1. V

    Wildcard A and CNAME DNS records and The Exceptions

    Is it possible to have wildcard A and CNAME records and records with exceptions to the wildcard? For example: A A * A or A ==> resolves to CNAME * A ==>...
  2. C

    CNAME with TXT files

    Can someone please tell me how to add both a CNAME record and a TXT record in WHM? This is ridiculous how am I supposed to utilise the benefits of SPF when the system I'm using is regressing me and limiting my capabilitiies? They don't even conflict. I constantly get this error: Error: The DNS...
  3. benito

    Can't add a CNAME required by AWS

    Hello! A customer need to add a CNAME record by request from AWS to validate a CRT by DNS. When we try to add the record WHM it says: API failure: Zone is invalid: Line 44: ignoring out-of-zone data (dzc); Line 45: ignoring out-of-zone data (dzc); Line 102: TTL set to prior TTL (3600) at...
  4. S

    Include domain A or CNAME record in autoSSL

    In AutoSSL I can see all the domains and subdomains of an account. I am wondering if it's possible to also include in autoSSL an A or CNAME record (e.g., manually created for this domain (without creating a subdomain for it).
  5. C

    Cname for for root domain

    Hi, How do I point to a cname address. I know we can do it using the A record with the @ symbol but is there a solution for the cname? Kind regards, L
  6. O

    Adding an SPF record for CNAME record (external email)

    We have a domain that is using an external Email SMTP service. We need to set up a CNAME record for the service so the outgoing email can be "branded" with the client domain. In addition, to comply with Email policies, we need to create an SPF record for that domain. Although it is not a...
  7. O

    SOLVED CNAME not working

    Greetings ... I'm a pretty experienced DNS user but this one has me stumped. I host my own DNS via WHM (I'm authoritative) and use a secondary DNS service. I created a CNAME for (yes, 4 w's) resolving to loads properly but...
  8. J

    I cant cname my domain

    Hi everyone,. im new here i just having issue with my cname, i have a domain and the domain name is . now i want to cname this domain. this is my other cname setup its 100% working. everytime you open that .co it will load the . and they are at same server.
  9. inteldigital CDN with Litespeed - CNAME issue

    Hi, I'm trying to enable CDN through LSCache plugin provided by Litespeed. It's asking me to set the CNAME, which is fine, but the CNAME record already exists because of WHM. How is this resolved? Cpanel already has a SOA record. You may not mix CNAME records What does this mean...
  10. H

    Domain linking problem

    So let me explain the problem well: - I have been authorized to be full administrator of VPS by my friend *What I want: - Let's assume I have domain name: - And I have made subdomains as (*), so website can create any subdomain they want - For example user A, have subdomain: -...
  11. J

    CNAME gives cPanel default page

    Hi , This is my setup. is set as an alias under is created as a separate cpanel account in the same server where the above domains exists. Now I have created the below CNAMES in the DNS zone of CNAME...
  12. J

    How to Get Rid of www, mail, ftp CNAME records in DNS?

    In many cases, you want to host a domain but you don't need the www, mail, or ftp prefixes. It appears WHM puts these in the DNS zone record for the domain whether you want them or not. This in turn creates issues with AutoSSL because it is trying to get a certificate that works for all...
  13. M

    CNAME - 404 Not Found

    Hey, I'm having a problem, on my dedicated server i have 2 accounts on there. I've added a CNAME of the following for track 14400 IN CNAME How ever when i try to use I get an 404 Not Found error. When i go to
  14. M

    DNS CNAME takes me to cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

    Hey, I've setup a CNAME in the DNS of one of my servers/domains to point to another domain/server of mine. But for some reason when i try to load the which the CNAME is setup for it just takes me to cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi When i ping the address i can see that its...
  15. M

    CNAME Record not Resolving

    I created 3 CNAME records using records supplied by Amazon. I first entered them using Edit DNS Zone. After a week and not resolved I reentered them using the account level Zone Editor. Came out the same when I checked in the Root level Edit DNS Zones. The only CNAME record that shows up in...
  16. D

    CNAME getting redirected to /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

    Hi! I'm having a problem configuring cname. I have located on the X server. I have located on the Y server. I'm configuring cname as below: CNAME When running I am redirected to...
  17. L

    How do I assign an SSL to a CNAME such as

    Ugh, I cannot change the subject line. I meant to say... "How do I assign an SSL to an "A Record" such as" I already have a dedicated IP address and an active SSL for: Now I want to assign another SSL to: I have created the SSL for...
  18. C

    CNAME Records Not Resolving since server migration

    I recently upgraded to a new server. My hosting company handled the migration for the most part. It has not gone smoothly and I am now trying to solve what I hope is the final issue with it. All of my DNS zones were transferred over in the migration and when I click Edit DNS Zone on any of...
  19. S

    Cname isn't directing properly...probably my fault really

    I set up a cname record and have never had any problems doing so until this time... Cname record: 14400 cname I want to show as What happens is it routes to rather than the sub...
  20. D

    cname redirects to /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

    Hi, i have a reseller account fro a hosting compnay and have access to WHM and cpanel. i need to make point to and i used cpanel Advanced DNS Zone Editor to add a cname record. like this : [ 14400 IN CNAME] in WHM DNS zone it is like...