1. Y

    Deploy Mern Stack app with Mongo DB

    I want to know the steps to deploy Mern Stack app with Mongo DB in Cloud Linux Node JS app creator. I've installed Mongo DB and created the database.
  2. bejbi

    PHP 8-ea from CloudLinux - when ?

    Do you have any information when PHP 8 (ea) will be available/compiled in CloudLinux ?
  3. P

    Did Mod_lsapi supports with CloudLinux and LiteSpeed ?

    Hello Buddies , in my server , CloudLinux and LiteSpeed are Installed , did I need to install Mod_lsapi ? Will it help me to speed up and fast websites hosted on my server ? Please explain and give your suggestion.
  4. F

    Cpanel Billing with cloudlinux

    Hay All I am tad confused with the billing page, if any one could offer some advise. I have an server with cloudlinux installed, do i need to pay for an Cpanel license and the cloudlinux add on, or just Cpanel license ? Thanks
  5. 4

    Is it safe to remove Perl from yum excludes?

    We have encountered an issue with latest updates on our CL6 servers in that a conflict has arisen with perl-git as a result of perl being in the excludes section of yum.conf. We added this in on the recommendation of cpanel as I understand the perl installation is maintained by cpanel on these...
  6. B

    CloudLinux VM with multiple FO IPs on top of Proxmox (OVH)

    Hy there! I'm trying to get multiple FailOver IPs working on this cPanel (CloudLinux 7) VM. It runs on top of Proxmox on a dedicated server with OVH. Ideally I would use one Macvtap device and have all of the five IPs we need served from a single public interface. However, until I figure out...
  7. A

    SOLVED add disk with quotas in fstab centos 7/ cloudlinux 7

    Hi, i had 2 8tb second home1 and home2 disk. but i did't add them fstab could you help me in adding them the 2 disk to fstab and enable quotas. here is presetn fsatb proc /proc proc defaults 0 0 devpts /dev/pts devpts gid=5,mode=620 0 0 tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs defaults 0 0 sysfs /sys sysfs...
  8. Ishware

    SOLVED Node.js in version 80 with CloudLinux

    From the Version 80 feature showcase, I clicked to provision node.js, and getting this error: Update Error: The package ea-ruby24-mod_passenger conflicts and we need to install it resolve deps at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 352. I'm running CloudLinux+CageFS on this box, in case...
  9. V

    Setup Python App does not confirm on removal

    I was setting up a Python app for the first time, and when I wanted to click Restart button to restart the app, I accidentally clicked Remove which is next to it. And the app was removed RIGHT AWAY, with no confirmation asked at all! So everything I had entered to set it up is lost (all...
  10. T

    Python app CPU usage

    I've recently deployed a Python app (Flask+Marshmallow) to my web host which runs cPanel. My understanding is this runs through Passenger, however I don't have access to (as far as I know) the configuration for Passenger. Looking at my general cPanel dashboard I now see increasing CPU usage for...
  11. dzamanakos

    php, mod_security, ea4 and litespeed

    Hi, i've two questions, and my setup is centos, cloudlinux, litespeed 1. I've read on litespeed optimization guide that i can use /dev/shm/phpXX as session.save_path folders for my php versions as a performance tweak. I could add to cagefs these folders through in order to be...
  12. cPanelAlex

    SOLVED [Defect] MySQL Connection Failures and 500 Errors; CloudLinux + Imunify360

    Hello everyone, cPanel has been made aware of an issue with CloudLinux's Imunify360 PHP extension which is resulting in issues with MySQL connections from various web scripts, including WordPress. The symptoms may include slow loading websites, frequent HTTP 500 errors, and MySQL connection...
  13. Trane Francks

    Lack of CL7 kernel updates

    I'm putting this here because we have a CL license via our cPanel sub. I'm concerned about the lack of CloudLinux 7 kernel updates vs what has come down the pipe from CentOS (our server base prior to installing CL). Investigation shows the last CL7 kernel went beta May 23 and production on June...
  14. B

    SOLVED Fresh cPanel unable to update: File conflicts

    Hy, everyone! The latest CloudLinux + cPanel server in our fleet is experiencing issues during the updates. This server was deployed on July 12th (that is, five days ago) and it's no longer able to update itself since yesterday. Even though cPanel installed MySQL 5.7 by default, it appears that...
  15. K

    Imagick not installing on EA4 on Cloudlinux

    Hi, I am trying to install Imagick but its not working, I tried all threads but nothing works: --- Installing PHP Pecl "imagick" downloading imagick-3.4.3.tgz ... Starting to download imagick-3.4.3.tgz (245,410 bytes) ...................................................done: 245,410 bytes 19...
  16. Trane Francks

    SOLVED Various Munin graph values 'nan' after upgrade to CLOUDLINUX 7.4

    Hi, Gang. I hope that all is well. Recently, I finished migrating to a CentOS 7.4 system and then did an in-place upgrade to use the CloudLinux kernel. Since that time, various Munin graphs have values as nan, i.e., "not a number". The graphs with these values are as follows: Firewall...
  17. J

    whm 68.0.29 You must reboot the server to apply software update

    Fresh install of cloud vps. Updated to 68.0.29. Keep getting the "You must reboot the server to apply software updates" banner message. Tried the graceful, forceful reboots. Have rebuilt several times, but keep getting the error. Output of whmapi1 system_needs_reboot is below. Thanks! ---...
  18. A

    Installing cpanel fails on CloudLinux 6 and 7

    I have tried over the l;ast few days to install cPanel on CloudLinux 6 and 7 using OpenVZ templates. I create them with 8GB of RAM, 20GB of diskspace, run yum update then install cPanel using the following command: cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh...
  19. P

    Fresh install on CloudLinux 7.3 and latest cPanel

    First off, I have a lot of experience with Ubuntu/Lunix and have managed systems manually for many years. Generally, I know my way around linux and configuration etc. I'm looking at setting up a new virtual server and deploying CloudLinux with cPanel so clients can manage their websites...
  20. Hedloff

    Upgraded from 2.6 to 3.1 kernel (hybrid from cloudlinux) and cpanel_php_fpm is failing)

    After upgrading kernel from normal to hybrid kernel: 2.6.32-673.26.1.lve1.4.20.el6.x86_64 to 3.10.0-427.18.2.lve1.4.38.el6h.x86_64 I keep getting emails like this: Startup Log [26-Feb-2017 13:44:24] ERROR: failed to create new listening socket: socket(): Too many open files (24) [26-Feb-2017...