1. B

    Question regarding the mysql databases function within cpanel 11

    All, I have recently become an administrator of a forum in which Cpanel is the method of access for maintenance functions. I see cpanel 11 has a "MySQL databases" function. When I select that it then takes me into a page where one of the options is to "Check" and another is to "Repair" the...
  2. bin_asc

    Account migration without MySQL databases

    Is there any way to transfer accounts from on WHM server to another, BUT not transfer databases as well ? Any hidden setting ? The idea is ... I have some huge websites, and I usually rsync the database on the new location when moving accounts, so I would like to transfer only the account...
  3. G

    Backing up MySQL databases on regular schedule

    My semi-managed server is running RedHat Enterprise 4 i686. It has a large, virtually unused partition on the hard drive (230GB) named /backup. Is there an easy way to have cPanel or WHM copy all of my MySQL databases to /backup each night?
  4. F

    list all databases associated with a reseller !!

    Hello All : I have a requirement from a reseller and he needs to know all the DB's associated with all his hosted accounts. he has some 100 account and i cannot go browsing each panel for the info. How is it possible to get it via CLI or any available script ? Any assistance please !!!
  5. T

    Upgraded Cpanel to ... no databases, file manager?

    I upgraded to version cPanel 11.25.0-R46156 - WHM 11.25.0 and I dont see where i manage / add databases i no longer see a file manager... did the upgrade not complete or something or what is going on... i can't find this stuff anymore.
  6. S

    cpanel reports all databases have size of zero

    Is anyone else seeing this ? I searched and didnt find any thing Doug
  7. A

    Linking Databases With domains

    Hi, I am trying to visually link which MySql Databases belongs to which of my domains and I am not seeing any way to tell this in cpanel. I am sure it is simple but I cannot figure it out so would really appreciate any help or guidance you guys can offer. Thanks.
  8. K

    Creating an account backup without the MySQL databases?

    I'd like to transfer (backup and restore) a cPanel account and its home folder, but without the MySQL databases (the size of the DB is causing load to go crazy while trying to restore a full cpmove, so I'm trying to restore the DB separately). Is there a way to backup an account (home folder...
  9. 4

    11.25 - mysql databases used - incorrect

    Just added an account to a server running 11.25. Noticed it said the account was using 1/2 mysql databases. I added a db and it then said using 2/2. Checked via phpmyadmin and there is only one db owned by that user. There is no additional db with the same name as the username (I know there...
  10. R

    Restoring a Database backup while using all of the number of databases allowed

    My Hosting provider allows me 5 MySql DBs on my Hosting Account. Till last week, I had used 4 of these. My backups & restores of the DBs from the CPanel went smoothly. This week, I added the final 5th DB allowed in my account. Today, I was trying to restore one of the DBs from the CPanel. I...
  11. J

    Limit PostgreSQL databases

    How to limit the number of PostgreSQL databases that each user can create in their account? Exactly like MySQL... I miss other things for PostgreSQL that exists on MySQL administration.
  12. BrianLayman

    User databases are no longer created

    I've somehow changed my default behavior for WHM. Prior to this, for each new account I created from WHM, I would get a MySQL User and a MySQL database. Now I only get the User. I can find threads that indicate ppl used to modify some of the post*acct scripts to create the databases...
  13. C

    Error for Create postgres databases

    Hi all i try create postgres databases after create not appear in box of databeses but not appear errors when try create, i try view in log erros of cpanel and can view this: ERROR: role "corecolo" does not exist ERROR: role "corecolo" does not exist ERROR: role "corecolo" does not...
  14. S

    Removing MySQL databases and users...DBD::mysql::db do failed ??

    Everytime I terminate an account through killacc shell I got the following error. Removing MySQL databases and users...DBD::mysql::db do failed: Table 'db' is marked as crashed and should be repaired at /scripts/cPScript/ line 1074. DBD::mysql::db do failed: Table 'db' is marked as...
  15. T

    Creating Databases

    Hello When I try to create a databse in a clients cPanel, I get the following error: Sorry, you have exceeded the maximum allowed databases. But I havent used all my databases. Ive got 1 left. Does anyone know whats happening? Thanks Tom
  16. C

    Sorry, you have exceeded the maximum allowed databases with mysql database unlimited

    :confused: I have a cpanel user, who have unlimited mysql databases... i try to add a new mysql database and i get this error: Sorry, you have exceeded the maximum allowed databases. i tryed in admin, to change from unlimited to a fix number of database: 30-50-100 and all seems work...
  17. C

    cPanel shows the wrong number of databases

    Hello, After we updated to 11.24-stable we have one server that always shows the customer is using one more database than the actually are. Other servers we updated to the same version do not have this problem. It appears to be related to the theme (x3) but we have not made any alterations to...
  18. G

    MySQL - unable to create new databases

    All users is denied to create new databases, and is rejected with: Sorry, you have exceeded the maximum allowed databases. in the cpanel interface cPanel 11.24.4-R33311 - WHM 11.24.2 - X 3.9 FREEBSD 6.3 amd64 on standard
  19. T

    MySQL databases not being backed up!

    After upgrading to the latest WHM/Cpanel package our MySQL databases are NOT being backed up! This is a MAJOR issue for us. I have checked all of the settings in WHM and the system is set to backup accounts and full Mysql directory, but when I restore a site, the databases are NOT there! Any...
  20. tazman2000

    Cpanel - MySQL Databases Blank

    Last weekend I updated to the latest version of Cpanel & Apache, now when I go into Cpanel>MySQL Databases nothing is listed, no databases, and yet I know they are their as they are active on the site, and show in MyPHPAdmin....this has happened on every account on the server. ...and it will...