunify-antivirus-6.3.1-4.noarch (cloudlinux-imunify360) [2022-07-05 12:03:14] Requires...
  7. C

    cloudlinux and easyapache

    Since we are running cloudlinux on our cpanel servers, can we still install items via easy apache, or do we need to do it another way? I thought I rembering about something breaking that way with cloudlinux, but maybe remembering something wrong.
  8. koree

    CloudLinux 7 and CentOS 7 End of Life Update

    cPanel & WHM version 110 will be the last version of cPanel & WHM to support CentOS 7 and CloudLinux 7. cPanel & WHM version 110 will be supported through June 2024. cPanel & WHM version 112 will be the first version that does not support CentOS 7 and CloudLinux 7. For customers currently...
  9. koree

    CloudLinux 6 End of Life Update

    cPanel & WHM version 110 will be the last version of cPanel & WHM to support CloudLinux 6. cPanel & WHM version 110 will be supported through June 2024. cPanel & WHM version 112 will be the first version that does not support CloudLinux 6. For customers currently running CloudLinux 6, we...
  10. G

    Cloudlinux from CentOS 7

    I am considering upgrading to Cloudlinux from CentOS 7 via WHM's link and I have some questions. 1. Which Cloudlinux version will I be upgrading to? 2. I have some tools installed on the server like Sphinx search and Elasticsearch whose demons are set to restart with every reboot. Will these...
  11. techAMIGO

    SafeAdmin Certified TechAmigo|server management|24/7 monitoring|outsourcing |whitelabel|Cloud Support

    TechAmigo - Server management | 24/7 monitoring | outsourcing | Whitelabel support (Nelux Technologies Pvt Ltd) Do you tired of escalations, Long waiting time, and multiple agents fixing issues every time. You will definitely have a Good Start with us! Techamigo is an IT solutions...
  12. H

    cagefs-skeleton usage in cpanel

    hi my server disk is running out , so i try to find what is the problem in my server . it's not normal for me to my disk Usage is 100% and i found : [root@fra pakanpre_s1]# du -sh /usr/share/cagefs-skeleton/var/lib/mysql/ 506G /usr/share/cagefs-skeleton/var/lib/mysql/ [root@fra pakanpre_s1]#...
  13. M

    enable mbstring on cloudlinux

    Hello I want to enable mbstring on php7.4 and called the following command which indicates that it is enabled rpm -qa |grep mbstring result: jetphp73-mbstring- ea-php73-php-mbstring-7.3.33-3.el7.cloudlinux.x86_64 ea-php74-php-mbstring-7.4.27-5.el7.cloudlinux.x86_64...
  14. M

    ClamAV fails to start on CloudLinux 6 after updating to 100.0.8 solution

    Case number CPANEL-39912 I'm posting this in hopes that it will help anyone who encounters this issue and possibly avoid some open tickets for cPanel support. When my servers updated to cPanel 100.0.8 last night, on one of the servers clamd & clamav went down and after trying all of the usual...
  15. T

    All of our CloudLinux CLN services have been deleted! Have they been hacked?

    All of my services at CloudLinux CLN have been deleted. No warning. No email. No known reason. No nothing. They also haven't responded to my support ticket other than to say it has been escalated to Billing but I know for a fact that the CC is good and that no attempt has been made to charge...
  16. G

    Unable to install R1soft module for latest cloudlinux kernel

    I just installed CloudLinux release 8.5 with cpanel, but unable to install the r1soft hcpdriver module. Anyone else have this issue? unable to reach R1soft support or find any info from their site. My current kernel version: # uname -a Linux 4.18.0-348.lve.el8.x86_64 #1 SMP Sun Nov 21...
  17. D

    In Progress ea-php* packages patched by CloudLinux or not?

    Hi, I'm getting mixed responses on this question. cPanel says that CloudLinux doesn't patch ea-php packages - they only patch the alt-php ones. A few years ago, I asked CloudLinux about this. They said that ea-php packages are patched (as long as you get them from the CloudLinux repositories)...
  18. P

    Problem on CloudLinux

    Hi All I'm using CentOS 7.9, cXs, LiteSpeed, CSF and Cloudlinux on my server. But recently I have a problem with Cloud Linux. Some website have problem and receive some mail from LFD! Time: Mon Nov 8 11:00:31 2021 +0330 Account: username1 Resource: Process Time Exceeded...
  19. gdimi

    No phsyical disks and memory in WHM

    Hello to all, I face the following issue: when going to WHM -> Server Status -> Server Information , the physical disks information and memory information are completely empty. I have cpanel/WHM v98.08 with Cloudlinux 8.4 install in Almalinux 8.4 The server is a dell poweredge with a h710...
  20. M

    CloudLinux 8 + CageFS + Munin Plugin issues

    I just set up a CloudLinux 8 box with the latest WHM and CageFS, LVE Manager, alt-PHP,etc. I installed the Munin plugin, and munin itself is functioning, but apparently it does not have access to certain items in /proc that it it needs in order to show Firewall Throughput, Processes, VMstat...