1. D

    Enabling PowerDNS to existing webserver in DNS Cluster

    Hello, So looking for any advise from the community. We have a number of WHM servers which are not running any DNS services themselves. They have 3 DNSONLY remote servers in a cluster running PowerDNS. We need to enable DNSSEC for some customers so will need to enable PowerDNS service on the...
  2. M

    DNS Cluster - unexpected sync between web hosts

    Hi Everyone, I'm a bit confused about how mu DNS cluster is behaving in regards to sync zone files. I have been using this page as a reference I have had a cpanel server sync to a dns cluster for some time like...
  3. M

    DNS Cluster on individual VPS host

    Hello, This pertains to the security of the DNS cluster. Here is how we have our current hosting setup, it's pretty basic. WHMCS controlling the creation and deletion of domains 3 cPanel/WHM webhosting servers 5 cPanel DNSOnly Cluster servers When a client buys web hosting service all works...
  4. L

    About DNS Cluster

    Hello everyone, I have 3 vps with configuration below: vps1. WHM ( IP: vps2. WHM DNS Only ( IP: vps3. WHM as shared hosting (using dns1 & dns2) IP: Problem is: 1. Cant add addon domain to vps3 (should enable allow remote domains, but it's...
  5. benito

    How to properly terminate accounts after using Transfer Tool when you have a DNS cluster?

    Hello! Today we have a big problem. We usually move accounts between our servers, and after a couple4 of days we terminate them with the option to keep the dns zone. The thing is we needed to sync servers to a new DNSONLY in the cluster and then we screwed. A lot of previously moved accounts...
  6. Q

    Transfer accounts in DNS Cluster

    Hello, I want to transfer all accounts from one server to another. Let's call them and uses DNS Cluster, in that there are 2 nameservers, let's call them and We want to use those nameservers also in...
  7. B

    Setting up redundant nameservers

    Hi, I have 2 servers, dedicated and vps on separate locations. I would like to setup redundant nameservers, and looks like i have to setup dns cluster? Both servers have websites on it with active accounts. Dedicated: Vps I don't...
  8. darjohn

    DNSonly cluster structures

    Hi I use dnsonly as a dns server installed on two machines, one as and the second as Also, I have two web servers, both with WHM, one of them called and the second, both servers Synchronize changes to and...
  9. JIKOmetrix

    [SOLVED] Fixing all DNS zones in the cluster

    Hello, I have a issue that started with a DNS template. The DNS templaced had an include in the TXT for SPF that should not be there. There are hundreds of DNS zones in the cluster. I do not want to manually edit each zone via the zone editor. I have tried to do the following on each server...
  10. B

    DNS Cluster

    Hi everyone I have simple question about DNS cluster. If we setup server 1 and create nameservers like IP: 12.235.213 After that we setup new server and configure DNS cluster. What happened when server 1 I mean master server down or crashed because have server 1 IP...
  11. cPanelDustin

    Configuration Cluster in WHM

    As we further explore the cPanel High Availability path, we are researching expanding and retooling the configuration cluster within WHM. I hope to use this thread to have a continued discussion around that technology. What do you expect to happen when a new server is added to the cluster...
  12. cPanelDustin

    cPanel High Availability Roadmap

    We have begun heavy research phases of High Availability for cPanel. We have a forecasted roadmap for HA and we will continue adding additional information to it as we flesh out the project further. *edit* x-linking Configuration Cluster thread