disk space

  1. K

    TRANSFER: Account : Insufficient disk space is available. “/var/lib/mysql”

    Trying to do an account transfer between servers and on 2 of the accounts I'm getting an error: TRANSFER: Account “d****s”: Insufficient disk space is available. “/var/lib/mysql” on host “*****.cprapid.com” has 63.44 GB free and requires at least 70.46 GB free, which includes space for...
  2. T

    Server's disk space will soon be full while backing up

    I thought I'd make a new thread after my previous one about possibly using JetBackup so I could get some advice about my actual issue. I'm currently using cPanel's built-in backup configuration, using an S3 destination, and then not retaining the backups in the default backup directory after...
  3. J

    "Other Usage" issues in disk space - nothing found

    I've searched for solutions and they all seem to come back to things that aren't producing results. I've run the scripts in https://support.cpanel.net/hc/en-us/articles/360048486214-What-s-the-source-of-Other-Usage-in-Disk-Space- as well as other solutions to try to find files owned outside the...
  4. kamm

    Backup drive - disk space anomaly

    WHM disk usage for the /backup drive (917 GB) is showing 671 GB used, as does du -sh, but I'm receiving email notifications showing 718.53 GB - 83.45% used. Anyone know what's causing this anomaly?
  5. M

    After transfer SQL not showing as disk space used in account

    I am transferring some accounts from one server to another using the transfer tool. Both servers are using the same cpanel version. The old account on old server says it has 2500mb in it. The new server says it only has 2300mb in it. When I try to compare things by looking at the Disk Usage...
  6. A

    Why hosting space is almost full

    Hello, I am a newbie in the hosting administration, so please suggest me some easier process to resole my issue. I am using aws ec2 instance to run my websites and using WHM and cpanel to manage it. I have 79 GIB space for my ec2 instance which is almost full (94%). Now, when I go to my cpanel...
  7. dsteam

    Increase /Home Disk Space from /Backup

    Greetings to Sifus, May i ask how i going to increase /home disk space from /backup in WHM? since my /backup folder is not using, because I backup to external point. Hope can advise me. TQ very much :D
  8. T

    PHP : how to get the used space by an email account ?

    Hello, In my WHM/Cpanel account, there is a user named "Margaret", which has an email account : "[email protected]". Using PHP, how can I get the disk space occupied by that account ? Thanks for your help ! T.
  9. N

    SOLVED File Filters on the WHM scheduled backups (for *error.log, */backup*.tar.gz…)

    Hello all, We are several people here getting this kind of cPanel Alerts the nights when cPanel scheduled backups are running simultaneously compress and transport the archives on Amazon S3 : For my part, I get it on a weekly basis, because I've chosen Acronis for daily backup and WHM/S3 for...
  10. J

    SOLVED Disk space issues, and questions

    server has a 30GB drive. I have root access to the server. (CentOS7.9 virtuozzo, cPanel v98.0.8) As it stands right now, total disk usage is 9.21GB, 2.4 of that is used by /home. Before this, it was nearly 16GB. I deleted journal logs older than today, which freed up the additional space...
  11. M

    Wrong disk space usage reporting on WHM

    On WHM, the disk usage is not the same as the one on Cpanel (and the Cpanel is the correct reporting). I have servers with Hyper-V and Cpanel running and, on Hyper-v 2012 R2, all is running perfectly. I now have 2 Cpanels on Hyper-v 2019 (on fresh install and the other was a migration) and...
  12. psytanium

    External disk space for backups

    Hello, I have 200GB space on a VPS server, currently I'm using 140GB, so the disk space is enough, but when the server run the daily backup process it fails because of disk space. How can I solve this issue ? is there a way to use external drive ? or maybe delete the previous backup "before"...
  13. I

    Backup Failed - No Disk Space

    Hi guys, I'm backing up my website on an external destination (AWS). The system process is always creating the backup on my server first, then it transfers it to the external destination, then deletes the backup file from the server. The issue now that my usage has exceeded 50% of the server's...
  14. E

    Increase swap disk disk on CentOS 7 from 2 GB to 4 GB - how to update /etc/fstab

    I'm troubleshooting our server falling over last night, and when I looked, I saw swap space was depleted and cPHulk taking up all the CPU. TL;DR Any ideas how to quickly increase size of dm-1 partition? To isolate, I'm first going to increase swap space from 2 GB (server has 8GB RAM) to 4 GB...
  15. M

    Disk space on server?

    Hi Guys, I am having some trouble understanding how our diskspace is used on our servers. We have about 210 clients on one of the servers currently taking up about 130 GB. In addition we have local backup using Jetbackup running, which also takes up about 130 GB. So in total 260 GB for...
  16. behinam

    Disk space allocated per user

    I want to allocate extra disk space to each cPanel user, but the User don't see this extra disk space. For example : I allocate 2G Disk to cPanel user but in user panel show 1G. I want add permanent disk space but Not visible for users.
  17. A

    How do I find out what's taking up my server's disk space?

    - Removed - as you asked to remove the unwanted data i have removed it from home directory now i free upto 11gb data but it still gives the same error and the root directory is not getting free space kindly help me the other issue is that the mailman is also down kindly provide me the...
  18. R

    Running out of disk space

    i need help please when i wanna access my cpanel this msg show and i runno how can i fix it please help !
  19. T

    SOLVED How to find total disk space ?

    Hello, i have a VPS with 1600 GB disk space. I see at Home »Account Information »List Accounts, i have total 56.61 GB Disk Used Also i run: [root@demo /]# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda2 1.2T 110G 1012G 10% / devtmpfs 25G 0 25G 0%...
  20. C

    Strange Spike in Disk Space

    For about 3 days my server disk space has been up at around 80-99% when it is usually around 30%. I have tried to pinpoint the larger files through the terminal, but can't seem to get anywhere. When in the furthest back directory in the terminal (/) and I run du - msh, I get 15GB. However...