1. K

    .htaccess redirect all subdomain request to current subdomain

    Hi All, got this : -- root # profile # ----- subdomain1 # ----- subdomain2 # ----- subdomain3 # the problem is when request from...
  2. gorilla

    cPanel install is failing with current ‘latest’ script

    Seems there is a bug with the default cPanel install script on fresh cPanel Servers and VPS. When running the normal sh latest the script, the cPanel installer automatically opts for the RELEASE tier and is failing . cPanel technicians carefully mentioned that there may currently be an...
  3. G

    Where can I find the current version tree?

    Where on this site can I find the current version tree? For example Stable is at 11.30
  4. T

    cPanel = CURRENT or RELEASE

    Anyone know of a web host who uses cPanel CURRENT or RELEASE, not cPanel Stable?
  5. L

    xcacheadmin Only Shows Cache for Current User

    I built xcache with fastcgi using easyapache. It seems to work, except that whatever account i put the admin pages of xcache on, that's the only account that xache admin is showing caching info for. This has me worried that it's somehow setup to run a separate 32MB cache for each user (bad...
  6. S

    how to see current WHM login details?

    i log in to my WHM host from my local computer .Actually i want to cross check my local computer's ip through this login. how to check this? Please suggest . Thanks in advance.......
  7. D

    Why i can't login to cpanel for some days by current IP ?

    Hi I login to cpanel and see all of websites that in serve in my host current dynamic IP is After some days i can't login to my Cpanels and see my websites by dynamic IP I should change my dynamic IP like my websites shows for People correctly After some days...
  8. M

    Transfer Account used old backup instead of current data

    I transferred an account from one 11.30.0 server to another last night and just received a call from the customer to say that his site has reverted back to a version that is a week old. It seems on initial investigation that the transfer didn't use the current data in the account but instead...
  9. wintech2003

    Tweak Settings: The current value for this field is invalid. You must update it.

    I checked my Tweak settings page on WHM today and saw the following two "errors" for DNS request management application and Max HTTP submission size. So I'm getting "The current value for this field is invalid. You must update it." although I'm using the default values :confused...
  10. K

    Change from RELEASE to CURRENT and back again

    Hi Since the new 11.28 has some news that might be a problem for us, I want to change from RELEASE to CURRENT on one of the servers and after having checked if everything works as expected change back to RELEASE since that is the tier we use. Do you see any problems with this? When going...
  11. D

    Current build?

    which is the current build for whm/cpanel? I ask this cause for the latest 4, 5 month anytime I want to upgrade to the current version, whm said I already use the latest current build. thx.
  12. N

    11.25.1 CURRENT when ?

    Hello, Could you provide a timeframe for 11.25.1 to get to CURRENT or RELEASE ? I've been waiting for months!! 11.25.1 EDGE went online almost 4 months ago. Thank you =)
  13. B

    Disk Space Calculation Error in cpanel/whm current release

    Hi, I have a major problem with one of my resellers! He setup packages with 0 mb disc space and 0mb transfer. BUT! cpanel know it as unlimited space and bw please see attachments why this user can setup and use all of his space when I DISABLED oversell for him? he even used more...
  14. S

    11.25.0 RELEASE from current build question

    Will there be any issue if I change from the latest 11.25 current build to 11.25.0 release build?
  15. L

    Re update cpanel to Current

    Hi, i am new to cpanel and want to know somthings like when i update the cpanel will it have any effect on my running websites, is it possible that updating cpanel make my websites not to work. Please Recommend Regards Ltoso
  16. T

    11.25 issue (CURRENT) - Copy multiple accounts

    Copy multiple accounts/packages from another server not working. Transfer log: root@**********'s password: ==sshcontroloutput== stdin: is not a tty pkgacct started. pkgacct version 8.3 - user : ******* - archive version: 3 - running with uid 0 We will be splitting the archive...
  17. D

    [11.25 Current] IP Functions Broke

    I took the chance to move to 11.25 Current but I am having an issue where when I try to change an IP, the screen is just white. The reason I came across this issue is because only one of my hosted domains has had issues since the update. The problem is that while the config looks fine and even...
  18. C

    11.25 issue ( CURRENT )

    i'm having the same problem :confused:
  19. S

    Roundcube 0.2.1 now missing from current release?

    Hello, I had been holding out on preforming updates to one of my cpanel servers (running CURRENT tree). I updated today and noticed that Roundcube did not get updated, even though an update was listed for Current 34560 on March 13th. My version stayed at 0.2-stable for some reason. I would...
  20. K

    how to display httpd processes of current login user

    Sir, I am working in php. I have create cPanel plugin. I want display httpd processes of current login user. Using unix command ps -ef | grep httpd it give me following output OUTPUT :- root 23972 1 0 Jul06 ? 00:00:00 /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd...