1. T

    Munin orphaned in cron

    I have uninstalled munin via WHM. I now get: --------------------- Cron Begin ------------------------ ORPHAN entries: 1 ---------------------- Cron End ------------------------- I get this everyday. I can not see any cron jobs set to run as munin. cd /var/log ; cat cron |...
  2. T

    Need to set max cron job limit

    Hello All, I have a shared hosting server with near about 500 domains are hosted on it. I need to set Max Cron Run limit per user on the server. How can I set it? For example, No one user can run cron more than thrice a day. How can I set this limit from the server? Thanks,
  3. T

    Cron Job issues

    I have setup a cron job in my domain name to flush the logs every hour. I have setup it like below: php –q /home/myusername/public_html/cron.php. But it does not work. I am receiving “No input file specified” error when it runs. What am I doing wrong?
  4. B

    Problem in Cron Jobs

    I am a using cpanel and WHM on my own dedicated server. I am getting an error while running cron jobs: i'm using this command. "GET 2 > /dev/null" it runs every 10 mins. and so i am gettint an error message every 10 mins stating that...
  5. I

    Disabled cpanel/whm upgrades but still does nightly cron?

    I got to upgrade config in WHM and turn everything off and save it. However the upcp cron still runs nightly. I only want to upgrade when I am ready to do it, how to stop the upgrading? I didn't physically want to edit the crontab but I guess i'm going to have to. I just wished it would...
  6. S


    Hi All - I need some help here - i told i need to set up _cron/hide.php - once a minute _cron/gold.php - once a day at 00:00. Could someone please tell were i can do this and can it be done in the Webhost Manager part . Any help would be great ... :)
  7. B

    Broken Pike on Chkrootkit cron

    I am getting the following message on this cron job step grep: write error: Broken pipe /root/ | grep -v .packlist any idea why this is broken?
  8. chrisbuk

    What Cron Jobs should Cpanel Create

    hi AWStats is not updating, i think their is a few things not running. if i goto crontab -e what scheduled tasks should cpanel of made on a new install?
  9. G


    cron has stopped sending notifications, hostname exists in /etc/localdomains, all root mail forwards to the specified address, and MAILTO is set. When cron jobs are run exim_mainlog shows no record or attempt of cron sending mail. Is there a setting in WHM somewhere?
  10. T

    Strange cron problem

    I have a server where I have set up a couple of accounts. Every time a cron script is run, it creates an empty file of the cron-file in the sites root folder (/home/***/) Example Let say that I run the following cron command: */15 * * * * wget...
  11. A

    cron job GUI interface?

    In Plesk there was an ability in the admin CP to set cron job tasks etc. In WHM is there such a thing where I could setup crons from a GUI interface? Has anyone made such a thing? Thanks
  12. M

    max # of cron jobs for client???

    we have a client (cPanel 11) who is only able to add three cron lines. after that, they don't save. this happens in both basic and advanced. i can add more than 3 with the root login. is this some parameterized limit?? we want to give this user up to six crons... thanks! mark
  13. M

    Cron Jobs - Not Performing Them :-(

    Hi Guys, Need a little help here please. Iv setup a cron job to run every 5mins. Yea i know, EVERY 5MINS. But it has to be ran every 5 mins because of the service i offer. Iv put the details as this: php -q /home/tosms/public_html/autosms/check_email.php and done it for every 5mins...
  14. M

    check what Cron jobs have been added on the server?

    Hi, i find on the certain time, the mysql of server will run a lot of query, and the io and load will become very high, after the time point, all the io and load with be smoth, so,i wonder if any Cron job has been add (by certain account) to run something, and make the...
  15. P

    PHP script as Cron job

    I want to execute a php script regularly, and for that reason I created a cron job through WHM. The file is indeed executed, but it fails to do so correctly. I receive this error: /home/site/cron.php: line 1: ?php: No such file or directory /home/site/cron.php: line 3: =: command not found...
  16. H

    Cron Daemon

    hi on my cpanel whm vps server i keep getting emails from Cron Daemon saying its updated the scripts i get thease emails every day and i am wondering how to tell it to stop emailing me the updates any ideas thanks Harry
  17. K

    Cron won't working

    HI , I have an issue: /usr/bin/crontab permissions are wrong. Please set to 4755 But then I trued to change permissions - I get following message : eiger: / # chmod 4755 /usr/bin/crontab chmod: /usr/bin/crontab: Operation not permitted and also : eiger: / # cd...
  18. A

    cron jobs not running

    I'm not sure what has happened, but it seams like our cron jobs have suddenly stopped working. I have restarted the service, but that doesn't seam to correct the issue. My /etc/crontab file consists of the following. SHELL=/bin/bash PATH=/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin MAILTO=root...
  19. W

    Disable CRON for every minute

    Is it possible to disable CRON from running every 1 minute for cpanel accounts? I wish to only allow cpanel accounts to run a CRON job minimum every 30-60 minutes instead of 1 minute. Not the entire server, just cpanel users.
  20. W

    Help Setting up a Cron Job

    Hi Folks: I've been using FeedWordPress for a couple of weeks now... its a very nice RSS agregator. The author has a way he says that it can be updated using a cron tab. Here is the code he gives: */15 * * * * curl --silent I have tried...