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    Configuration questions on hosts

    1. In a clean install of cpanel, what should be in the etc/relayhosts file beyond localhost. I ask because I see some odd stuff in there and am wondering if I ought to clean it out. 2. What respects the hostsallow and hostdeny files?
  2. M

    Name server configuration problem!

    I have trouble setting up the nameserver and rndc to work. Could anyone give me example how i set them up correctly? If you can, please give me an example on both the named.conf and rndc.conf files. thanks a million!!
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    mySQL configuration

    Edited - I fixed it. [Edited on 11/15/01 by Annette]
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    Webalizer Configuration

    Is it possible to set the configuration of Webalizer from Cpanel? I would like to exclude image files from \"Top Pages,\" and I would like to have Webalizer check for domain names of IP addresses of visitors. The last hosting company I used had it set that way, and I would like to offer that to...