1. C

    SOLVED cPanel version 110 internal cPanel PHP from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.1 question

    Non Cloudunix platform; VPS Currently on 108.0.15 Notification in WHM that version 110.0.1 is available. Googling cPanel version 110 says internal cPanel PHP upgraded from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.1. Does this affect any accounts that may be running apps such as phpbb on php 7.4 or is the upgrade...
  2. JIKOmetrix

    In Progress CPANEL-42693 - adding domain to cpanel throws error

    Hello, I get this error when trying to add a domain to cpanel. Error: (XID acxxnt) This domain points to an IP address that does not use the DNS servers associated with this server. Transfer the domain to this server’s nameservers at the domain’s registrar or update your system to...
  3. O

    Has anyone successfully migrated from CentOS v7.9 to AlmaLinux 8 using cPanel ELevate Project?

    I am planning to migrate my CentOS server to AlmaLinux 8. I have read "Move All cPanel Accounts from One Server to Another" which require creating a new server w/ AlmaLinux 8 and migrating all accounts to new server. Takes a lot of time and not sure if my old server IP address will be still...
  4. E

    cPanel Restric Access for Specifi User

    Hello, We are using server with cpanel on shared hosting environment. We have blocked many countries from cPHulk but some countries allowed. Now the problem lets suppose user1 is from XYZ country and he want to block all other countries for cpanel/webmail login. He just want cpanel login...
  5. M

    Live & Dev in on cPanel accounts or two cPanel accounts (Performance)?

    Hello, I wonder what is the suggested approach an why? When I am on a reseller account myself, should I create better a separate account for the live site and the dev environment? Or is it better to just have them in one account? I wonder if the performance would be impacted in a different way...
  6. S

    SOLVED After Cpanel installation web page files redirecting to 404

    Hi, Successfully installed cpanel, after intallation database and files uploaded. When i tried to open ip-addess/filename(eg: uploaded test.php file and tried to access with IP - http://117.XXX.XX.XX/test.php ) it is showing default cPanel 404 page. Checked the case with .htaccess file and...
  7. T

    SOLVED Creating a new subdomain on a different cPanel

    We have two different servers both running WHM/cPanel in a completely different locations and network from each other. Server-A and Server-B. We have a domain name set up on Server-A but we wanted to create a new account on Server-B with a sub-domain On Server-B, we...
  8. shenzy

    cPanel Jupiter with Old Icons - Easy

    I still don't understand why it takes so long to generate a "Jupiter" with the Papaer latern style icons. :rolleyes: Lots of customers were complaining about the ugly Jupiter, so I had to start looking for solutions, and a few minutes ago I found this: Checking my server I found that the old...
  9. C

    how do clients park a domain on cpanel?

    how do clients park a domain in cpanel? The option isn't there any longer
  10. S

    cpanel license issue

    Hello! I have purchased my server license from third party. But due to non payment on due date they suspended my license which I paid later and they re actived it. I, then uploaded some funds for next month. But due to some reason Due date past and they suspended my license again. I paid...
  11. Q

    AlmaLinux server unreachable after cPanel install and reboot

    I have some kind of notworking problem, I installed AlmaLinux 8, rebooted, OK I installed cPanel, ran Initial Quota Setup, and rebooted - server unreachable, no network I connected via KVM, logged in as root and ran "service network restart", and it's back online I rebooted again and had to do...
  12. Tarak Nath

    Is it possible to install CloudLinux with cPanel in the DigitalOcean droplet

    Hello, Is it possible to install CloudLinux with cPanel in the DigitalOcean droplet ? If yes then please let us know the cost and steps. Thanks,
  13. S

    cPanel Jupiter custom theme - any available?

    I'd like to know if there are any commercially available custom themes for cPanel Jupiter. Related questions: does cPanel still allow the creation of commercial themes? Are there any new restrictions in place that would prevent from developing such a product? With the number of customers that...
  14. S

    Jupiter - order of cPanel sections

    How do we reorder sections in cPanel with Jupiter? I have a plugin (Kopage site builder) that used to be at the bottom of cPanel and is now at the top, in its own section. I’d like to leave it last and possibly move it to “Software”.
  15. I

    SOLVED Outlook Imap configuration errors after Exim update

    Hello, one month ago we detected a problem with Outlook client when trying to configure an IMAP account, at first we thought that it was focused on only one domain account but we have noticed that this problem happens in all accounts in our server. This error is happening after the update of...
  16. I

    cPanel and hosted websites not working after CentOS 7.8 upgrade to AlmaLinux 8

    Help! I have just upgraded my Server OS from CentOS 7.9 to AlmaLinux 8 following the cPanel ELevate guidance. However, after I rebooted the server, I could not access cPanel and hosted websites again. I still have access to the server via SSH.
  17. M

    cPanel DNSOnly locked after IP change

    Hi Our hosting provider changed the IP address on a DNS Only server and now when I go to its UI at port 2087 it says: License File Expired: LTD: 1678288844 NOW: 1678391932 To access the interface, you must install the license and ensure that the license is active. You can purchase or lease a...
  18. C

    Odd WP Plugin Error - Only on cPanel installs

    I have solo cPanel installation (only myself on the VPS - which is hosted on AWS Lightsail). Have several wordpress sites on the server, for various personal projects. Recently installed a new payment plugin that integrates with WooCommerce and is used to make payments in Kinesis currencies...
  19. B

    Why are *ALL* cPanel accounts SSL certs owned by root?

    Not sure if this is in the correct category (sorry) but I would like cPanel to tweak the way that they generate combined SSL certs a tiny bit. Let's say that I develop an app in a given cPanel account ("A-user") then I cannot even access my own SSL certs, because they're all owned by root in...
  20. N

    Udating to cPanel & WHM version 112 Question

    Looking at options to prepare for this update and which new OS to go with. My question is will this new cPanel/WHM update still support the multiphp editor and manager with the current php options for all the supported OS listed with cPanel? Or will you be dropping support for deprecated php...