1. Entelekta

    New Thread Cpanel IP Dedicated (Sub) Why only one domain per IP?

    I don't understand why the additional IP can only be used for one user or domain (dedicated) in Cpanel. In Plesk you can associate any domain with any IP. Will there be an update for this soon? This would be highly recommended.
  2. W

    Problem with Server Migration from Cpanel to Cpanel

    I am currently migrating one domain from a cpanel server to another cpanel server. It might be important to note that the OLD SERVER has Centos 7 with MariaDB 10.6. The NEW SERVER is Almalinux 8 with MYSQL 8.0. Now, before you say that is the reason, i have done migrations from the same...
  3. coursevector

    New cPanel pricing end of 2023

    This is in reference to the notice sent out recently: List Prices-Final Final.png A refresher from my post in 2021, and 2022 ( Cpanel price increase 2021 Cpanel price increase 2022 ). I had about 20-30 servers at my peak running cPanel, we're...
  4. A

    What happens during a cPanel Update?

    I'm fairly new to cPanel/WHM/Linux. I've learned a lot these past several months. One thing that I have not been part of is updating cPanel. I noticed that if you click on the cPanel version in the upper part of the WHM screen it takes you to the Upgrade to Latest Version page where you can...
  5. M

    How can I search into cPanel login records?

    Hello, I need to know the date and time a particular user logged into cPanel so I was wondering if there is any log file I can look for that information. I found this article in cPanel documentation but it does not have the information that I need...
  6. spaceman

    PHP Selector (by CloudLinux) vs MultiPHP (cPanel)

    I've been a cPanel user for, er, over 20 years. o_O The PHP Selector (by CloudLinux) vs MultiPHP (by cPanel) thing really irritates me! "With CloudLinux, you can also make use of a similar feature: PHP Selector. PHP Selector has an important advantage over MultiPHP Manager: it allows a single...
  7. S

    Cannot access Cpanel WHM - root password not working - can it be reset anywhere?

    Hi, is there anything I can do to recover my root password for WHM? I received this message: Nydus Installed This dashboard relies on agent applications running on your server for certain operations to work, called nydus-ex and nydus-ex-api. They work through connections to your server on...
  8. Q

    Reset dns zone whm /cpanel

    Boa tarde! Após uma tentativa fracassada de migração, o cpanel alterou o ip do servidor na zona dns, e agora tenho muitos sites offline. Existe algum comando que eu possa alterar a zona DNS de todas as contas cpanel que tenho no servidor para o padrão! Por favor me ajude urgentemente!
  9. M

    Exim configuration for WordPress using cPanel and WHM

    I have set up a WordPress installation on a Compute Engine instance on Google Cloud. Trouble is, none of the emails from the Contact form are being delivered. The instance is running WHM and cPanel (latest versions). Having a look around the www, it seems Exim is the way to go but I have no...
  10. B

    cPanel login history, got the IP but where's the date/time?

    When we sign in to any cPanel account, on the right hand column, we see "Last Login IP Address" with the IP of the last user who signed in this cPanel account. How can we see the DATE/TIME that goes with this entry? And is there a history/list of the last 5 IP + date/time for this feature?
  11. 000

    with cPanel load perfect, the correct is SAME EVENT with my DNS ?

    hello, load perfectly, a good config requirens1.midomain.comandns2.midomain.comalso load using access http and https ?
  12. C

    Malware scanners for cPanel - what options do I have right now?

    Other than Immunify and ClamAV, what other options are available for cPanel these days when it comes to malware scanning? I can't install Immunify on AlmaLinux 9, as they aren't supporting that at all and have no plans to do so any time soon, so that one's out (and our new server hardware...
  13. sozotech

    Weebly cPanel Plugin Removal

    We've been offering the Weebly builder for quite some time via cPanel. Unfortunately, theme updates have broken it and it doesn't seem like there will be a fix any time soon. I am curious if anyone here has used the Weebly WHMCS/cPanel plugin and website builder and later cancelled it...
  14. I

    Using cPanel API store_filter with .NET Http class, but getting "No Valid Rules" error response

    I am trying to create a filter with cPanel API. The filter should redirect any email received to another email address. I am using the cPanel API Email/store_filter function. And I am trying to follow the documentation at: I'm...
  15. R

    cPanel account not creating

    Hi, I’m facing strange issue first time. I try to create cpanel from whm but when i click on create. It took lot of time in loading and cpanel not creating. Always on loading. It happen on some domain as when i enter another randoms word and create acc then it create accs in sec. Facing issue...
  16. nyjimbo

    Missing files in cpanel repository for easyapace 4 ?

    Haven't had to rebuild apache in a while and today went to add the php intl extension to php7.4 After it provision for a few minutes it spit out these errors. Are these files gone or is it a repos server problem ? Am running CentOS v7.9.2009 STANDARD standard - cPanel Version 110.0.9 --...
  17. AndyX

    Incorrect Disk Usage displayed in cPanel

    The Disk Usage in cPanel is not showing the correct value. I submitted a support ticket with my web host. They were able to fix the issue by moving the following directory: /home/username/.cpanel/datastore to this directory: /root/support/1234/ Why would my web host need to move this...
  18. B

    In Progress CPANEL-42738 - cPanel ELevate - unsupported YUM repo

    Hello, I'm seeing the below errors in elevate-cpanel.log. Will this be an issue when trying to update to Almalinux? They look to be related to CentOS system components. 264 package(s) installed from unsupported YUM repo 'system-base' from /etc/yum.repos.d/yum.system.repo 55 package(s)...
  19. M

    Is there any way to sync cPanel DNS server records with Cloudflare?

    Hello, I am using Cloudflare DNS quite often and was wondering if there is a way to sync the DNS records created by cPanel automatically with Cloudflare
  20. Netcrusher

    SOLVED libmysqlclient update failure

    I'm having an issue with upcp update on a few servers, on CloudLinux 7.9. The update fails and the error I'm getting is: file /usr/lib64/mysql/ from install of cl-MariaDB103-libs-10.3.39-3.el7.cloudlinux.x86_64 conflicts with file from package...