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    cpanellogd waiting for child to process logs for http

    Hi, It seems that Cpanellogd (or related services) are causing high load on the server that I'm managing. It seems that this service is launched every hour and spawns more than 30 processes, like so: root 19631 0.6 0.2 214456 18424 ? S 09:01 0:00 cpanellogd - waiting for...
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    The service “cpanellogd” appears to be down

    I received the notification The service “cpanellogd” appears to be down. The subprocess “/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/restartsrv_cpanellogd” reported error number 9 when it ended. Running cat /var/log/chkservd.log |grep cpanellogd I found: cpanellogd [[check command:-][check command output...
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    cpanellogd - waiting for child to process logs

    Hello, IN my WHM > Tweak Settings > Stats Programs I turned off all the stats program. But since then, there is this process running: cpanellogd - waiting for child to process logs and it is taking alot of CPU. How can I remove it? Since I don't need my stats log. Thank you!
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    cpanellogd starting time

    As far as I can tell, the only setting that affects the timing of when cpanellogd performs raw access log rotation is BLACKHOURS. Is there something that sets the start time that I'm not finding? I have a few dozen virtual domains and I thought if I turned stats off that the logs would rotate...
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    cpanellogd - updating bandwidth for ...

    Is there any way to disable "cpanellogd - updating bandwidth for {x}" on accounts that don't have bandwidth limits? It's just waisting a lot of CPU cycles.
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    Cpanellogd Running During Peak Hours

    I have statistics configured to NOT run between 6 and 20 hours. Yet on one server it consistently starts running around 10 AM every day causing high loads. An ideas on how to prevent this?
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    killall not working on cpanellogd

    In the past I used to be able to pause Cpanellogd using the killall command. A few weeks ago this stopped working. Now killall will no longer recognize the cpanellogd processes. Can you recommend any workarounds? Here is the problem: root@server2 [~]# ps aux |grep cpanellogd root...
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    High CPU load on cpanellogd, various domains

    Since a few days I get these kind of messages from CSF. We get this for various domains. I get the mails during daytime about 13.00 hours. The amound of seconds (23.861.197) is strange because that would mean this would already be busy almost a year? So I guess that's something CSF is not...
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    cpanellogd apparently not running webalizer for web stats for some domains

    Hi, First, I do apologize for posting about a webalizer problem as I've seem many topics about similar problems. I've searched all over the forums but none of the other topics gave me a clue to solve my issue. Apparently cpanellogd is not running webalizer for some of my domains. All of...
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    cpanellogd - updating bandwidth for *username*

    I see in random times this process executing cpanellogd - updating bandwidth for *username* and eats up a lots of CPU, I dont really know how this starts, does a client press something to make it run ? if it runs by schedule is it possible to make it only run a specific time ? (lets...
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    cpanellogd - http logs exceeding limits

    Recently I began receiving a couple of these each morning for many different accounts. Time: Sun Feb 24 07:16:56 2013 -0500 Account: xxxxxxxx Resource: Process Time Exceeded: 93452875 > 1800 (seconds) Executable: /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/perl/514/bin/perl Command...
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    Configure cpanellogd via command line?

    Is there anyway to configure cpanellogd's run time besides WHM? I admin a server with 30 cpanel VPSs on it and cpanellogd is running at the same time for each VPS causing very high load on the server. I want to stagger them to run at different times but clicking through the GUI 30 times would...
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    How to disable the cpanellogd in WHM Panel

    My question is how to disable the cpanellogd in WHM panel and I have followed the instruction which is given in below forum URL But the cpanellogd running continuously in my server what should i do to stop the...
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    Disabling cpanellogd and Bandwidth under tailwatchd not holding

    Hi, We've tested this on several servers running 11.32.5 (build 13): We've unchecked the boxes: Eximstats , antirelayd, cPBandwd under Service Manager -> Tailwatchd and hit Save. However, I still find mail statistics being logged, and cpanellogd continues to run every 2 hrs (as...
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    [cpanellogd] Unable to load summary files: /var/cpanel/bandwidth

    cpanel/logs/error_log is full of: How to fix please?
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    Cpanellogd Stat File and PHP Error

    I have been seeing periodic high load on a cPanel server for a little while now. In looking through the error logs of the server I see frequently: [2012-05-23 06:14:04 -0700] info [cpanellogd] Unable to load summary files: /var/cpanel/bandwidth/solp.hour, /var/cpanel/bandwidth/solp.5min...
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    cpanellogd how to make it run only at night?

    Is there any way to make cpanellog run only at certain hours? Its running thru the day and the hdd hammering has its toll in the service's quality. We already purchased a second hdd to balance io load, but it will help if logs would be process after working hours. eg cpanellogd - updating...
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    How to completely remove/disable Cpanellogd ?

    Hello. I need to disable cpanellogd. I host just my websites on my server, so I really don't need cpanellogd running. It's is crashing my server... I already changed the configurations on the Statistics Software Configuration page , but it continues to run. The worst of this, is that it...
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    cpanellogd: too many errors ?

    I just ran a /scripts/runweblogs on a user, saw this in the output: [2010-05-21 02:29:14 -0500] cpanellogd: too many errors ... truncating output from [/usr/local/cpanel/bin/logrunner 13.0 /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/english/webalizer -N 10 -D /home/philip/tmp/webalizer/dns_cache.db -R 250...
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    cpanellogd is causing quite high load on my server. I currently have it set to run every 24 hours, and the log file suspend after high load set to 4. I have not excluded any hours of the day. If I run the stats every 4 hours instead of 24, I assume that this will cause load issues for a much...