1. R

    Cpanel::App - should it be used to check which app user is in?

    TL;DR: Are developers meant to use the methods in Cpanel::App to determine which environment/application their plugin is running in? Longer - I'm (slowly) developing a cPanel plugin and wanting to check which "application" the user is in (cpanel, whm, etc) - and the Perl package Cpanel::App...
  2. R

    Development and DNSOnly licensed behind NAT

    I currently have a developmental VPS with a cPanel development license running on my NAT home network (with appropriate firewall rules allowing cPanel Inc servers "in" for license verification). I need to test something with a DNSOnly cPanel server - would there be any problems with it behind...
  3. S

    WHM > Development > Manage API Tokens | Anyway to know what is active?

    I was replacing old DNSOnly servers and ran in to an issue - I added and deleted servers several times. After I finally had an end result I was happy with; I found a lot of reverse_trust_* entry in WHM > Development > Manage API Tokens I have several and I would like to revoke the tokens that...
  4. ankeshanand

    cPanel Theme editing problem

    I am editing /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/jupiter/tools/ . Here is the code I've edited: <tr> <td colspan="2"> <label id="lblLastLogin" class="general-info-label">[% locale.maketext("SPF and DKIM Records")...
  5. P

    Development Team Keep on Getting Blocked

    Hello everyone, My server also have a few developers working on as staging server, but occassionally, they are not able to access the site or super slow Wordpress backend. I have been added their IPs to csf.allow and csf.allow, but the issue still persists. Any pointer where I can fully...
  6. A

    Need Some Development Help in C

    Hello i know it's a cpanel related forum. but i want to ask a C related question because i am beginner and i want to create a auto installer tool in c so that i can compile that easily. like some one run : mycommand cpanel install mycommand cpanel update mycommand csf install here mycommand is...
  7. V

    Finishing the Centos development

    According to the announcement published by the Centos team, it has been announced that the development of the centos operating system will be stopped, the support of Centos 7 will continue until 2024, but the support of Centos 8 will end by 2021 and will switch to Centos Stream. What does this...
  8. M

    Install PHP development package - CentOS 6 PHP 7.3

    Hi I am trying to install the MaxMind DB Reader PHP API C extension. The notes mention that "You may need to install the PHP development package on your OS such as php5-dev for Debian-based systems or php-devel for RedHat/Fedora-based ones." I've tried the install without php-devel but it...
  9. H

    cPanel development at the poor level

    I was wondering to create that topic but i can't hold it anymore. I would like to share here only my opinion, if someone has a different look into this sutiation than mine, I would not want to offend this person in any way. Coming back to the topic. At the beginning I would like to...
  10. M

    SOLVED Development URL indexed on Google

    Hello! In our WHM/cPanel environments we work as follows: 1. Set up development account on WHM. 2. Build the site using cPanel and Wordpress. 3. When the website is done, we use "Park Domain" in WHM to publish it with the right domain. This all works great, but we have noticed one problem. All...
  11. rinkleton

    Development cPanel Server

    Currently we have a local development server running on Windows (yuck). It's reeeeally holding us back. I know we need to go to linux, so the seemingly obvious route is to mimic our live setup with CloudLinux and cPanel. Has anyone setup local cPanel servers or tried? With our live...
  12. U

    Setting up a development server for a live environment

    Dear Cpanel-support / -Devs and -enthousiasts, I am renting a cPanel / WHM VPS server (TransIP / NL) running on a CentOS 7 environment. This is a live and running environment with different PrestaShop 1.6 / 1.7 and Wordpress installations. Because it is always an amazing mess with updating...
  13. M

    Sandbox For cPanel API Based development?

    Hi, Title might be confusing here is what i need. I've several web servers using cPanel which have over 300 accounts. Now i'm developing a new control panel for my company to create accounts, manage our customer list and setup / upgrade our software(s) etc. to whatever server / client we...
  14. cPanelAdamF

    What’s going on in WHM?

    Reposting snippet here from a very important blog post which plugin developers should read: Hi Everyone, Adam here. I wanted to spend some time spelling out what’s going on in the user experience of cPanel & WHM. Plugin developers should pay close attention to the changes we’re making. Now...
  15. D

    License for local development

    Hello, I have a dedicated server with cpanel license. If I want to setup a local environment for offline development, would I need to purchase another license, even though I already have one for the live server? Thank you.
  16. grayloon

    Web Development SSL

    We're a web development company running cPanel on an in-house staging server as well as our production servers. Is there an easy (read free) way to set up multiple SSLs on our staging server to test sites? Is there any type of best practice for this scenario?
  17. M

    Rename Accounts in Account Functions (from development to production server)

    Hi, On my dedicated server I have two accounts, one is a production server running the companies website and the other account is the development server for the new website, now when the time comes I have to switch them around but I just want to know how can this be done safely. Current...
  18. E

    Cpanel competitiveness initiatives and development vs Google?

    Hi! I see many customers switching their email to Google Apps, and I wonder if Cpanel will develop, or a third-party will develop Smartphone Apps for Cpanel to counter the Google competitive threat. I wish I could tell a customer hey don´t switch to Google Apps, we have that functionality and...
  19. F

    Development website

    Ok, I'm stepping into a new job here and this is my first time working with a cPanel server. So let me apologize straight up for any common practice that I may not know about. This company has an existing cPanel CentOS server, with many domains and accounts already setup, but I have a customer...
  20. J

    Configuring WHM/cPanel for development site and soon-to-be live site

    Hello, What would be the best way to configure WHM for this particular setup? We have our main site, let's say,, which currently points to our live production server (a Windows server). We have a new server running WHM which has the hostname: . On which I have...