1. M

    Access denied for user - database

    Hello Guys, I am getting this error when i am trying to access a php page : Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user: '[email protected]' (Using password: YES) in /home/kiwi/public_html/xx/ssinstall.php on line 17 Can't connect to the database Access denied for user...
  2. E

    Create a database with PHP

    Is it possible to create a database with PHP on a Cpanel server. I have a customer who can create one if one has been previously created and deleted. If not, the script fails. Any thoughts? Rob Support Ticket Number:
  3. S

    can't create database in postgresql.

    Hi, i can't create databaae in postgresql. from the control panel. It gives thr message that database is created but it is not. any ideas? thankx in advance vishnu Support Ticket Number:
  4. A

    database backup

    hi everyone is it possible to use cron jops to do a phpMyadmin backup of my database name pbforums, please if possible can i get some instruction how to make it possible i just lost my database the other day when mu host server went down thanks Support Ticket Number:
  5. J

    because I see the whole database???

    if I am connected me to my panel consumer and do I go aa to question phpmyadmin, when it opens in the finesta of choice do I find all the dbs of the server how come? should not she be that the consumer can see only her db? how can I make up for? Thanks:confused: Support...
  6. M

    MySQL database need to be flushed

    Hello guys, I've got following error when connecting to the database: Error Diagnostic Information ODBC Error Code = S1000 (General error) [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver]Host 'IP address' is blocked because of many connection errors. Unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-host How to flush...
  7. X

    Large MySQL Database

    Hi Have a client who needs to transfer a large database over to our hosting, he has tried myphp etc but it fails because db is too big, any other ways to transfer it over ? Support Ticket Number:
  8. S

    Database connection error

    Hello all this is my first time here i hope it works, the problem is that one of my clients faces this message when accessing his cPanel. i appreciate help shady Support Ticket Number:
  9. N

    troubles when moving database driven site using cpanel user/pass

    I am moving a site that uses cpanel user/pass to connect to the database. On the old server it works fine, but on the new server it can not connect anymore. How to fix this, otherwise then telling the user to connect using a mysql user? Support Ticket Number:
  10. jackal

    Database Repair

    In whm under repair a database the screen comes up with all the databases. Is there anyway to have this list come up in alphabetable order instead strung out all over the place? Support Ticket Number:
  11. N

    Database Connection Question

    How can I connect to the database of another domain name that is on the same server? For example, say I have a file and this file connects to a database that is on can I connect to that database? Is there something I can do so the server will allow...
  12. W

    Postgresql Database backup for the accounts

    When will it be available? Support Ticket Number:
  13. N

    phpBB : Database Critical Error

    I read the other phpBB threads, but it seems like those problems aren't centered around the database issue, as well as that install bug hasn't been fixed yet. I just updated to the latest cpanel to see if this would fix it: WHM 7.4.2 cPanel 7.4.2-E111 My databases in the install of...
  14. N

    Database prefix changed???

    One of my users reports that database prefix of his database has been changed from user-name to username So first he had a prefix with a - in it, which is now gone. As far as I can see this only has happened to his forum databases. Anyone else experiencing the same...
  15. C

    Important: where is cpanel's flat file config database stored

    I am looking for cpanel's little database, but can't find it. I have seen it before, it is a collection of folders which store information about who owns what domain, which resellers own which sites, package information etc. Two of these files are out of sync and I need to correct them...
  16. W

    mySQL database names

    Is there a way to change the name of the mySQL databases in the back-end? I have a customer that wants to do this so that its not like USER_DATABASENAME format, I guess he is in transition of moving over the site and his scripts are all pointing to his old database name which is just a simple...
  17. bennet

    Backup database - db

    When I import the database of the backup through PhpMyadmin the following mistake happens: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version goes the right syntax to uses near '--------------------------------------------------------- --...
  18. Z

    Create database via CLI

    Is there any way to easily create a mysql database for a user (as root) via the commandline? I'm trying to write a script that needs this functionality. Any help would be great. Support Ticket Number:
  19. M

    mysql database replication

    Hi, Would it cause any problems with CPANEL to setup a one-way MySQL replication? I want to set this up to keep a backup of my site at all times. Daily backups are not good enough due to the type of site it is. Also, would it cause problemst to install MySQL Max? Thank You, Matt...
  20. T

    Transfering MySQL Database Issue

    We recently moved an account between 2 servers (both Cpanel). The account was moved over, and the users database was moved over, however, I cannot get the database to appear in the users Cpanel. Also, the clients scripts will cannot access his databases although they are listed on the...