1. J

    CloudLinux PHP (ALT) Not Loading Certain Extensions

    Hi, We've noticed an unusual situation that both our system admin and CloudLinux support have struggled to come up with an answer for. So figured I'd ask about it here. We use ONLY MultiPHP Manager to determine PHP versions for all sites, and EA versions are default (mostly PHP 7.4 (EA)). But...
  2. manoaratefy

    No PostCSS Config found ONLY with CloudLinux NodeJS Selector

    Good morning, I have issue installing the following JS app: When running npm run dev, it say "No PostCSS Config found". Full command output: Note that we already have postcss.config.js file in root...
  3. Sujoy Dhar

    Cloudlinux throwing error and getting bounce mail

    I have rebooted the server as asked by the top right header and after then the websites are not loading and I have started getting mails like below : error: clcommon: get_lve_version: Can`t open file /proc/lve/list Error while executing cl-syncpkgs: get_lve_version failed Then I check...
  4. H

    Error Cloudlinux LVE [install alt-python27-pip]

    Good evening friends, I am trying to install PIP on the server in a general way so that one of my users can use the pip command, as I use @CloudLinux Skhristich the installation command is: yum install alt-python27-pip after done I launch the command pip -V root @ server [~] # pip -V bash...
  5. V

    CloudLinux 8

    Hi there When we would install a new server, we would go straight with CL8 and not Centos => CL7. What would be the process? Install CL8 Install Cpanel Install again CL Modules Setup Cpanel Nameservers DNSOnly Are there any issues or additional steps? Nginx is coming and i watched CL...
  6. Indianets

    ea-nginx dependency over ea-modsec30 differs in CentOS and CloudLinux

    Hello, On a CentOS 7 server I installed ea-nginx without any issues with modsec2 working with apache. # cat /etc/redhat-release CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core) # rpm -qa | grep -e nginx -e mod_*sec ea-apache24-mod_security2-2.9.3-12.12.6.cpanel.x86_64...
  7. R

    Should I use CloudLinux or Alma on a VPS?

    Hi, I'm moving to a new VPS from shared hosting server. Should I use CloudLinux or maybe Alma is better? As far as I know CloudLinux is best for shared hosting - Is there any reason to use it on VPS? What about Alma - Is it better? Is there any security features that are not available in...
  8. sahostking

    CloudLinux and Nginx

    Now that cPanel will be launching their NGINX Manager and kinda has their NGINX reverse proxy sorted. I think its time for us to vote with Cloudlinux to support Nginx. They stated it does not support Entry Processes or PHP Selector. Hence most web hosts won't use it because of this issue...
  9. T

    Node.js, NPM and CloudLinux

    I try to use Npm and install Node.js. Is it the correct path to use a command: 1. yum install nodejs 2. Install LVE Manager, LVE Utils and Fusion Passenger using WHM 3. Install CageFS using WHM
  10. H

    cloudlinux php Selector, xenforo, mysqli error

    Strange problem today that I'm running out of ideas on how to troubleshoot. Have two sites running xenforo and php 5.6. On old server: Site A is running EA PHP 5.6 Site B is running ALT PHP 5.6 Using cloudlinux php selector in cpanel, I can change Site A or Site B from ALT PHP 5.6 to EA PHP 5.6...
  11. mlopez

    CentOS 7/CloudLinux 7 user's paths

    Hello, I was trying to update environment variable $PATH in user's .bashrc file to include /usr/local/bin/ and I found it was already present. The thing is this directory doesn't contain all the files (binaries) root user does, even if they have the read and exec permissions set. For example...
  12. T

    CloudLinux and Firewall protection

    Is it supported a better Firewall management when upgrading to CloudLinux? In the past it was by default : CSF Firewall.
  13. C

    Issues with Python/Django Software running on CloudLinux

    We had a software developer custom build a inhouse project management system which is hosted on cPanel on a subdomain. We had to upgrade our dedicated server to CloudLinux to install the Python Apps. The software is incredibly slow and essentially unusable alot of the time. Only 10 staff...
  14. W

    Odoo on Cloudlinux 6 (a journey)

    As this has cropped up a couple of times with little in the way of concrete information I figured I'd share my roller coaster ride with this. We have Cloudlinux on our Cpanel server but that shouldn't detract from the process too much. Intentions: - Install Odoo 14.0 community edition on...
  15. 2

    How do I upgrade Cloundlinux 6 to Cloudlinux OS+?

    I'd like to try to do this myself, without purchasing a month for a support company, but I'm not sure if it's easy (enough) or not. What are the steps involved in performing this upgrade? Is it doable through cpanel or is it all ssh commands? Do I have to do step-upgrades, and go to version 7...
  16. Y

    Deploy Mern Stack app with Mongo DB

    I want to know the steps to deploy Mern Stack app with Mongo DB in Cloud Linux Node JS app creator. I've installed Mongo DB and created the database.
  17. bejbi

    PHP 8-ea from CloudLinux - when ?

    Do you have any information when PHP 8 (ea) will be available/compiled in CloudLinux ?
  18. P

    Did Mod_lsapi supports with CloudLinux and LiteSpeed ?

    Hello Buddies , in my server , CloudLinux and LiteSpeed are Installed , did I need to install Mod_lsapi ? Will it help me to speed up and fast websites hosted on my server ? Please explain and give your suggestion.
  19. F

    Cpanel Billing with cloudlinux

    Hay All I am tad confused with the billing page, if any one could offer some advise. I have an server with cloudlinux installed, do i need to pay for an Cpanel license and the cloudlinux add on, or just Cpanel license ? Thanks
  20. 4

    Is it safe to remove Perl from yum excludes?

    We have encountered an issue with latest updates on our CL6 servers in that a conflict has arisen with perl-git as a result of perl being in the excludes section of yum.conf. We added this in on the recommendation of cpanel as I understand the perl installation is maintained by cpanel on these...