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    Moving mySQL databases

    I have a customer who is moving from one host to mine, and they need to move their SQL tables. How can they move them? Thanks.
  2. S

    databases with an underscore in their name

    I am quite anxious to ensure that our Plesk server Clients transfer to CPanel without problems. Therefore I am trying to have a much setup before we actually begin transferring. We have some databases that are named with an underscore. Example: name_name When I set up this type of name...
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    langauges and databases ?

    ok here a question i have on a cpanel server can we install these things: sybase, pgSQL, python, mSQL all this will be on a red hat linux 7.3 system 1 ghtz processor and 512 megs ram
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    Databases & mysql

    Databases & mysql Can WHM do this? Anyone know if its possible? 1. If we create a MySQL database on your server, do we have access to the actual database file so that we can download it off your server? My client will need this database locally to run reports and use for other purposes...
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    hello after a server reboot, the mysql databases do not appear in cpanel, but technically exist cause they can be seen through phpMyADMIN any idea how to fix this sean
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    does cpanel back up mysql databases?

    When someone downloads a backup of their data from within CPanel, does that also include their mysql databases?
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    How do I add databases of mysql on mywebsite?

    I use PHP + mysql on my website.but I don\'t know how to link my databases. e.g. \"\" Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/belong/public_html/chinese/guest/index.php on line 5