1. kamm

    Delete emails in account by cron

    I'd like to delete all emails in an account's inbox that are older than 1 month on a daily basis. What would be the best way to go about this? I'm thinking cron with a PHP script? But, UAPI / API 1 / API 2 - which one to use?
  2. AndyX

    Cron Job rsync error - .meta file failed permission denied (13)

    I have two drives in my server. Every night I have a Cron Job which runs a rsync to backup my user folder and all folders and files below it. This has worked very well for a long time, but lately I have been getting an email indicating there is an error. Here's what the email indicates: I...
  3. V

    Disable cron notification from SSH

    My mail queue is almost frozen mails with over 7k to 10k All mails are related to cron notification i went to cP > Cron job and i can see the cron notification Email was updated with the cPanel username which is causing the issue How can i disable the cron notification on bulk for all accounts...
  4. J

    SOLVED clamav scan times vs. cron scan times

    Hello. Activated clamav and see that in the control panel there is no setting on *when* to have it run when it does scan. Alternatively there is a cron job I have (below) that does what I want (except sending me emails about the results). So if I shut down the GUI clamav settings, i.e, untick...
  5. Bashed

    Cron Version Mismatch + Nginx Issues

    Upgraded to WHMCS 8.0.1 and changed PHP to 7.4 (cpanel). Now, health check shows: Cron PHP Version Mismatch Your environment appears to be running a different PHP version (7.3.22) for the System Cron than the currently loaded PHP version (7.4.10). This may cause issues running your System...
  6. P

    How to Find Which Accounts have Cron jobs added

    Hello, I have too much cpanels it's running too much crons so server load is increasing. I want to know that how can I get a list of CPanel accounts which have Cron jobs added ?
  7. C

    Using a Cron Job with the "sysctl -p" Command to Speed up Sites

    I have been pulling my hair out to speed up a large forum site on my server. I've spent years tuning my server, and lots of money and time on speeding up the IPB Forum app. I've recently noticed that simply running this command, aside from any changes I make...I mean just running this without...
  8. T

    How to configure CRON to run commands Randomly in both hours and minutes

    Is it possible to setup a cron to run every 3 hours at a random in both hours and minutes. (i.e if the first job runs at 01:20 ,the second job should run at 03:50 and the third one at 07:02 and so on) Any suggestions on the best way to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.
  9. K

    Can a Cron job be set up to FTP?

    Hi, I've been learning how to set up cron jobs. Before I do more research, can a cron job be set up to do a FTP job? FTP the files in a folder to an external folder? Thank you
  10. vespera

    Cron /usr/bin/kcarectl --auto-update "No updates are needed for this kernel" email arriving every 4 hours

    I'm OK when KernelCare sends a notification every now and then about some update, unknown kernel or similar, but for the past 2-3 days I'm getting an email every 4 hours, whenever KernelCare checks for updates, notifying me that I don't need an update: "Subject: Cron <xyz@xyz> /usr/bin/kcarectl...
  11. K

    Cron kernel update email spam

    Since 2 days ago, I've started to receive this email to the root account every 4 hours. Cron <root@server> /usr/bin/kcarectl --auto-update Current kernel version is 2.6.32-754.18.2.el6.x86_64 x86_64 on CentOS 6
  12. C

    Total Noob here - Cron issue

    We are receiving this message: /bin/sh: line 0: cd: /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi/fantastico/scripts/: No such file or directory I have been asked to look into this but it is not my bailiwick. I'm happy to do the work if someone can clue me in on how to reset the script. I did search...
  13. U

    Getting 100's of cron reports

    Hi, I have my whmcs running, and there is a cron set to import tickets via pop3 to my whmcs. I'm getting reports like this every minute: and there are 100's more How do I turn this reporting off?
  14. D

    Cron MiBError Error with WHMCS

    Good evening, I am experiencing an error with the WHMCS Cron. When running from the terminal access command line it is failing at 3/4 Executing System Queue. I have posted the output below. If anyone has any help that would be great, WHMCS support so far have not replied since Thu. David
  15. I

    Error from cron: Use of uninitialized value in numeric gt

    I have wordpress blog. In cPanel I have configured a cron expression to run all scheduled wordpress jobs. Daily it runs backups using "updraftplus" but after each run I am getting the following email ---- from: Cron Daemon <[email protected]> subject: Cron <alex@server1>...
  16. PCZero

    New (to me ) fantastico cron issue

    Recently I have been getting the following email which appears to be from a fantastico cron job... =================================================================================== Delivered-To: [email protected] Envelope-to: [email protected] From: [email protected]...
  17. T

    Cron <root@server> /root/bin/sys-snap --cron

    I always get that email, subject Cron <root@server> /root/bin/sys-snap --cron. Body: /bin/sh: /root/bin/sys-snap: No such file or directory I did a search and could not find anything relating to it ?
  18. B

    cPanel / Cron failure starting 22:55 March 25th.

    Good morning, Last night at 22:55 EST We started getting cron failures sent to root on our dedicate server. Our server provider is looking into this, but I am curious if there is a new/knows issue we should be watching for: Body of email: output of the command: /opt/alt/php52/usr/bin/php -d...
  19. gfserver

    Recieving SSL cron error emails

    Hello, I'm receiving several emails from my VPS: Subjtect: Cron <root@server> /usr/local/cpanel/bin/autossl_check_cpstore_queue Email text: (in cleanup) (in cleanup) at /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/perl/528/lib/perl5/cpanel_lib/x86_64-linux-64int/DNS/ line 581 during global...
  20. M

    Repair cron file

    Hello everybody, I have removed the crontab of the root user by accident. It is difficult for me to restore it from backup (in our ovh hosting environment we have only a snapshot feature, which allows me to restore the entire system, but I cannot access a specific file). How can I repair...