1. M

    Tell Composer to use a different php version

    I am trying to get Composer to run on a client's machine using php 8.0. I installed Composer using the following commands: curl -sS | /opt/cpanel/ea-php80/root/usr/bin/php mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer chmod +x /usr/local/bin/composer But when I...
  2. W

    SOLVED GIT Install to Public_HTML - fatal: destination path 'public_html' already exists

    I am trying to install a script via git and cPanel won't let me install the script in public_html. When I execute the following command, I get the following error: [[email protected] ~]$ git clone public_html fatal: destination path 'public_html' already...
  3. DDSameera

    composer install is not working in cronjob environment

    current_domain_path="/home/acc40/public_html" cpanel_user="acc40" echo $current_domain_path echo $cpanel_user cd $current_domain_path cd $current_domain_path; /opt/cpanel/composer/bin/composer install */2 * * * * bash /customscript/installation_v2/ Test - Passed Go to terminal and...
  4. DDSameera

    git reset --hard slow in cpanel/whm

    I have 20 GitHub based laravel project foldesr, I run "composer update" for all folders via on For loop (shell script), first 1-10 is slow, in 11th folder is stucked. when i run composer update in 11th folder in individually , then it works . Here are the git codes git reset --hard git...
  5. T

    SOLVED Composer and allow_url_fopen

    When I do composer update on an account I am getting an error that allow_url_fopen is not enabled. Is there some other place this needs to be set other than in the Multi PHP Manager? It is allowed there and always has been. The "" file could...
  6. T

    Removed composer from root

    I have run a command: scl enable ea-php70 'composer diagnose' I try to do also backwards and remove vendor folder and composer. Which command will work to do this?
  7. T

    Vendor folder inside public_html folder

    How to manage update of dependencies inside public_html/vendor If I click composer install it will be via terminal from root. As it is vendor folder inside public_html, I have an issue as command scl enable ea-php70 'composer diagnose' will install inside ROOT. How to manage installation and...
  8. amstel

    SOLVED CPANEL-34807 - Update Composer to 2.0.6

    Hi all, $ composer update Loading composer repositories with package information Warning from You are using an outdated version of Composer. Composer 2.0 is now available and you should upgrade. See # rpm -qa |grep composer...
  9. I

    How to update cPanel's included Composer version?

    Hi, In 2018, there was an issue reported on the Composer Github issues tracker with versions prior to 1.7.2 (issue reported here) where a missing case sensitivity conversion in the code broke the "composer self-update" function. The only fix to update a version older than this is to re-install...
  10. L

    SOLVED Composer Package Available to All Users with Jailshell Enabled?

    I've been using PHP Codesniffer with some additional rulesets installed via Composer on several accounts to test PHP code before I upgrade the PHP version. Currently, I've got PHP Codesniffer installed on each account where I use it in the users' /home folder and added the path to each users'...
  11. B

    Install Composer globally

    Hi, I am trying to install Composer globally. I have followed these instructions: And these: However, when I SSH as the user, it keeps looking for...
  12. S

    php.ini file, Composer, and allow_url_fopen=0

    Hi, I am new here. I have a problem, I am trying to get the Composer PHP Dependency Manager to self-update and to perform the other tasks that it is designed to do. However, it is not working. I don't know much about this and I'm trying to figure this out. I'd appreciate any help that you can...
  13. raysolomon

    Composer certificate verify failed error

    I'm trying to run composer from a user account in a jailed shell and unable to install some packages because the composer installer is reporting this error error:14090086:SSL routines:ssl3_get_server_certificate:certificate verify failed I tried doing a local install of composer using the...
  14. T

    Composer for all cPanel accounts?

    Hello. Is there a option to install Composer for all cPanel accounts at once? I mean every account created should be able to use it?
  15. Logesh K

    Issue with Composer Using Magento Data Migration Tool

    I have been trying to use the Magento Data Migration Tool with Composer and I am facing Fatal Error - Out of Memory error. Giving below the error message. composer require magento/data-migration-tool:2.2.6 ./composer.json has been updated Loading composer repositories with package information...
  16. M

    Use php.ini in a subdirectory?

    Hello, I'm installing Magento 2 in a domain managed by cPanel, I changed the memory_limit requirements in the domain's php.ini but I can't figure out how to apply it in the subdirectories (the theme I installed have a builtin importer that uses composer to install some dependancies but it stops...
  17. S

    SOLVED [CPANEL-22645] Shells spawned via cPanel Terminal inherit memory limits from cpsrvd

    Hello, our webhost directed us here since he was out of ideas as well, so let me try to sum up what is happening. If you need anything else, please let me know. So, the issue arises using composer from within cpanel terminal It not happens via whm terminal and using 'su user' to execute the...
  18. T

    Composer out of memory after update

    Hi there, Im having some issue with composer update, i have made some edit to the server following WHM->CSF->Check server security today, and after that i am unable to run "composer update" as i get a memory error, i remember when i first setup the server i had some similar issues due bombshell...
  19. F

    SOLVED [CPANEL-23289] composer self-update vs cPanel version control

    composer self-update vs cPanel version control cPanel Version: 74.0 (build 8) Apache Version: 2.4.34 PHP Version: 7.0.32 MySQL Version: 10.1.36-MariaDB Architecture: x86_64 Operating System: linux and I am using PHP version: 7.1 (ea-php71) and composer 1.6.2 provided by cPanel Is there any way...
  20. J

    Using Composer with ea-php-cli - Incorrect PHP version

    Using MultiPHP, I'm setting some accounts to use PHP 7.1. This is working fine, and also works on the command line for these accounts, if I type php -v I get: ea-php-cli Copyright 2017 cPanel, Inc. PHP 7.1.20 (cli) (built: Jul 30 2018 09:39:58) ( NTS ) Copyright (c) 1997-2018 The PHP Group Zend...