1. M

    Exim Smarthost configuration and WordPress

    I have come to terms with the fact that I cannot use port 25 to send emails from Exim. Google Cloud disallows that from Compute Engine. So I decided to use a Smarthost, in particular a Google Workspace relay. I have set this up in Google Workspace, and I believe it can take 24 hours to take...
  2. H

    Automatically Detect Configuration : Remote - new by mistake

    I'm on merging to a new server and for testing I transfered all accounts several times lask week it seems like I missed to unselect this "live transfer" once at one account as that account was suspended I unsuspended the account but today I saw emails dont arrive / because the "Automatically...
  3. M

    Exim configuration for WordPress using cPanel and WHM

    I have set up a WordPress installation on a Compute Engine instance on Google Cloud. Trouble is, none of the emails from the Contact form are being delivered. The instance is running WHM and cPanel (latest versions). Having a look around the www, it seems Exim is the way to go but I have no...
  4. N

    Email configuration settings

    I am getting email about Email configuration settings but Please let me know that does this email from cPanel or Spam/Hacker?
  5. K

    Boxtrapper Configuration Question

    They say there are no stupid questions. I beg to differ. Here's my stupid question: Is there a way to configure boxtrapper (on a per email account basis) to NOT send a verification request message, but just trap incoming mail in the boxtrapper Review Queue? Thanks!
  6. M

    Edit the Exim configuration via the CLI

    Hi, I'm working on some bash scripts that require editing the Exim configuration. After a lot of searching through the documentation and on Google, I've found this URL...
  7. radeonpower

    Password Strength Configuration

    A question to you all administrators regarding the "Password Strength Configuration" feature in cPanel. What do you have setup in your server(s)? Do you just use the default from cPanel or do you customise it? Are you willing to share your settings? :) Thanks!
  8. A

    SMTP Port 465 works for Outlook but not iPhone. Also Outlook wont connect using TLS.

    When I configure mail on an iPhone it defaults to SMTP Port 587. This works. I go back in and change the SMTP Port to 465 but it will just spin and spin trying to verify the settings but never resolves. I am able to configure a new mailbox in Outlook using SMTP Port 465 just fine. Although...
  9. carock

    Apache configuration piped log configuration explanation.

    I think you may want to re-word or maybe explain a little better the Apache piped log configuration setting. This text on that item, " This option will reduce the number of log files Apache manages, which will free system resources." can be 100% false. For example, one of my servers has...
  10. Kent Brockman

    Are these Recommended Options for Apache configuration?

    Hello guys. Just wondering: what cPanel or end user features could result broken after disabling FollowSymLinks and leaving only SymLinksIfOwnerMatch and Indexes enabled in Apache Configuration? As seen in attached image. Thanks in advance.
  11. Q

    webmail configuration port 465

    Good afternoon, I wanted to know if anyone can help me in configuring the smtp port 465 of the webmail, I am not able to configure the outlook with port 465, it only works on port 587, I have already looked for some tutorials but without success. I wanted to know if there is any specific...
  12. G

    Nginx cache configuration for logged-in WordPress users?

    I have a site where, with caching enabled, Nginx is causing problems with user sessions. If logged in and attempting to navigate to another page that was previously cached, it logs them out and takes them to a login screen or directs them to a cached, non-logged-in version of the page. With...
  13. pkiff

    SOLVED Typo in Guide to Git Private Repo Docs - "Create the SSH Configuration File" Step - Add not Run

    There's a typo in one step of the Create the SSH Configuration File section of the cPanel Docs page Guide to Git™ - Set Up Access to Private Repositories. Step 4 of that section says: But you don't "run" a command at that step, you "add" the Host and IdentityFile definitions to the config...
  14. A

    apache status

    Hi, I would like to enquire on apache status. Does the following looks normal and healthy? Please let me know if optimization is needed. Thanks. Current Time: Friday, 21-Apr-2023 22:34:57 +08 Restart Time: Friday, 21-Apr-2023 00:57:12 +08 Parent Server Config. Generation: 1 Parent Server MPM...
  15. leonep

    DKIM configuration

    Hello, I configured spf/dkim and from the tests done it works. but I noticed that I have not installed opendkim. maybe cpanel uses another package or do you need to install it? thanks
  16. H

    Different backup configuration per destination

    Hi all, Is there a way to have different backup configuration for "Additional Destination: Google drive"?, I only have 30GB of space and it's a mess...
  17. M

    Cloudflare configuration for Cpanel DNS mail records

    Hello, I recently changed the DNS records of a domain hosted in a cPanel server and was wondering if unprotecting the record is OK to avoid issues with email clients like Outlook is OK.
  18. WebJIVE

    Is there a tweak setting to automtically set Automatically Detect Configuration (recommended)??

    I have been fighting this for years but, I'm finally having to ask.... Is there a setting in cPanel that you can set so any new account setup/domain transfer email routing gets set to "Automatically Detect Configuration" - by default? It's frustrating that when you setup a new account...
  19. T

    Apache configuration for busy site

    I am trying to configure my site to be able to handle more traffic because it bogs down when I get about 150 concurrent users. I have been looking at tweaking the configs but I am confused because I think my managed host provider has added some stuff to the config. If you log in to WHM and...
  20. WebJIVE

    Mail only node configuration questoin

    We're looking into the possibility of using mail only node(s) for our current environment. Right now we have two normal (parent) WHMCS servers and one DNS ONLY (node) which is our backup DNS for the other two parent nodes (mail, web, etc.). Our question relates to the attached diagram. We're...