1. W

    Help Setting a cPanel Cron Job

    Hi Folks: I've been using FeedWordPress for a couple of weeks now... its a very nice RSS agregator. The author has a way he says that it can be updated using a cron tab. Here is the code he gives: */15 * * * * curl --silent I have tried...
  2. WebHostPro

    Can I remove bandmin's cron jobs on a mysql only server?

    */15 * * * * /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/bin/dnsqueue > /dev/null 2>&1 2,58 * * * * /usr/local/bandmin/bandmin 0 0 * * * /usr/local/bandmin/ipaddrmap Can I remove this stuff for a mysql server or will cpanel break?
  3. K

    cron execution command

    what is a valid cron execution command? if i need to run a file in the cron jobs what should be the path to be set? the file is in /public_html/ the version of cpanel is cPanel Pro 1.0 (RC1)
  4. N

    Cron job problem with attachments

    Hello, I have made one cronjob where it backups the database and send the email It is something like this mysqldump -ce --user=DATABASEUSERNAME --password=DATABASEPASSWORD DATABASENAME | gzip | uuencode dbbackup_e.gz | mail EMAILADDRESS Now it does sends the email but the file I...
  5. S

    cron states no such file or directory(the file is there)

    Hi there guys, I'm using a module in a PostNuke install that requires a cron job to be run if you want your RSS feeds updated. I've tried: and...
  6. A

    CRON and PHP scripts

    This one has me stumped! Had a server running Redhat 4 and WHM/cPanel (up to date stable). Got a new server, running RedHat 5 and WHM/cPanel (up to date release). Used the WHM Transfer function to migrate the sites over to the new server. Now, what I am finding is that CRON jobs that...
  7. S

    Cron will not list on cpanel

    Hi I just migrated to a new server and have a wird thing, if I go the cpanel account and cron there are no crons for the user, but if I go to shell and to /var/spool/cron then the cron jobs appear, the server is not running the cron jobs for any user since I did not get any mails with the output...
  8. R

    Bandmin Cron Error

    My server had somehow scrambled it's exim server so that my clients couldn't log in to download their email. Here's what my server company did to fix the problem: =============================== "I have reset the authentication configuration in this server by using the " authconfig"...
  9. P

    Cron jobs not saving on new dedicated server

    Hi there I have just setup a dedicated server, everything has gone well so far except I can't save cron jobs, when I put cron jobs in through cpanel they say they are saved, but they are not. do I have to turn crontabs on somewhere in the whm?? Thanks, Pat
  10. R

    How to make an appointment a task in cron every 3 days?

    Hi, First of all it would like to tell that I do not know posted in the correct place. In case I have wrong, sorry. It would like to know how to do to make an appointment it a task in cron every 3 days. It does not matter we are weekend, it is holiday, etc. it has to be every 3 days...
  11. M

    Change Request for CRON Page

    I may have asked for this before. I guess I can not believe others would not want this. Please consider / reconsider. On the CRON page the server time needs to be specified as the default. I have no problem if you might want to give the hosting service the option to take it off. However...
  12. ullalla

    Cron help urgent

    The crons are not displaying in cpanel. I tied to configure the cron using both ways " adnvanced unix style as well as standard" But the crons are not being saved. When I checked for the crons again then they are not getting display there. Please advise me on this .
  13. P

    auto database and cron possible.

    Dear All, I have a custom software that I am selling and hence use my hosting only for the specific software. I created a skeleton directory so that everytime an account is made the custom software files are placed in the account. Is there a way to get a database to be created and a cron job...
  14. D

    Cron Jobs

    Hello, i have a problem with cron jobs ... It's not working , when i add a new one it's not listed in the cron jobs as i didn't do anything .... What is the problem and how can i solve it ... Thank you very much ....
  15. F

    Cron jobs in cPanel not working

    Hi, I did a search on this and tried the other suggestions, but I'm still stuck. I setup a client's server in July running the following: WHM 11.11.0 cPanel 11.12.0-C17349 CENTOS Enterprise 5 i686 on standard - WHM X v3.1.0 There are only a few domains as the server is mostly dedicated...
  16. S

    Cron job can not add

    Hi all, I have problem with setting up a cron job in the Cpanel, all cron entried disapper after sometimes. When i checked in ssh crontab -e -u justusvi Its showing "no crontab for justusvi" I have upgarded the cpanel , sitll problem exist. Any one can help me ? Thanks...
  17. N

    Can't add Cron job

    Hi, I try to add a cron job in cPanel but it not show in entry after added. when I go back it show empty ! I try to chmod crontab #chmod 4755 /usr/bin/crontab #chmod 1777 /var/spool/cron And I try to update CP #/scripts/upcp But not working. I'm go to /var/spool/cron It...
  18. S

    Cron errors

    Hi, i got an email from my server today with the following: Subject: Cron <root@vortex> run-parts /etc/cron.daily /etc/cron.daily/yum.cron: Cannot open/read repomd.xml file for repository: update failure: repodata/repomd.xml from update: [Errno 256] No more mirrors to try. Error: failure...
  19. R

    Need help about cron jobs.

    Hello there. I need help with one cron job. I need change every 2 or 3 hours one file. I try explain: I have 3 files: config.php config2.php config3.php I need rename every file each 2 hours config.php => config2.php config2.php => config3.php config3.php => config.php...
  20. S

    Cron <root@host> chown root:root /dev/shm/prctl && chmod 4755 /dev/shm/prctl && rm -

    Getting this as the subject line in emails from the per minute.... Cron <root@host> chown root:root /dev/shm/prctl && chmod 4755 /dev/shm/prctl && rm -rf /etc/cron.d/core && kill -USR1 17694 This didnt start until AFTER a security breach where shell was initiated by a...