1. M

    Using cPanel email or not for personal mailboxes of clients

    I am not getting into an actual reselling business, but I am going to offer my web design clients hosting with me. It's just a pain if they have bad quality hosting, so this is a good approach to streamline my offer. Thus, I do have a reseller account with a hosting provider that runs on cPanel...
  2. M

    CPanel Demo version 108

    We have CPanel 102 . We have gone to a lot of effort to retain the Jupitar theme rather than the Fail theme currently employed by more modern CPanel (the disaster that was 106 etc.) . However, we can't find a way of demoing the newer 108 version of WHM. There is no online place that gives us a...
  3. E

    Why do Cpanel as a company make it so hard to do accounting

    Hello I have a question. Why is it so hard for Cpanel, to help "us" literal everybody of its customers, to do proper accounting. Cpanel does not send the PDF together with the "paid" email. Cpanel does not offer any "easy download" of the pdfs, you spend around 12 clicks to get 1 single...
  4. C

    Increase performance on Cpanel accounts / Plans

    Hi team, I am trying to increase the performance of a Cpanel account, as it is not performing well. It has a high resource consumption because it is a heavy and powerful web, but I can't manage to enable more resources for it. Among the options I can see that there is an option to limit the...
  5. cPanelCory

    cPanel TSR-2023-0001 Full Disclosure

    SEC-668 Summary Beef up filter checking for invalid webmail forwarders. Security Rating cPanel has assigned this vulnerability a CVSSv3.1 score of Severity: 5.3 CVSS:3.1/AV:L/AC:L/PR:L/UI:N/S:U/C:L/I:L/A:L Description Putting back-slashes before and after forbidden webmail forwarder...
  6. M

    Can't sign up to cPanel Store

    I tried to sign up for my business at cPanel & WHM Free Trial License (not the same email address as this account) and it seemed to work but I got no email. I tried to reset my password but got no email. I tried to sign up again but it told me my account already exists. I tried to raise a...
  7. E

    Cpanel backup and jetbackup

    Hi Currently we are using both the cpanel backup to make daily backups, but also we use jetbackup to make daily backups. The cpanel backups are located at /backup, where as jetbackup is remote storage. But we are kinda running out of diskspace, primarily because of the local backup. So, what...
  8. cPanelCory

    cPanel TSR-2023-0001 Announcement

    cPanel has released new builds for all public update tiers. These updates provide targeted changes to address security concerns with the cPanel & WHM product. These builds are currently available to all customers via the standard update system. cPanel has rated this update as having a CVSSv3.1...
  9. I

    SOLVED CPANEL-42469 - New cPanel installs ModSec Tools Hits empty/stopped

    I have a couple freshly installed cPanel servers on Alma8, pretty baseline only softaculous added. Completed the Security Advisor (enabled mod Ruid2, Jailshell, etc.) running Nginx front end cache, Apache and PHP-FPM. OWASP CRS v3.x for ModSec 2.9 (via pkg) ruleset installed on both. No hits...
  10. M

    System failed to acquire a signed certificate from the cPanel Store

    I've been having an issue for a while where a cPanel DNS-Only instance fails the checkallsslcerts script every day. The system failed to acquire a signed certificate from the cPanel Store because of the following error: The system failed to acquire a signed certificate from the cPanel Store...
  11. D

    SOLVED cpanel MariaDB will no longer be supported?

    Hello The cpanel mariadb i see here has made EO, so i understood it, what do you think is the situation? Thansk.
  12. F

    Site elswhere, mail in Cpanel

    Hi! Is it possible to have the website (with and without www) on an external site, and have the mail (and DNS zone) on my WHM/CPanel server? If so, how should I configure the DNS zone? Any link to some example? Thanks!
  13. Otávio Serra

    Is it possible create SSH keys to cPanel user account instead user root via API?

    I'm making some integrations with cPanel using WHM API1 and cPanel UAPI to create in my app some GIT repositories and intend to gave it access via SSH KEY. I use one root ssh key to make request to others cpanel's accounts globally. But I can't find options to make this keys owner to one cPanel...
  14. X

    cPanel & WHM update failure in upcp script

    Hello I am receiving this email every day for 2 weeks, this is the part is causing the failure I guess:
  15. H

    can't login in almalinux cpanel

    Hello I try login whm after install user name almalinux and i have password but login invailed
  16. H

    problem in centos 7 cpanel

    I have problem ** (pkttyagent:1298901): WARNING **: 20:39:02.612: Unable to register authentication agent: GDBus.Error:eek:rg.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed: Cannot determine user of subject Error registering authentication agent: GDBus.Error:eek:rg.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed...
  17. S points to this forum. Is it gone for good?

    Hi, The catalog is no longer there. It's an alias for the forums here. Is there any place for us indie developers who create plugins for cPanel? What other options are out there? Thanks
  18. A

    SOLVED Error: cPanel & WHM update failure in upcp script

    Hi, My daily update cron is failing from past 1 month. I am getting below error [2023-02-06 00:37:08 +0530] E [/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/update-packages] The “/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/update-packages” command (process 1060954) reported error number 1 when it ended. ... [2023-02-06 00:37:29...
  19. M

    Missing /home/user/logs folder new account setup

    Sorry for the wasted space. Found the solution at To generate the files in the log folder run the following command. /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/runweblogs <user> (But the strange thing is...
  20. M

    Cloudflare configuration for Cpanel DNS mail records

    Hello, I recently changed the DNS records of a domain hosted in a cPanel server and was wondering if unprotecting the record is OK to avoid issues with email clients like Outlook is OK.