1. M

    CPanel Demo version 108

    We have CPanel 102 . We have gone to a lot of effort to retain the Jupitar theme rather than the Fail theme currently employed by more modern CPanel (the disaster that was 106 etc.) . However, we can't find a way of demoing the newer 108 version of WHM. There is no online place that gives us a...
  2. cPanelDustin

    Static cPanel & WHM

    For those that don't know, we currently deploy a static version of WHM (and soon cPanel) to allow an easy way to let people see what the tool suite and interface looks like, without having to go to the effort of creating a demo account. We are trying to gauge interest in the usefulness for...
  3. N for end-user (not WHM)

    Hello, I am thinking that it would be useful to put some call-to-action buttons on my landing pages to show how cPanel have a powerful interface. I already know about, which is a nice website to navigate through WHM, but it's not really efficient to show the cPanel End-User...
  4. B

    Issue With Creating A Demo Site For Site Publisher

    I am trying to create demo pages for the Site Publisher templates supplied with CPanel and several more I am having designed. I am creating a page then moving all of the files into a new directory, which seems to work on some templates not others, e.g. in Countdown Fresh, the countodown timer...
  5. USA_Webmaster

    Where is the cPanel demo?

    Can you please tell me where I can find a cPanel and WHM demo link? This ALMOST does it but not really? Also, this website page is broken: If you guys won't host a demo, than it must mean your product is insecure? I don't want to hose a demo on...
  6. G

    Fatal error when trying to enable demo mode

    Hello, I just installed cPanel on a new VPS and I just noticed that I am unable to activate demo mode on any account. cPanel, CentOS 6.9 [2017-09-01 14:41:33 -0500] die [Internal Death while parsing [stdin] 3382] invalid group name specified: cpaneldemo at whostmgr/bin/
  7. A

    View list of demo accounts

    Hello, Does anyone know how to view a list of cPanel accounts that are in demo mode? Thank you
  8. E

    cPanel Demo is offline

    Demosite here is down, please fix cpanel guys :) # It shows: Internal Server Error 500 Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at line 1222. cpsrvd/ Server at
  9. M

    How to create an accumulative URL for an app within cPanel demo?

    Hello, I have a cPanel demo account on my server. There are some apps in there which I would like to provide a direct demo link for them instead of getting into cpanel demo first and then search for the app. For example, I have softaculous. The user can enter softaculous from the cPanel demo...
  10. C

    Demo Help

    Hope I have posted this in the right spot. Iam trying to set up a cpanel demo with whmcs. The directions I was given is below, and some of the options I cant even find such as the default install server... Thanks for any help that you all can give me, this is driving me nuts. To create a demo...
  11. D

    Shell access is not enabled for demo accounts

    Enabled demo on an account that we have a cronjob that runs every 9am. Cron Daemon emails me "Shell access is not enabled for demo accounts!" Cron Daemon still emails me even when i disabled the demo account. Any ideas?
  12. lvt

    Can I use link to cPanel Demo on my reseller website ?

    Hi all, I'm a reseller and I have a website. I would like to know if it's possible to use the cPanel demo link for my clients ? Thank you.
  13. Y

    Fresh Demo installation on fresh server problems

    Hey guys I'm buying a fresh CPanel/WHM and moving all my sites over to a new server but I'm forced to set it up myself I seem to have installed it fine but when i go to "https://ip:2087" I get nothing and I go into my SSH or KVM and did this. [email protected] [~]# /etc/init.d/cpanel restart...
  14. W

    cPanel & WHM Demo

    How can i create cPanel & WHM demo account for my clients if they want to see it? Thank You Regards.. NiR
  15. WebHostPro

    Is there a way top have the demo reset after people change stuff?

    People keep changing the language on the demo and it would be great if there is a cron job to change it back each day or so they can't change it.
  16. H

    demo account

    Hello, I am a cpanel demo account, and want to know how to have a relationship without asking for login and password for this account?
  17. B

    DEMO Mode -- language change (problem)

    Dear All: WHM allows the creation of DEMO cPanel accounts: WHM --> Disable or Enable Demo Mode Question: Is there any way that I can prevent anyone accessing a DEMO installation to change the language setting from English to some other language (which may really confuse most of others...
  18. D

    How safe are demo accounts?

    I really feel like we need to put up a demo account to access on our website but from a security standpoint I just can't seem to make myself do it on one of our production boxes. What is everyone else doing?
  19. A

    Demo version of WHM

    Hi, How to create a demo mode for WHM like / Thanks a lot Yannick
  20. G

    How to redirect to an icon in CPanbel Demo?

    How can I DIRECTLY redirect to any of the icons inside CPanel Demo? For example, how can I publish a DIRECT link to "File Manager" in a CPanel Demo account? Let's take this demo as an example --