1. E

    trying to uninstall fp from whm:upgrade this virtual server to the current version

    Hi, when ever iam trying to uninstall Frontpage exts , iam getting errors.please help ? Starting uninstall, port: 80. Error: There is no web named "". The version (unknown) of the server extensions you are trying to uninstall cannot be uninstalled with this tool. You must upgrade this...
  2. C

    What is the current Stable version?

    There isn't much any stable release? Or am I wrong here?
  3. T

    Current Backup

    I need a site backup, for today. I ran /scripts/cpbackup and was told "Daily Backup is up to date." So now i'm running /scripts/pkgacct but would like to be assured that it will restore on another CPanel server, just like it was backed up there. What happened is the database, (850MB), won't...
  4. M

    Problem : FTP upload adds 4 hours to the current time !

    Hello, when my clients upload a file via FTP, the file time on the server is 4 hours in the future !!! ( I tested it myself... ) Yet, the server has the proper time, and worse,my client, my computer AND the server are in the SAME timezone : EDT. When the file is downloaded, it keeps the...
  5. K

    updates - current versions

    where can I find the current version of th Release, Stable, and Edge builds, which would be the build available through the update process? Support Ticket Number:
  6. silvernetuk

    changing ip on current accounts

    Hi, I got a client with a few account and they now want an IP of there own. At current they are using the base IP address, but I need to change the clients accounts to a dedicated ip, will these update straight away or will there be downtime, I am using WHM to do this in. Ok I put...
  7. WeMasterz5

    Current Disk Usage Question

    where is it exactly that /dev/hda5 is mounted and what file/s are being written to change this? and is there away to increase the partition on this mount without having to redo the whole box Current Disk Usage Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/hda5...
  8. J

    Current state of Tomcat install?

    Anyone have anything to comment upon about the current state of the Tomcat install? We've continued to use the old 4.0.3 version due to so many people saying things were so bad with the latest out on layer1, but we just built out another server and were thinking about trying the latest again...
  9. Y

    Not happy w/ Current Cpanel Distributor.....

    Not happy w/ Current Cpanel Distributor..... Can I transfer my license to another distributor or what are my options. Support with my current distributor is really poor.