1. A

    SOLVED No File Manager or MySQL Databases Tools?

    Hi I just took a server linux centos 7. In the Cpanel I can not find the file manager and the ability to create a new database. How to do ? Thanks
  2. M

    MySQL databases missing but they exist in phpadmin

    MySQL databases missing but they exist in phpadmin. it happened when I updated Apache 2.4. How can I fix it?
  3. postcd

    MySQL databases missing but they exist in phpadmin

    Hello, I found today that in cpanel i no longer can se emy mysql databases in databases section, but they do exist in phpmyadmin, i did not deleted them. in cpanel error log is: [2014-11-15 16:13:40 +0000] info [cpses_tool] MYSQL: Remove dbuser cpses_reC18qF1u9 for owner recenze on 107.*.*.*...
  4. A

    All SQL Databases 0/0

    Hi, I have problems with the new version of cpanel In my pack I put 4 database but when the client connects it this here are my errors logs: [2014-06-06 11:36:51 +0200] warn [cpanel] Cpanel::Wrap::send_cpwrapd_request The adminbin “cpmysql” in the “Cpanel” namespace call to...
  5. kray

    Terminating User Stuck on "Removing MySQL databases and users."

    I went to create an account from a cmove file and while it was importing databases my internet connection dropped so I went to terminate the account from WHM. It performed a bunch of operations and now hangs on Removing MySQL databases and users. So I went to the command line and used...
  6. T

    Copying account transfers databases even though option checked

    When copying an account from another server also running whm, I'm checking the 'Skip account databases' box. However, when I go to copy the account the databases are still copying. I've been on 'Restoring MySQL databases' for a really long time now. Any insight?
  7. 000

    Command MYSQL to SHOW databases + owners ??

    Hi, in MySQL how we can show the list of databases and owners in all server ?
  8. J

    viewing all mysql databases at once instead of limited to 10

    I'm not really new to cpanel, as I've used it for years. But the answer to my queston is so simple, I figured it belonged in this section. When viewing the list of my databases, the view is limited to 10, which is too small for me. I'd rather it display all that I have, like the Current...
  9. L

    500 Internal Server Error in cPanel "Mysql databases" page

    I get this error when I try to acces to /frontend/x3/sql/index.html Internal Server Error 500 No response from subprocess ( (cpanel)) with exit signal: 0 cpsrvd/ Server at Some times it can access sometimes I get error, every 10 seconds error... This is error...
  10. C

    Leftover cPanel databases blocking WHM transfer

    In my cPanel there are several databases that no longer exist, they read 0.00MB. I'm trying to transfer to a new server with WHM and it gives me an error because those are there (says they don't exsist, I deleted them long ago but for some reason cPanel still lists them. Maybe because I didn't...
  11. M

    ERROR: Failed to dump one or more databases

    Hello. I have several dedicated servers housed in OVH . A few days ago I was giving a warning about a possible hard drive failure of the primary server. Then I decided to transfer the content from one server to another to make a backup of the hard drive. The copy went smoothly from one...
  12. S

    MYSQL 5.5.24 databases on all cpanel servers corrupt during transfer

    I have come across a very odd problem that is replicated on three cpanel server's two running release builds and one running on a current build. All three servers run Centos 6.x 64bit. Whenever I attempt to move any of the websites hosted over across any server (including these three and a...
  13. V

    Automatic Backups FTP / Cpanel Users / MySQL Databases is what I'm running: WHM 11.32.2 (build 18) CENTOS 5.6 i686 virtuozzo Linux Server I'm learning how to manage my own server lately (lots more fun than I expected). Unfortunately, I've been too busy to spend the time finding quality information on setting up automatic backups...
  14. T

    Copy Multiple Accounts: databases failing

    Every account that I've copied using the "Copy multiple accounts/packages from another server" tool has copied without any problem except for the databases. Not one account had it's database copied correctly, and I had to mysqldump/scp/import dump for every one. Here is a sample of one...
  15. WebHostPro

    100's of accounts transfered with empty databases then phpadmin brakes FML

    Cpanel your killing me, not only didn't transfer hundreds of account incorrectly. You broke at the worst time and now because phpmyadmin doesn't work I can't even transfer the databases easily. Your killing me, seriously I might die from this.
  16. U

    backup all the databases when mysql is not running

    Hi, My hard disk has gone bad and data center has rebooted the server in single user mode with only networking and ssh enabled (that means mysql is not running). Then I backed up all the accounts to secondary drive using following command:- /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/cpbackup --force...
  17. V

    Wrong number of databases.

    Hello, After the last cPanel upgrade it shows now the wrong number of databases in user's cPanel. When the package allows to use 10 databases, cPanel shows 20 instead (on all of our servers). Is it a bug ?
  18. B

    [Case 48889] Bug report: Space for Removed MySQL databases remains visible in cPanel

    Hello, I've noticed that the "disk usage" shown in cPanel for an account is not correct when a MySQL database was removed earlier. It keeps showing the space used by the old MySQL database after more than 24hrs. In WHM the "disk usage" is shown correctly though for that specific account...
  19. S

    MySQL Databases not showing in CPanel

    Hi, MySQL databases page on a CPanel account isn't showing any of the existing databases: :2083/frontend/x3/sql/index.html Quota is unlimited /tmp isn't full server isn't out of space /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkperlmodules hasn't fixed it /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_logs...
  20. X

    Sorry, you have exceeded the maximum allowed databases on unlimited account

    Hi I have a WHM 11.28.86 CENTOS 5.5 i686 standard on hosting5 I try add new database by cpanel on account which created by root (not reseler). This account has a unlimited sql databases and i get "Sorry, you have exceeded the maximum allowed databases. " I try to change limit from...