1. WebJIVE

    Is there a tweak setting to automtically set Automatically Detect Configuration (recommended)??

    I have been fighting this for years but, I'm finally having to ask.... Is there a setting in cPanel that you can set so any new account setup/domain transfer email routing gets set to "Automatically Detect Configuration" - by default? It's frustrating that when you setup a new account...
  2. T

    Apache configuration for busy site

    I am trying to configure my site to be able to handle more traffic because it bogs down when I get about 150 concurrent users. I have been looking at tweaking the configs but I am confused because I think my managed host provider has added some stuff to the config. If you log in to WHM and...
  3. WebJIVE

    Mail only node configuration questoin

    We're looking into the possibility of using mail only node(s) for our current environment. Right now we have two normal (parent) WHMCS servers and one DNS ONLY (node) which is our backup DNS for the other two parent nodes (mail, web, etc.). Our question relates to the attached diagram. We're...
  4. K

    Rebuild Reverse DNS Cache and Update Mail HELO Problem [Exim Configuration Manager]

    Hello. When rebuild reverse dns cache and update mail hello , i see this error: (XID m9phdd) DNS request timeout: at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Config/ReverseDnsCache/ line 67. at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Config/ReverseDnsCache/ line 67...
  5. 000

    how to block {RANGE IPs} in [Exim Configuration Manager] ??

    hello, this is our current Blacklisted SMTP IP addresses: but which is the "line magic" for block any message from 23.247.57.X ??? thanks PD we not want use: csf -d do not delete SPAM, August 30 2022
  6. Q

    cPanel /whm email server configuration

    Good afternoon, I wanted to ask for a technical advice, I currently have 2 cPanel whm servers with all the Email Deliverability configuration done. But I'm having a lot of problem with the servers' Email servers, I currently have a thousand cpanel accounts on this server and I have constant...
  7. S

    Horde Kronolith event invitations SMTP configuration

    Horde is pretty confusing to begin with. When using Kronolith (Calendar) to send out event invitations, Kronolith doesn't use the information in /usr/local/cpanel/base/horde/config/conf.php to send out mail. Instead it tries to connect to on port 25 and send out unauthenticated...
  8. B

    SOLVED After udpating to version 104.0.4 nginx configuration resetting..

    Hello, Before this version: 104.0.4 I didn't have such problem, but after auto-updating to current version, nginx.conf file keep resetting (my site don't work with your default setting so have to tweak my own settings), before there was no such things, don't know what did you do to the new...
  9. jmginer

    SOLVED WHM PHP Handler configuration with API

    Hello, it's possible to automate the WHM PHP Handler configuration? Thanks!
  10. Spirogg

    WHM cPHulk configuration

    hi, I was wondering about these settings Warning: The command must complete within 15 seconds to avoid a timeout. The following variables may be used in commands: %exptime% - The Unix time when brute force protection will release the block %max_allowed_failures% - Maximum allowed failures to...
  11. M

    PDNS Received NOTIFY but slave support is disabled in the configuration

    I have a rather strange issue and after tons of searching for a solution / correct actions to take I still haven't been able to find out what I can do to safely correct this. I'm hoping that someone here can help provide some guidance. In the information below, was a hosting account...
  12. Spirogg

    In Progress CPANEL-40511 - SSL/TLS CONFIGURATION - how can we configure hostname SSL/TLS Configuration to RSA, 4,096-bit

    How can we change the hostname server.domain.(com) to RSA, 4,096-bit, so the SSL certificate will run AutoSSL and will update the hostname certificate to the same RSA, 4,096-bit I know These settings below are for Domain names on cpanel accounts but not for the hostname. SSL/TLS CONFIGURATION...
  13. N

    S3 Compatible backup configuration

    Attempting to configure an S3Compatible backup destination in WHM. S3 server is running on MinIO, have tested the S3 server using the "mc" MinIO S3 client from the WHM server, this works fine. When attempting to configure the destination in cPanel, "Validation" always fails. I am pretty sure...
  14. Spirogg

    in whm / server configuration /update preferences can we get a link to change log.

    hello I was wondering if we can get a link to change log in this area so we can see what changes have occurred before updating. see snapshot : yellow highlighted area would be easy to add the link? you can possibly add that link : target would be to open in a popup or another tab. please...
  15. 000

    APACHE: "... probable configuration error. Use 'LimitInternalRecursion' to increase the limit if necessary. Use 'LogLevel debug' to get a backtra."

    sorry, this is a ERROR becouse from 2 hours back: then we CAN'T create thread
  16. cPanelDustin

    Configuration Cluster in WHM

    As we further explore the cPanel High Availability path, we are researching expanding and retooling the configuration cluster within WHM. I hope to use this thread to have a continued discussion around that technology. What do you expect to happen when a new server is added to the cluster...
  17. D

    SOLVED CPANEL-40284 - SQL configuration on cpanel 102+ query_cache_type configuration does not stick

    Hello, Just updated my servers to whm/cpanel 102.0.8 and found the new SQL configuration page which is a nice feature addition. servers are running mariadb 10.5.15. When i try to enable query cache on the "Edit SQL Configuration" page (setting it to anything other than 0) the setting always...
  18. V

    Exim configuration manager does not Save (Operation timeout)

    Hello, I would like to edit the SSL Cipher to work with Outlook 2007 and older version But when i try to save it it was not saving and restarting the exim it shows operation timeout there is no error logs in cpanel/error_log Please how to solve this
  19. W

    2022 and no way for backup server configuration

    cPanel still up pricing.. ok but.. why there isn't a basically function for copy all WHM settings for fast cloning os fast setup??
  20. Kent Brockman

    SOLVED CPANEL-40103 - About the Protocols Enabled in WHM's Mailserver Configuration screen

    Hello guys, just wondering about these Mailserver settings: why some servers show IMAP, IMAPS, LMTP, POP3, POP3S and others show just IMAP, LMTP, POP3? What's the purpose of IMAPS and POP3S and why there is nearly no documentation about those two protocols? Thanks!