1. T

    All php scripts stopped working in v78

    Today my cpanel got updated automatically and everything stopped working. What is changed??? What kind of extensions should I enable to???
  2. F

    Disable AutoSSL user notifications is not working

    I am running WHM v78.0.13 with Options set to Disable AutoSSL user notifications. This used to work but in recent WHM versions has stopped working and my end users are receiving notifications by email with my clients receiving the following email: The SSL certificate expires on Mar 23, 2019 at...
  3. J

    Firewall configuration file changed?

    I've been running WHM/Cpanel on Servers For at least 12 years along with CSF/LFD. Yesterday all of the sudden the server wouldn't accept WHM connection on port 2087. I immediately tried bringing it up on my mobile phone to see if for some reason by connecting from my hotel the system had auto...
  4. R

    SOLVED Autodiscovery SPF issue

    Hello, I have following settings in Exim Configuration Manager, cPanel v78: Smarthost support - * mta.brand.tld Autodiscovery SPF include hosts from the smarthost route list - Off SPF include hosts for all domains on this system - node.brand.tld It actually added in zone file: ...
  5. A

    SOLVED [CPANEL-26002] LMTP errors after upgrading to cPanel & WHM Version 78

    Moderator Notice: Please see this post for a description of why this error message occurs. Since one of our servers updated to v78.0.11 this morning emails are completely failing to deliver. Example snippet from `exim -qff -v`: LOG: MAIN == [email protected] R=dkim_lookuphost...
  6. T

    Email Deliverability report incorrect

    Hi, I can't understand what is the problem about incorrect reported dns records. The domain is the server FQDN PTR and both DKIM and SPF records are published, from the server console i can "dig" them correctly [root@kokokoko ~]# dig +short -x
  7. V

    Site not working properly after 78 upgrade

    I have Centos 6.10 with EAsy Apache 4 WHM/Cpanel with 3 packages on server. All sites on server worked flawlessly until I upgraded to 78.0.10 I cannot see pages of sites. I upgraded to 78.0.12. The problem remains the same. You can check : [removed] So far I see only ;like on screenshot in attach.
  8. C

    The mysql service failed to start error

    Hi, I have a problem with a server MySQL after update Cpanel to v78.0.11 on CENTOS 7.6. After update but not yet restart serwer my service SQL goes down and all website are whitout database. Service don't start after restart this and full restart server. Lower is my problem: Waiting for...
  9. brianc

    SOLVED [CPANEL-25310] BackBlaze transport error - Use of uninitialized value $args{"api_method"}

    Well I did not run into any transport problems since adjusting the timeout but anything over 5 gigabytes is not being transported correctly. cPanel did you guys test this with large (5gb+) accounts? At this point it is not usable and I will need to revert back to AWS. The times to transport...
  10. M

    WHM 78 -- High CPU usage by MirrorSearch_pingtest

    I have noticed since updating to WHM 78 (78.0.11) the server load averages (short term) have been around twice their normal level -- usually around 0.33 they're now often around 0.67 + ( highest was over 1.5 ) Exploring what is using resources, the highest unusual user is...
  11. N

    SOLVED [CPANEL-25247] Transporting backups to a Backblaze destination fails for large accounts

    Hi Guys, I setup BackBlaze as an additional destination for WHM backups which was quick and easy to do. My first backup job ran overnight which was the same as usual as far as running time, however I did get a transport error on a larger account without no clear explanation. The error simply...
  12. cPanelMichael

    SOLVED [LiteSpeed Notice] LSWS Version 5.3.6 Required For MultiPHP Functionality in cPanel & WHM Version 78

    Hello Everyone! A recent LSWS Version 5.3.6 build includes the following change to ensure MultiPHP functionality works in cPanel & WHM version 78: Fixed AddHandler directive behavior to be the same as AddType. You can check to see the installed build number with the following command: cat...
  13. W

    Updating MariaDB to 10.3

    I want to update my current MariaDB 10.2 to 10.3 However, i am currently running WHM 76.0.18. The latest MariaDB they have is 10.2. I am wondering if it is safe to update to 10.3 from the SSH command line and if that will cause any conflicts with WHM 76? I know WHM 78 has MariaDB 10.3 but...
  14. W

    Updating cPanel WHM 78 LTS question

    Hi, A few days ago I received a notification mail about, cPanel / WHM have new version, version 78. I read the link of doc. Installation Guide - Version 78 Documentation - cPanel Documentation In my WHM-Server Configuration-Update Preferences I have set Release (in my case, now I have 76.0.18) I...
  15. W

    SOLVED [CPANEL-25339] .php.txt files are executed by PHP in cPanel 78

    Hello, Please observe this scenario: - Create a file called index.txt and one called index.php.txt - put in both code to show e.g. phpinfo() Expected result: - Both files show your PHP code in text. In my case: - index.txt show the code - index.php.txt is being executed I'm using cPanel...
  16. B

    MariaDB 10.3 with MyRocks

    I just upgraded my VPS to cPanel 78.0.1 so I could run MariaDB 10.3. I was hoping to be able to test converting tables to the MyRocks storage engine, which is included in 10.3, I didn't see the option. I also notice my PHP app is reporting the DB server as MySQL(i) 10.2.21-MariaDB-log when...
  17. C

    SOLVED [CPANEL-25765] SQL is missing from table export options in phpMyAdmin 4.8.4

    Hi everyone, I found the cPanel updated to 11.78 recently: # cat /var/cpanel/updatelogs/update.1547660701.log |grep Downloading |grep phpmyadmin [2019-01-17 01:48:10 +0800] Downloading Then...
  18. cPanelResources

    Tutorial How to convert SquirrelMail address books to Roundcube or Horde

    In April of 2018 we announced the deprecation and removal of SquirrelMail. cPanel version 76 stopped shipping SquirrelMail in new installations. cPanel version 78 removes SquirrelMail completely. More information can be found in this Blog Post. With this deprecation and removal comes the need...